Enough already, we get the message!

Well, on the theory that publicizing an attack helps stop it, I’m writing about the attacks on Stevo. He’s had pretty severe insomnia the past few months and it’s becoming harder and harder to stop the attacks that are causing it. They attack him hardest after I fall asleep, when I can’t consciously help him. Most of our attacks lately have been Drac attacks, which are actually fairly easy to fend off, but they just keep coming back again and again. Stevo has tried every insomnia remedy there is, so I don’t need any suggestions for that. It’s pretty obvious to us that he’s taken care of all the physical reasons that can cause insomnia, but the ongoing nighttime attacks a resultant loss of sleep keeps his adrenal glands in constant fight-or-flight mode, which is very damaging to the body long-term.

Stevo’s had insomnia off and on for years but it’s only been this bad once before, early last year. We got him over the worst of that but he he’s never really slept well on a regular basis. I think this time they are trying to kill him. They just hate how effective he is as a healer and an etheric warrior. We’ve boosted him in chat sessions again and again and they keep finding ways to get to him. We burn candles, we say prayers, we use our orgonite tools, we boost every day and night, and we are still fighting some of the nastiest energy we’ve ever felt. Today they broke one of our SP’s because I had planned to take it upstairs and leave it in the bed for nighttime protection. That SP has been running perfectly for years until the very day I tried to use it stop these attacks.

So, they want us to give up. We won’t. We must be getting to them if they feel the need to attack us this hard.

~ Dooney

Welcome subscribers!

I’ve had quite a few new subscribers to my blog in the past few months, and I’d like to say welcome to all of you who are following my blog. I realized just today that several subscribers didn’t get automatically added, so I did the extra step that is sometimes required. I apologize if you subscribed but never received notification of my new posts. I don’t know why some emails get added automatically and others don’t but I’ll make sure to keep on top of it from now on.

~ Dooney

A new kind of attack

We’ve been doing a lot of focused boosting in our weekly chats (when aren’t we?) and I personally have experienced a new kind of retaliation. As you may know I’m diabetic and control my blood glucose level with insulin. Using insulin is an imperfect science, and sometimes I take too much and experience a blood sugar crash. This is more than just getting the shakes; it’s a full melt-down and I feel like I’m going to die. Not fun.

So lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m having a blood sugar crash, but when I check my blood sugar it’s actually higher than normal. I have been unable to distinguish this “fake” crash from a real one. Stevo suggested that I’m being attacked when that’s happening and I confirmed it with dowsing each time it happened. I think they do it because it makes me very vulnerable and they like making me feel like I”m going to die, those wankers. It happened today while I was out and about on my bike and I had to call Stevo to rescue me since I didn’t have my glucose meter with me to determine if I was actually crashing or not. It only takes a few moments of Golden Lemurian/Mavericks/Blue Hole boosting to fend off the attack.

Maybe posting about it will stop the attacks, as Don always suggests. Another thing we noticed recently is that there are scorch marks on the cover of our hot tub, exactly in the spot I sit when the cover is off. The marks have been there for a while, but Stevo and I recently realized that it wasn’t from campfire ash or anything else we could explain. It’s possible they beam me when I’m in the hot tub so we’re taking steps to make sure that isn’t happening. Pretty weird!

~ Dooney

More on Earthing

Our experiments with the grounding devices has continued. We bought a new voltmeter that works much better than our old one so that we could measure the effects of different grounding situations and compare the results.

Here’s what we have set up in our house so far:

Grounding wrist strap for Dooney downstairs, grounded directly to earth
Grounding wrist strap for Stevo downstairs, grounded directly to earth
Silver-colored mesh pads in dog beds, grounded directly to earth
Grounding pad on our bed upstairs, grounded directly to earth
Grounding wrist strap next to the bed, grounded directly to earth

We are using the RadioShack brand digital multimeter shown in David Wolfe’s video, with the meter set to dBm~V. To measure the voltage in your body, you hold the red lead in your fingertips, touching the metal of the lead, and touch the black lead to ground – we use the metal square on the grounding wrist strap we hooked up as it connects directly to ground.

