More thoughts on attacks

My last post was really long (sorry) and I didn’t get a chance to put all my thoughts in, so here’s another postmortem. :-)

• I am relying a lot on my Grounding and my 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelets. I either wear them on my wrist or lay them directly on my 3rd chakra. I ask the stones to help protect the chakra. It’s helped. [Edit] After I wrote this I talked to Carol to get some help in figuring out how to stop them from getting into my 3rd chakra so deeply every morning. She told me to put her Crystal Harmonizer right on my 3rd chakra as much as possible. I took it to bed with me and as soon as I woke up the next morning, I felt the attack. I had fallen asleep holding the Crystal Harmonizer in my hand, and I could feel energy hitting it. I immediately put it on my 3rd chakra, and I could almost see the attack energy hitting the top and scattering. The attack couldn’t reach my 3rd chakra! I had to spend maybe 15 minutes this morning (July 8) getting rid of my attackers, so it was a much improved experience. Thank you Carol!

• I’m relying a lot on dowsing to get answers. I didn’t used to dowse a lot because I didn’t feel I was clear enough to get accurate answers. It’s been getting easier over the years, especially when I hold a Lemurian SP in my left hand while dowsing with the right. This was Don Croft’s idea, and he calls it Turbo-Dowsing. :-) I also have been using one of the Merkaba pendulums that Carol sells on her site (the rose quartz one) and it is definitely more accurate. I highly recommend getting one if you are into dowsing. I also sometimes hold my Herkimer diamond to dowse, as it is a stone for clearing your energy. The clearer and more neutral you are, the more accurate your dowsing will be.

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Anatomy of an attack

I’ve had a humbling lesson this past week, just when I thought we had our last severe attack figured out (see the post before this one). Turns out that was nothing compared to what I’m going through now. Since July 1 I have been undergoing the most severe attack on me personally, specifically my 3rd chakra, that I have ever experienced. They got to me by threatening Stevo, naturally, and got into my 3rd chakra so completely that I was a basket case of fear for about 48 hours. Looking back on those first two days now, it’s easy to say “oh yeah, I should have done such-and-such”, but let me tell you, when I was in the middle of it, it felt like the end of the world.

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The point of it all

I think Stevo and I have discovered why we experienced the aforementioned energy upgrades. The last two months have been some of the most intense, directed energy attacks we have ever experienced. It started with a local person who got to us through Stevo’s business, and once we realized what was happening, it took all of our tools to just get the energy deflected a bit. We had to place Apache Tears every three feet around the foundation of the house to get some breathing room. Then we had to do a focused, homemade, radionics-type boosting using a reptoid repellent, a Slim Spurling environmental harmonizer and a combo of Ultra High C tone and the emerald singing bowl recording. The thing that really stopped this person’s energy attacks for good, though, was 13D heart boosting.

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Energy Upgrades

The other interesting thing that has happened in the past few months is a marked change in my energy, aside from the energy of the singing bowls. In late February, I suddenly became more attuned to people’s chakras. It happened after an intense week and a half of snow storms that kept Stevo and I busy plowing and shoveling snow. I was physically exhausted most of the time just from keeping up with the snowfall to keep our property clear for business and just to be able to get around on the property.

What I noticed one day while watching my dog Sammy is that I could psychically see all his chakras at once, and I could see what state they were in. In the past I have had to concentrate much more to see/feel someone’s chakras. I don’t see them with my 3D eyes, but with my 6th chakra/Third Eye. I saw that Sammy’s 3rd chakra was huge, which didn’t surprise me because he is a very energetic and willful being. :-)

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It’s About Time!

I have been feeling under pressure to get a blog post up…I didn’t realize it has been almost three months! Oops….

So much has been going on here etherically, I have a lot to post about, so I’ll do it in several posts. The first thing I want to talk about is the emerald singing bowl that Carol Croft gifted to us and delivered personally. What a good friend! It’s made an amazing change in our lives. Several months ago we started using emerald energy in our group chats and we joked the it would be great to have an emerald singing bowl to play with. About a month later, Carol found them at a gem show. She ordered one for us and we’ve been using it every day since.

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Movies & books, picks not pans

Stevo and I don’t go to the movies anymore, since the movie theater experience can be a bit much for two energy sensitives. Luckily, there’s Netflix and our local video store, the latter which unfortunately tends to stock slasher movies and Mormon love stories. We tend to look for movies that have some kind of spiritual growth or message of love or hope. It’s just not worth our time to endure the majority of movies that focus on hate, horror and negativity – there’s enough of that in the world already. We have an agreement that either one of us can nix a movie choice once we’ve started watching. Life is too short to endure a bad movie.

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Staying neutral – a big challenge

Being neutral is probably the biggest challenge and most important part of being an etheric warrior. Being neutral can also be defined as love with detachment. Detachment means no attachment to an outcome, not that you don’t care.

For instance, when you boost someone, whether they are “friend” or “foe”, you should not be concerned with the outcome of your boosting. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but remember that your only job is to send out Love, not decide what is going to happen when the Love vibe reaches it’s target. Even when we are boosting someone who is attacking us, we are not directing the outcome of the boosting. We do watch what happens to the target and adjust our boosting accordingly, and we hope that our boosting has the effect of stopping the attack, but we don’t have any control over that.

Luckily, when you boost someone who is actively attacking someone else, the Love vibe generally stops the attack, at least to some degree. Sometimes you need to do additional boosting to keep the attack from recurring, but that’s not unusual with an attacker who is using some kind of dirty magic or radionics.

When I work with coaching clients, it’s best for me to be neutral as possible. If I start to empathize too much, my boosting and healing work is much less effective. I generally don’t know too much about my clients at first, as that makes it easier for me to remain neutral and objective.

