Sitting in judgement

Stevo and I have talked a lot this year about how easy it is to go into judgement of others. It happens all the time, and in just a split second, before you even realize what is happening. A great way to stop doing that is to breathe, of course. 😊 Conscious breathing brings your focus inward so that you’re not concerned so much by other people’s business, and more concerned by what is your business – your own energy.

As I write this I’m sitting in the Denver airport watching crowds and crowds of people going by. It’s really easy to do snap judgements on each person but here’s an interesting exercise I’m doing. I find one thing positive about each person I look at, like ” nice shoes” or “pretty hair”. It’s amazing how quickly you start to look at the positive aspects of people  instead of judging them. It’s a little exhausting too, unless you breathe. It’s a great way to radiate Love when you are out in public. I’ve been out and about in the world for four days now, and even with all the craziness on the planet right now I have seen a lot of people being really nice to each other. Maybe it’s just leftover holiday spirit but I’m hoping that it’s a lift in general consciousness.

Anyway, try this little exercise when you’re in a crowd and have a little time to kill. It’s a good way to flex your spiritual muscles! 

By the way, Stevo asked me to check out the energy coming from underground here, and I would have to say it’s about 1000% better than the last time I was at this airport. The dark, icky energy just isn’t perceivable time anymore. A good sign I think!

~ Dooney

On The Road

Stevo and I are going on the road to take a break, re-charge our batteries and with any luck make some cool videos that I can share here. We’ve been fighting the etheric fight for 12 years straight, and it’s time for us to go out and shine our light on more people and get them breathing, loving and forgiving too. There are many people around the world doing the same kind of work, and it feels like the tide has turned, but we need some help!  :-)  Stevo and I have taken the breathing I’ve talked about in my last few posts to a new level, and we are literally manifesting our dreams at an astonishing rate. It’s scary and thrilling at the same time. It’s possible for you to do the same thing. Start breathing and link one breath to the next and just keep going.

Stevo and I believe that when you really do the breathing, you are transitioning to a 5D reality. Your 3D reality fades a bit and you start operating from a 5D perspective where anything is possible. And then you can shine Love on everyone around you and they start to resonate to that 5D energy, or if they can’t handle it and are afraid, they fade back into 3D. This is it, folks. We are at the crossroads and you have to choose Love or Fear. Which reality do you want? It’s a simple choice for me, but it’s a hard road to travel in the sense that you have to be awake every minute. There’s no more time for indecision and doubts. This is the time for you to manifest Heaven on Earth.

I’ll be taking a break from coaching and making bracelets too, but I’ll let you know when I’m back in the saddle for that work.

Breathe!  :-)

~ Dooney

Ten deep breaths

I mentioned in the Devils Tower gifting video that Steve has been telling me “just do ten deep breaths.” What we’re finding out now is that life requires many, many more breaths than that. I think it’s going to take hundreds and maybe thousands of deep breaths to get through the energy and the growth that is happening on the planet. I realized that while I was doing the etheric breathing and running energy I wasn’t actually physically breathing. I wasn’t pushing my stomach out and my chest out to take a full deep breath. Believe me it makes all the difference in the world
What I want to tell you is that breathing is the simplest thing you can do to change your life, but it is the hardest thing to remember to do. If you can remember to breathe every moment, Then you’ll be on your way to learning the most important spiritual lesson to learn.

I’ve had a lot of people emailing me who are in distress and under severe attack. And all I can tell them besides using the tools I have on my website is to breathe and forgive. I think maybe people don’t want to hear that because it sounds too simple but it’s one of the most powerful things you can do. Just be in your body and Breathe.