Here are some of the things we measured (all in Volts, indicated by a “V”):

Voltage in Stevo’s body without grounding: about 3.8V
Voltage in Stevo’s body with grounding wrist strap on: about .024V

Stevo on the grounding pad on our bed grounded to earth: about 1V
– with an additional grounding wrist strap: .055V
– with the power strip under the bed turned off, with wrist strap: .003V
– with the power circuit to the room off, with wrist strap: .0008V

Stevo on the grounding pad, grounded to wall outlet, no wrist strap: 2.9V
– with grounding wrist strap, grounded to earth: .80V

As you can see from our numbers, the more electricity we turned off in our environment, the better the numbers. Grounding to the wall outlet didn’t work as well as grounding to the earth. Of course, if Stevo also put on the grounding wrist strap that is grounded to the earth, the voltage while on the grounding pad grounded to the wall outlet went down to a little less than 1 volt. But the numbers are much, much lower if you are grounding directly to the earth. The really weird thing is that even with the circuit to the bedroom turned off, Stevo’s voltage with the pad plugged into the wall was still 2.3V (without the wrist strap).

We also found that if you have a sheet on top of the grounding pad, or a shirt on, or both, when you are on the grounding pad the numbers don’t go down as far. However, they are still significantly less than if you aren’t grounding at all. We’re also finding that the more days we spend on the grounding devices, the lower our voltage is in our bodies when we’re not grounding.

I initially started out at about 4.0V in my body (yikes) and after a few days sleeping on the grounding pad and using the grounding wrist strap during the day I’m down to 1.8V when I’m not grounding. These numbers seem to go up and down, however, by half a volt here and there. I think it depends on where you are standing in your house and how much stuff is running at the time.

Plugging in my Kindle to charge puts my voltage up. Standing next to our wireless router puts my voltage up. I’m trying to be on the grounding strap whenever I’m using my electronics. I did some experiments with our wireless router, turning off the wireless function and using ethernet cables instead. It made no difference in the voltage in my body.

The other thing that is unknown is how long does a device have to be turned off before the EMF’s no longer affect you? There are so many variables that it’s hard to tell definitively in some cases. If you turn off a lamp, the voltage in your body doesn’t change because there is still energy running to the lamp through the wire. But if you turn off a device like the Kindle, or move away from it, when it’s running on a battery, the voltage in your body will go down.

I think all these measurements also depend on your own body, how it handles the EMF’s, how healthy you are, etc. The measurements we got on Stevo that I listed above, however, were consistent. We did the measurements three times and the numbers went up and down consistently to the same levels.

Unless the way we use energy in our homes and for our devices changes dramatically, I don’t know that there’s a way to get away from this. The best thing I can think of to do is spend as much time on the grounding strap as I can during the day, especially when using the computer or the Kindle (I’m strapped in as I write this). Perhaps over time my body will learn to handle the voltage better. I have suspected for years that I developed diabetes in part because of EMF’s, as I seem to be especially sensitive to them. I am watching my blood glucose numbers to see if anything changes dramatically. There is actually information out there about a Type 3 diabetes caused by EMF’s.

I can report that Stevo and I are both sleeping better and have fewer general aches and pains in our bodies. Recovery time after hard exercise seems to be much better. I have more energy. I actually pulled my guitar out of the back of the closet the other night for the first time in 20 years, fixed the strings, tuned it up and started playing! I feel more alert. My boosting while on the grounding wrist strap is stronger.

We also went outside and sat in the sun with our bare feet on the earth, holding the red lead with the black lead stuck directly into the dirt. My voltage reading was about .005V. Pretty significant. We plan to spend as much time as possible outside with our bare feet on the ground.

I think everyone who tries this is going to have to do their own experiments to find out what works for them.

I think they forgot to attack us

Stevo and I have enjoyed an almost unprecedented two weeks of no energy attacks. It started, or should I say ended, the day after Francisco and Don landed safely back in Florida after their boat trip to the Carribean. We had been boosting them every day for safe travel and safe conduct through Customs. In fact, my alter ego Giant Dooney had been with them the whole time. Every time I would check on her or ask her to do something for me in a chat session, she would wave me away impatiently and basically tell me to leave her alone, she was busy. I would always see her in the front of Don’s boat, leaning into the wind, protecting them with her energy.

Well, Don and Fran landed back in Florida on January 18th, and we haven’t been attacked since then. The few months leading up to this have been some of the strongest energy attacks we’ve ever experienced, so I think that our helping Don and Fran during their gifting trip earned us some retribution. We almost don’t know what do to when we’re not being attacked. The feeling is so novel these days! :-) I remarked to Stevo that the energy attacks had ceased (including the attacks on our dogs) and Stevo said “I think they forgot to attack us!”

