Blown away at Quartzsite

We just got back from our trip to Quartzsite, Arizona, where we went to the annual rock and crystal show. I stocked up on an amazing variety of beads for my bracelets and I still have more to buy since I didn’t find everything I need. I was buzzing the whole time from the energy of all those crystals, and it didn’t seem to matter that I wasn’t sleeping well and I was fighting off a cold. The rocks kept me going! The best score of the whole trip was this Golden Lemurian cluster that Carol spotted at one of the vendor tents. smalllemuShe had her eye on a second, larger cluster and she thought Stevo and I would enjoy this one. We made the vendors day when we went back and bought both of them. If you look up Golden Lemurians on the internet you can read about where they come from (Brazil) and their special metaphysical properties. Stevo and I (especially Stevo) have a strong connection to the Lemurians, and we couldn’t walk away from this find.

I had wanted to blog during our trip but didn’t count on the fact that we’d be getting up early each day to get a parking spot at the show so we wouldn’t have to walk a few miles to get to the vendors. We took the dogs with us and they got a lot of attention and were very well-behaved. I just unpacked all my beads last night and put them away in the tackle boxes. I’m really excited about making more bracelets! As it is, I’ll be visiting Carol in a few weeks to go to the bead shop she uses and fill in what I coudn’t find at Quartzsite.

It was interesting to see what crystals were popular this year. There was a lot of Purple Flourite, Amazonite and Danburite. Carol found one lady who had a bunch of Stibnite and Danburite for really good prices, so we got several chunks of each. The beads are fun to shop for, the but big chunks of rock are really special. We barely had room to bring home all of our goodies.

Next year, we agreed we’ll go to Tuscon, which is where most of the gem dealers go. The shows are all in hotels and there will be a lot more quantity and variety of beads to choose from as well as more polished beauty pieces. I get a buzz every time I look at that Golden Lemurian cluster, which is currently sitting on our coffee table. It’s permanent home might be out in Steve’s office since it’s a healing stone. I told Stevo when we left for the trip that I felt we would find something special. We almost didn’t go because he was getting sick, I was afraid of getting sick, it was snowing like crazy and I had this irrational fear of leaving home. I think now that someone didn’t want us to find this Lemurian. We exercised our bravery muscles and left home (difficult for two cancer crabs) and had a great time!

~ Dooney

New website is up!

I just spent the last few days feverishly updating my website and getting rid of the forum format. Now the information is much easier to find and navigation is simple. I hope to still incorporate other people’s input as sidebars, so feel free to email me if you want to share your experiences.

I have added several new bracelets and the organ energy bracelets, and I will have a larger variety of stones once I return from Quartzsite.

~ Dooney

Good Golly Miss Molly

missmollyMeet our new friend Molly! We adopted her from our local shelter on Tuesday. Stevo and I had both, separately, asked Charlie and Black Jack to send us a dog friend for Sammy, and we found Molly just a few weeks later. The funny thing is that she has a lot of the personality traits of both Charlie and Black Jack. She’s a Yellow Lab and Golden Retriever mix, and she’s just the sweetest dog. She’s 5 or 6 years old but looks older because her face has gone prematurely gray. She’s quite willing to chase Sammy around, though, and actually wore him out earlier today. So the pressure is off me and Stevo to entertain!

~ Dooney

Ben Morton’s Orgone Candles

Okay, you gotta buy a couple of these from Ben. They are amazing tools! Go to to check out all of Ben’s products. He makes beautiful orgone art pieces and he’s also selling basic TB’s for gifting. And he’s got a forum and a blog on his site. We played around with his orgone candles again when we visited Don and Carol a few weekends ago. We have two that Ben traded to us, and those are on our nightstands. So we took those with us and he had several more there at Don’s house. I picked up three and pointed them at my heart chakra, and all I can say is SHAZAM! What incredible energy. It’s like a clean, fresh wind blowing through your chakra. I get a particular sensation in my 7th chakra when I hold the orgone candle.

Ben showed us another device in development that is an orgone candle, SP and Etheric Laser Wand all in one. I could tell there was an orgone candle in it because I got the same feeling in my 7th chakra. It was really fun for me, Stevo and Ben to sit around and shoot the breeze about energy stuff and play with his new toys. Ben is very creative and a good soul.

When you get more energy sensitive and keep your space clear, it becomes much easier to distinguish the energy signatures of different orgone devices, people, entities, etc. That’s one of the things that makes it easier for me to do my work and the chats. After six years, I can really tell what kind of energy I’m dealing with.