Devil’s Tower Gifting Video – Part 2

Here’s the gifting part of our gifting video! I wanted to video this mission and publish it just to show people what we deal with on a regular basis. The attacks and interference we experienced on this trip are typical of the kind of energy we and other gifters around the world contend with as etheric warriors. I think if you have enough tools in your etheric toolbox, such as the grounding, boosting and protection exercises we do, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your gifting goals. Carol said to me that she hasn’t seen the kind of overt surveillance we experienced since she and Don first started gifting many years ago. I think it’s just a sign of how desperate and disorganized they have become, and the space-time technique we were using on this trip confounded them to the point where they were running around us like Keystone Cops, trying to keep track of us. The thing to keep in mind is that even if they see you and follow you, they won’t be able to identify your gifting spots and interfere with your ultimate goal if you are protecting yourself. Carol’s perception is that once you bury the orgonite, the earth takes it in and it can’t be found at that point.

Thanks for watching!

Fun on the radio

I did a radio interview the other day, which was a little nerve-wracking but turned out to be fun. I”m not used to putting myself out there like that but I figured it was time I took a courage step in that direction. The show was aired on a radio station in New York and it’s on the In Other News website at Geoff Brady, the producer who interviewed me, has also interviewed several other etheric warriors on his show and has some really interesting topics on that website, so be sure to check it out. I also put up links on EW to those shows. Stevo, Carol and I did an interview together on Patrick Timpone’s in 2008 and I put that link up on EW as well. That was a fun show to do, and it was my very first radio experience, but I was with my two mentors so it was a little less scary. :-)  This interview was my first solo effort. Many thanks to Geoff for making it such a fun experience. :-)

~ Dooney

A Dooney Year


Our Happy Girl

A Dooney year runs from June 25th to June 25th, as that is my birthday. :-) Carol has always said that on your birthday you should do things that you want to be doing the rest of your year. So today I have done a little work (coaching and made a bracelet), I’ve donated items to the charity store, I’ve talked to my loved ones, I’ve played with my dogs, I’ve worked in my garden, I’ve indulged myself a bit, I’m going to be dining with friends, I’ve done a bunch of boosting and I’ve done a bit of cleaning and organizing. It feels like it’s been a pretty good day.

No matter what is happening in your life, take some time to do your things on your birthday. We’ve had a tough month with the death of our beloved dog Molly and the imminent death of a beloved family member who has lived a good, long life. Endings are never easy. Stevo keeps reminding me to breathe, to ground, to bring in the Galactic Sun…all the things I know how to do but sometimes forget about in the heat of the moment.

What I do know is that everyone is going through something. I’m not alone in that. We can help each other through the tough times, and I find that sometimes it makes tough things easier if you help someone else too. I really appreciate all of you who boost us and send me nice comments and emails. You guys are great!

~ Dooney

Slowing down in the fast lane

I’ve been doing reading and dog training the past six weeks, which has kept me busy enough to forget to post. I’ve also been helping my etheric warrior friends who are being psychically attacked and as usual that has led us to some good targets. Everyone in my little circle has been attacked lately, including Jeff on EW who has the wonderful “Positive Changes” thread (link on the left sidebar). Don’s email was hacked, Francisco’s family was attacked, etc. So in between emergency chats I read “The O Manuscript” by Lars Muhl, who also wrote “The Law of Light” that I posted about previously.

It’s great information about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and spirituality. It’s an intense story. I had to stop reading just a few chapters from the end because there is so much to take in. Stevo’s already read it, and Don and Carol are reading it too. It’s rare that we are all reading the same stuff at the same time. I find that it has helped me slow down and think about things more. I say prayers more deliberately now. I watch my energy more. I look at the bigger picture more often. I think this is all good stuff. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life tasks and responding to etheric attacks, and sometimes I forget to look at the overall picture.

Sometimes I wonder, what the heck am I doing with my life? Then I think about all the stories on EW and all the things Stevo and I have experienced, and I remember that I’m fighting for freedom. Oh yeah, huh. :-)

~ Dooney

P.S. Welcome to all my new subscribers!

“I’ve had an apostrophe!”