I’m grateful for the respite and I’ve been doing some fun things, like learning French and getting my house organized (yes, it’s fun, believe it or not). I doubt it will last but I’m glad to have the time to regroup and to do some “normal” things like clean my pantry. It’s not always easy when you’re life revolves around energy attacks, but in the end it’s very rewarding. Our boosting helped Don and Fran to be able to do some necessary gifting, including gifting a blue hole in the ocean near Belize, which is one of the pictures in my slide show on the right sidebar. I’m sure their gifting in Belize will end up helping a lot of people, and they endured some true personal hardships to get it done.

~ Dooney

No more victims

The following is an account by one of my Etheric Warrior compatriots who has undergone years of severe attacks. I asked my friend if I could post this brief account because it illustrates very simply a way to stop being a “victim”. I sometimes work with people who just wallow in being attacked, and they feel they will never overcome the attacks. Guess what, if you believe that, that is what you will experience. Here’s how one person made a profound life change.

“What prodded me [to support a fellow gifter] was an unpleasant attack before Christmas when I was vulnerable due to a big housecleaning of many personal issues. I haven’t been able to share with my family about the bad attacks these past fours years. Felt lonely about it, so several days ago I went into a crisis before my family because I couldn’t get rid of it this recent attack. They calmly supported me and gave me advice. Also I got a message on a website, didn’t catch the article but underneath a picture it said in bold letters (translated) ‘Turn off the tormentors/pranksters’.
Later in the day after another crisis, I decided I needed to focus more on daily things. So me and my brother went off on an errand and bought some groceries. And that’s when I made the decision: I’m going to be really calm about it from now on and just shrug my shoulders from now on if something more happens. Almost immediately after, the confusing voices went away and my mind became completely silent and calm. So I’m no longer a victim of attacks and that will be my intention from now on. I see now for what etheric atracks are; it is nonsense, juvenile behaviour and rude, and I simply won’t allow it into my personal space anymore.”.

This is a great example of how to stop getting caught up in the drama that psychic attacks can cause. I feel that the major attack I suffered in July this past year taught me the same lesson. You have to get to a place where you laugh at your attackers and shrug them off. Nothing infuriates them more than an awake, aware and committed etheric warrior who laughs in their face. Let’s face it, if you are doing this work you are going to get attacked. You have to develop the attitude that no matter what happens, you will not give up. What I project to my attackers is “YOU CAN’T HAVE ME!” I refuse to give up my soul to them.

Thanks to my etheric friend for illustrating this so well!

~ Dooney

Fed Follies

I just had to post something funny that just happened. About half an hour ago I was cleaning some old sheets out of the linen closet to make room for new ones, and my missing Mary Magdalene HP fell out onto the floor! Okay, about a year and a half ago (is it just me or is it really hard to keep track of past events? It’s all happening too fast!) I got an MM HP from Carol. I decided to wear it part time, switching off with my original HP that I had gotten when we first met Carol and Don. I have a sentimental attachment to that original HP. :-) Anyway, while wearing one HP I would put the other one on the end table by the front door. I had left my MM HP there, and the next time I went to put it on, it was gone. I looked all over, under and around the furniture but I couldn’t find it. Stevo hadn’t moved it and no one else had been in the house. Except…

In late 2013 we started getting NSA wankers teleporting into our house via our upstairs closet. Yeah, I know, it sounds bizarre. But we kept hearing footsteps upstairs, which is just a loft over our living room. All residents of the house were downstairs and accounted for. So, it was either my dad’s ghost or someone else who got in by stealth. This kind of thing happens to Don and Carol all the time, but we hardly ever have any agents in the house. In a chat, the psychics helped us figure out that they were porting into our upstairs closet, so I put an HHG up there to close the port. That seemed to work. And guess where the linens are stored? Yep, right there by the portal.

So here I am, Jan. 1, 2015, digging in the linen closet, and out pops my missing MM HP, minus the string! I just started laughing! We have found when stuff like this happens, when stuff goes missing, when they’re trying to psych you out, the best thing to do is laugh. Getting scared or angry just puts you in 3rd chakra fear, which is where they want you. The other funny thing is that about 3 days ago I was thinking about the missing HP and said to myself “it will show up eventually”. And I was right.