Here’s where it gets difficult for me….when I work on Stevo or on one of my animals. These are spirits that I have a personal attachment to, and I find it so much harder to separate myself from their energy and do effective work. It’s especially hard when working on my dogs. They are so unconditionally loving, and they can’t tell me in words what is wrong with them. A vet friend of ours was recently working on our dog Molly, who hurt her leg while jumping into the truck. This vet is amazing, doing chiropractic, cranio-sacral work, acupuncture and homeopathy. She helped do a miracle on Molly’s other leg last year when she tore a ligament. Well, this vet told me I needed to be neutral while doing healing work on Molly. She could tell that I get too caught up in Molly’s pain and I try to force a healing.

So, my point is that I know how tough it is. I had to really train myself to be neutral while working on clients. I used to take on way too much of their pain, and the people attacking my clients would attack me as well. The dolphins really helped me with this issue. They started communicating with me during group chats and showing me how to use my energy for things like the dodec technique. I watched how they sent energy. It was with total Love, but it was totally neutral. It’s not that they don’t care – they care deeply. But they keep their own energy out of a situation and they simply send out the high frequency Love vibe.

Here’s a technique to help you stay neutral. I read it in the aura and chakra book I posted about earlier (do a search on “aura book” and you’ll find it). Imagine a rose of any color inside your aura, to your left or right. Put a picture of the person or situation inside the rose. You can also do this with an emotion. Move the rose outside your aura and blow it up.

Some people get worried about destroying a rose or blowing something up. Remember, this is an etheric rose and an etheric explosion. It simply represents an image of Love (the rose) and a movement of energy (the explosion). It doesn’t mean you are violent or destructive. It means you can call up Love energy when you need it, and you can move energy out of your space when you need to. It’s okay for you to control your energy and keep your space clear.

~ Dooney


Back to Blogging….finally!

I haven’t been able to blog since February because I apparently needed to update my WordPress software. I finally got around to doing it today and voila! I’m back. The funny thing is that I’ve had a bunch of things I’ve wanted to blog about in the past six weeks, so of course I didn’t have access to my blog. Now I can’t remember one of those things!

I’ve been busy getting ready to garden and doing a lot of coaching and bracelet-making. I’ve been doing a lot of work with a gifter who’s getting attacked quite heavily, and I think we are finally making some headway in his situation. We’ve even done a group chat for him with Stevo, Don and Carol, and that was very helpful. I’ll be meeting him in person soon, and our combined boosting energy will get even stronger once we have met. We’ve been working together three or so times a week for several months and my skills have gotten even better. We’ve dodeced a lot of people and I’ve been getting even better at reading energy remotely.

There was a bead show here in Missoula so I went and spent a bunch of money on more beads, then I put out four more Limited Edition bracelets:  Kundalini Awakening, Aura Balancing, Stress Release and Inner Peace & Joy. I’ve got ideas for several more, so stay tuned. I have a lot of fun putting the bracelets together and imagining how they are going to help people. I always use myself as a guinea pig. :-)

Well, this will be a short post but now that I can blog again I hope to be doing so more often.

~ Dooney

Reality vs. Unreality

I’m feeling the strange pull between my reality and the reality of the PJ people. I’m visiting my grandparents and the TV news is on a lot. It’s amazing to see what is going on in the world, what gets reported, and what the people on TV spend all their time talking about. Front and center is a political sex scandal and the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor. Makes me think the NWO has something nasty planned because this is the typical type of “news” they use to totally distract the country from what’s going on behind the scenes. They go over the same inane stories again and again (and again) until you think your head is going to explode. It’s an interesting exercise in staying grounded. :-)

When I travel away from home it’s always a challenge to remember the life I have in Montana, which starts to feel like a dream. Then when I get home, the traveling I did seems like it was a dream. It’s like having a foot in two different dimensions. I guess I should be used to that by now with all the higher dimensional boosting I’ve done. The only time that doesn’t happen is when we go to visit Don and Carol. :-)

We’re still battling the biz slowdown and have been finding some interesting opposition when we get in the chat together. Some of our old adversaries have gotten into new meatsuits and are hassling us again. We seem to be getting closer to the core of the attack, however, and I’m hopeful that we’ll get our businesses back to normal levels.

I’ll be home soon and back in the beautiful reality Stevo and I have created for ourselves. Can’t wait!

~ Dooney

Spring in the Bitterroot

It’s official! The tiny yellow buttercups are blooming in the pasture, the boy turkeys are chasing the girl turkeys and I’m wearing my tennis shoes again. Spring is here. Yay! I woke up this morning to see the wild turkey herd roaming around in our front pasture, and the boys had all their plumage on display and they were gliding along like cruise ships, turning this way and that, letting all the girls get a good look. Then, as soon as they got close to their target, they’d scuttle along like crabs to try and catch the girl turkey of their dreams. What a hoot!

I also finally got my garden starts started yesterday and I’m excitedly waiting for some seedlings to pop up. There’s just something about working in the dirt that I love. To make the most of it, I also put on my Nature Connection bracelet and asked the gardening gods for a bit of help. I have a camouflage thumb – part brown and part green. I’m hoping to graduate to a green thumb this year. I believe all it takes on my part is patience. I certainly have the will and the optimism!

I’m also having a lot of fun making bracelets, coaching and doing card readings for people. I’ve met some of the nicest people online doing this work! It’s fun to get orders from all over the world and send them out with a blessing, like little ambassadors of good energy. I think I’m finally done fine-tuning my website, so I figured it was time to get back to the blog. How does almost three weeks pass so quickly? I heard that time is actually speeding up, according to the physicists….it’s not just that I’m getting old. What a relief! :-)

~ Dooney