I was coaching someone the other day who was being bombarded by radionics from a ship overhead, and I just imagined I was holding our two orgone candles in my hands, and I felt them there, and I chased the ship away from him. We also did that when we were in a chat with Carol and Don, working on boosting Stevo’s biz. I had one candle and Stevo had the other and we got rid of a ship that was over us. Powerful tool!

~ Dooney

Goodbye to a dear friend

stevoandcharlieOur beloved dog Charlie died July 2nd of complications from a ruptured spleen. It was very sudden and quite a shock and we are still deeply grieving for him. Charlie was such a sweet and gentle soul, and we miss him every minute of every day. It feels like we’ve had one blow after another for the past year, and it’s very hard to maintain the etheric side of our lives when things like this happen.

Carol and Don had just visited us two days before Charlie died and the evening they were here we were hit with a HAARP storm with violent thunder and lightening and a wind that brought down three big pine trees on our property. I’m so glad Carol and Don got to see Charlie one more time. He really loved it when they visited, and Don always called him “Chuck”.

Charlie was 12-1/2 years old and had been our companion for almost all that time. In fact, we had him with us when we first came to the Bitterroot Valley and found the house we now live in. We drove up this road to go the trailhead at the end of the road so we could take Charlie for a walk and on the way up we saw the For Sale sign on this house. Two days later we made an offer and 45 days after that we moved in. One of Steve’s patients here who communicates with animals once told us that Charlie told her he had been here before, about 200 years ago. He said he was very happy to be back in this valley.

We will keep going on even though our hearts are broken, and hope that Charlie is happy now that he is free. I’ve had a few visits from him in my dreams and he just wants me to hug him. I hope he and Black Jack are together.

~ Dooney

This and that

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since my last post. Is it just me or is time speeding up? I mean, not just the normal I’m-getting-older-and-life-is-flying-by kind of speed, but a true compression of time that seems abnormal. Of course, I spend so much time napping I’m probably not the best judge of time passing. :-)

I just spent an hour and half cleaning out my email inbox, so if I still haven’t answered your email, try me again. I managed to be in my own chat room today as well, for a little more than two hours, which is a record for me lately. We worked on each other, starting with Stevo’s biz. It turned off like a switch this week, which usually means an etheric attack. They just love to tweak Stevo by threatening us financially. Our chat friends helped a lot today and the energy feels a lot better here. A local enemy who we boosted into oblivion many years ago seems to be actively working against us again, so we gave them another love treatment today. We also had an energy dome over our property, which is what they do to make us invisible. The two 108’s that Don made us help a lot with these kinds of attacks, and it seems that this time they worked their black magic outside the sphere of the 108’s.

The thing about doing this kind of work is that you never really get a break from the attacks. I always warn people who say “I want to do what you do” that it’s not a picnic. Stevo and I just keep deciding to fight and we always find that it’s worth it. I know in my heart that we have helped a lot of people and saved a lot of lives and that’s all I need to get out of it.

Interesting weather happenings here in Montana….we’ve had a ton of rain and even so the local paper is crying about the “severe drought” we are experiencing. I swear, people don’t take the time to look out their windows. It’s just another example of the kind of fear-mongering spread by the media trying to get people all riled up. One DJ on a local radio station was making fun of the fear-mongers saying this is the wettest drought he’s ever seen. At least some people have their eyes open…

~ Dooney

Hello, sylphs

We tend to get a lot of sylph activity over our house, probably because of all the orgonite on our property, including three CB’s. Today we saw some beautiful ones right over us, while the rest of the valley had just blue sky and puffy clouds. I think they like our labyrinth, too. :-)

There’s been some controversy on the internet about sylphs, mainly because of some successful disinfo artists out there claiming to have a special connection to sylphs. I just see sylphs as another elemental, albeit advanced ones. I think they show up to get us to look up in the sky and see things from a different perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in what the NWO is doing and get all worried about it, but when you look up in the sky and see beautiful clouds, blue sky and sylphs, all seems right with the world. They remind me that’s it’s a big sky, and a big world out there.

~ Dooney

Oops…starting it up again!

bedbuddiesYikes, it’s been four months since I last blogged! Sammy is now almost 8 months old, and he’s doing wonderfully. He’s a bit of a naughty puppy, which is to be expected of labs, apparently. His favorite tricks are: getting into garbage cans and laundry hampers and dragging the contents all over the house; dragging household items outside to chew on; putting his front paws up on the counter and grabbing food; chasing the cats; tearing up the blankets in his crate; you get the point…  :-)

All in all, though, he’s a good dog. He travels well, he sticks around the property and doesn’t run away, and he’s actually very sweet when he’s not being naughty. He and Charlie have an understanding now…Sammy does whatever he wants, and when Charlie’s had enough he gives Sammy the BIG BARK!

