stevoanddooney1Welcome to Dooney & Stevo’s blogsite. I decided to start a blog mostly to keep a daily journal of our etheric life. I’m terrible at handwriting a journal, but I spend so much time each day on my computer that I thought it might be easier to have an online journal.

So many things have happened since Stevo and I began our own Life Etheric in 2004, I wish I had been keeping a journal all this time. Some things we have experienced have been simply unbelievable, so I’ll try and tell some stories along the way.

I also wanted to have someplace to talk about energetic and spiritual stuff because I get a lot of email questions about how we do what we do, what someone else can do to get started on their path, and a lot of questions about how people can get clear of obstacles and attacks. I really enjoy coaching people and I’d also like to make more information available on a more daily basis. Maybe writing about what Stevo and I go through will help someone else.

I think to start with I’m going to allow moderated comments, and we’ll see how that goes.