Carol generously replaced my MM HP a while ago, so now I have an extra one I can gift to someone else. Thanks agents!

~ Dooney

My new look

As you may have noticed, I have totally re-done my site in WordPress. I hope you all like the new look and functionality. If anything seems amiss with links or ordering products, please shoot me an email so I can fix it. One thing that is new is that you can now submit a testimonial online. I’d love to hear from you!

In the midst of all the etheric stuff going on, I had to hunker down and spend a week or so converting and tweaking my site. I had fun installing widgets, though, and decided to totally upgrade Stevo’s website too. Check him out at www.4quantumhealing.com for some great health info.

Sometimes you have to do a lot of 3D stuff to make the etheric stuff work. We all have to make a living, and it can be hard when you’ve got one foot in each world. So much of what happens in our 3D life is affected by our etheric life. I think the trick is to keep breathing, stay grounded, stay aware and be grateful.

~ Dooney

Moving On…again

As usual, I’m behind in my posting. :-) We’ve been getting minor attacks since I last posted, which mean business as usual. Most of the time we take care of these attacks ourselves (Stevo and I) but if it persists we get help in the chat. Francisco, Carol and Don have been getting hit a lot harder than us but we’ve been able to make positive changes in the energy around them. We usually get attacked for helping but that’s normal.

In my last post I talked about how it’s good to get out there in the world to practice your skills, but what I’m finding lately is that it is becoming harder and harder to be around people at all. I’ve always needed a certain amount of social contact but in the last two months I’m finding it to be almost painful to be out in public, like the way you feel when you have the flu and your skin just hurts. Brushing up against someone else’s energy is just painful. I realized that my life is never going to be what you see in movies or read in books, where you have family and friends all around you and maybe they drive you crazy but you all get along and have fun and happy, laughing times with junk food thrown in. I think that’s a meme (love that word) to make most people feel inadequate because no one’s life is actually like that.

I realized that my life has been slimmed down to the things that are really important to me: sending out Love energy, helping other people learn how to do that, keeping my space clear, healing people and all the other energy work that I feel is important to help the world evolve spiritually and taking care of my physical body. Everything else just drains my energy. I’ve been letting go of a lot of energy that doesn’t serve me anymore, and for the most part that means letting go of people. It’s very difficult to be walking the spiritual tightrope right now and it can be lonely, but God gave me Stevo and my dogs and a few friends to hang onto during the tough times.

If you’re really going to do this work, you have to believe in yourself even if no one else does. You have to know that you are a good person and you are doing what you are meant to do. My Dark Night of the Soul experience that I posted about in July got me so much closer to really embracing this in my own life. It’s okay if people don’t understand what I’m doing or agree with it. It’s my life and I get to decide what I spend my energy on. I feel like it’s okay to be a bit isolated now because I can do more good for more people by focusing on the energy work instead of relationship dramas or other energy distractions.

Lately I’ve been having crystal-clear realizations about why things are the way they are, and why I am the way I am. And it’s all good, you know? This reality is a huge learning experience and it’s only a fraction of what is happening in the universe. When I can lift my awareness from 3D concerns, I get a really good feeling about what it means to be a spirit in a body at this time. I’m sure I will get knocked off my path again, because I still have a lot to learn, and it’s good to have an ego-check once in a while. :-)

One other thing that I’ve noticed lately is that it’s much easier for me to get into a 13D space…I just have to think about it and I’m there. I think that’s a reflection of how many times I’ve had to fend off bug attacks. I’ve developed my etheric chops! :-) I know many of you who read this blog and read the EW forum are struggling with a lot of the same things. So, all I can say today is, don’t give up! It’s a cliche, but it’s true. You can’t give up trying. Get up tomorrow and try again!


Mavericks boosting

After getting through the daily attacks, which are much milder now, I asked Carol for some advice on getting them to back off more. She told me that when I boost my attackers, to make it a really strong boost, much more than I normally do. She said to imagine the energy going out as an ocean wave instead of a stream of energy. It takes more focus and energy but it doesn’t take as long to neutralize your attackers. I tried it later that day as they were still attacking my 3rd chakra every few hours. I’m quite used to boosting these attackers in a group, where the group dynamic provides the big energy needed to affect the high-level darksiders. Doing it on my own, I needed to step up to the next level.
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