So where have I been for four months? I’ve been dealing with health problems, including a diagnosis of diabetes (Type 1). It’s unusual for an adult over the age of 20 to develop Type 1 diabetes, but I’ve always been unusual. :-)  I got in touch with a naturopath in Missoula who recommended a really good book by Dr. Richard Bernstein called “The Diabetes Solution.” It’s basically a manual for how to normalize your blood sugars, whether you are Type 1 or Type 2. It’s a radical (for some) low-carb diet. Since learning more about diabetes, I’m amazed that any diabetic would eat carbs. I think most believe it’s okay to regulate your blood sugar with high amounts of insulin, but from what I have read it’s damaging to the body in the long run to use a lot of insulin. I’m currently on two types of insulin at very low doses and my blood sugar levels are nearing normal.

In addition to that I’m having a lot of dental work done. This is another thing I wanted to share. I’m having my root canaled teeth removed by a wonderful dentist that we found a couple of hours from here. If you want to read some startling information, read “The Root Canal Coverup” by Dr. George Meinig. Root canals apparently harbor vast amounts of infection. From my own experience, having my first two teeth extracted has made me feel dramatically better. One was a root canal, the other just a crowned tooth. The crowned tooth was so infected underneath the crown that the nerve was completely gone. Also check out Dr. Hal Huggins at, another pioneer in dentistry for health.

So the point of everything I’m going through is to get really healthy again so that I can continue to kick etheric butt! After six years of chatting, though, I think I needed a break. I’m starting to get involved in the weekend chats again. I have continued my coaching work this entire time because the coaching actually energizes me and has kept me going. I have coached some extraordinary folks lately and it’s been a lot of fun.

~ Dooney

Our new baby…

sammyMeet Sammy Smith, a yellow lab puppy we just adopted. I went to the Humane Society to look at a dog I had seen in the paper and that dog had been adopted. Sammy (they call him Smitty) had been turned in a few days ago. I was charmed and Stevo and I went up with Charlie this morning to meet with him. We weren’t sure we were ready, but we decided to take him. He’s very sweet! We still miss Black Jack like crazy but I feel like I’m ready to move forward. Sammy and Charlie got along fine. It remains to be seen how he’ll get along with the cats. We’ll pick him up in a few days after he’s been neutered.

Swine flu hullaballoo

I guess I need to address this again since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it. We’ve worked on the swine flu issue several times in the chats, mostly trying to negate the media fear-mongering about the flu itself and the supposed forced vaccination scheme. I hope you all realize that there is no way they can enforce that vaccination plan. They don’t have the manpower to force 300 million Americans to be vaccinated, in my opinion. I was recently accused of being a faker and disinfo artist because I’m not terrified about the forced vaccinations. Oh well….

The interesting thing is that the “flu” that people are “catching” comes on so quickly that there’s no way it’s traveling from person to person. Just today, one of Stevo’s patients told me that one of her kids “got” the flu at a restaurant and one “got” the flu at Best Buy. The symptoms came on so quickly that they were able to pinpoint the source of infection. Does this sound crazy to anyone else besides me?

I think all the media noise about forced vaccinations is happening to cover up the fact that people are being poisoned with a substance (probably being sprayed) that mimics the flu. We’re going to work on this issue in the chats this weekend and see if we can slow down and/or divert the energy before it snowballs into a pandemic. Speaking of pandemics, while I was visiting my grandparents recently, all the hype on TV (I don’t watch TV, so this was interesting) was about the arrival of the swine flu vaccines, and the TV reporter said how wonderful it was to have the vaccine to counteract this “increasing pandemic.” I don’t think she know the meaning of the word. If we were in a “pandemic”, millions of people would be dropping like flies. This is how the media creates hysteria.

What you will never hear on TV is how good nutrition, detox protocols and whole food supplements can take care of any flu symptoms. They’ll never tell you that a high-quality calcium supplement, in the proper form, can enable you to survive even the Black Plague (study done at Lawrence Livermore labs). You have to be proactive, do research, find out stuff for yourself and not buy into what the media tells you. They don’t have your best interests at heart. Neither does the FDA, the CDC or the AMA. Just take care of your bod, folks.

~ Dooney