I love that line from the movie “Hook”, where Bob Hoskins talks about having an apostrophe instead of an epiphany. I had an epiphany of sorts early this morning and after you read about it you might say “Duh, Dooney, knew that all along”!. :-) I was woken up around 6am, pre-dawn, by my dog Molly who was shaking badly. I got her to lay back down on her bed and after determining that she wasn’t hurt, I realized she was being psychically attacked. Again. Sigh….

I spent the next hour running energy on her, over and over, grounding her, and bringing in golden suns. She stopped shaking once for a few minutes then started up again. So I kept going. I also started boosting her attackers. Our chat group had just gotten a line on one of Stevo’s persistent attackers on Sunday and we whacked him with love energy pretty hard, and I think it was him or his associates retaliating by hitting Molly.

So, as usual I started to go into fear a little bit, wondering if a run to the emergency vet was going to be needed after all. Then, I gave myself a pep talk. I was worried, I was tired, shivering and cramped from bending over Molly for an hour in the dark. But I knew I was going to have to just stop whining about it and take care of business. So I boosted and boosted and boosted. I started to realize that my energy was expanding the more I let go of being worried and uncomfortable. It was pure boosting. And it just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I was Mavericks boosting, which is my term for using a giant ocean wave to wash over my attackers. I got an image of Giant Dooney, my alter-ego boosting buddy, riding a surfboard on the Mavericks wave. I saw my dogs Charlie and Black Jack, who died years ago, on another surfboard. I started to feel so connected to everything, and that’s when I had my “apostrophe”.

I started to see everything as an ocean of consciousness; all that you see – people, animals, plants, rocks, earth, cars, buildings, every material thing – is a wave coming up out of that ocean of consciousness. We are separate waves but all part of the same ocean. Some waves flow together, like me and Stevo. :-) Some waves clash and one overtakes the other. Some waves die out as soon as they are born. And some waves take the long ride into the shore before they subside and rejoin the ocean. So I spent the day thinking about all these analogies and trying to feel it in 3D, all the time, even around other people.

It’s hard! It’s so hard to keep that perspective. But while I was out and about running errands I tried to see just the people as ocean waves, and I tried to feel how we are connected. Even the “bad” guys are waves in the same ocean. All the agents and aliens that attack us are waves in the same ocean. I have known that we are all one intellectually, but this is the first time I have really felt it this strong. So, now I have a new paradigm to practice feeling on a daily basis. How much easier will life flow for me if I can stay in this frame of mind? Do you ever have a day where everything goes right and everything seems easy? And then you have a day where absolutely nothing goes right? I think maybe those types of days are ones where we are really in the flow of that ocean consciousness, with waves flowing together, or we are just crashing against all the other waves in our lives.

This is probably already obvious to some of you, as is was to Stevo, but is was very empowering for me to feel it so strongly for myself. Maybe I’ve just gotten to the point where I am getting good enough at conquering fear, which is so very important. I got to a level of neutrality in my boosting that I’ve never attained before. It was easy to see my attackers as just another manifestation of the whole. There was no angst, just love. It was not surprising to me that as soon as I gained this perspective while boosting, Molly relaxed, stopped shaking and went to sleep. She woke up later and was totally fine.

It was just another interesting day for a spiritual warrior! :-)


Messing with my links

I’ve had a couple of broken links on my site brought to my attention recently, so I was checking links on a few pages and found that all the internal page links on the top my Etheric Exercises page had been stripped out. I know the links were there and they worked because I always, without exception, check a link after I add it to make sure it works, especially the links that help a user navigate the site internally. Two links on my left sidebar, including Stillness in the Storm and Mark Passio’s homepage had one character stripped out, which made them broken links. I find it very interesting that all my exercise links and two really good information links were messed with.

I do appreciate you readers bringing it to my attention. There is usually so much going on in my life that I don’t really think about checking my website information as often as I should. This kind of stuff happens rather routinely, i.e. website glitches, computer glitches, things being moved in the house, things breaking for no reason. Carol has had her car keys hidden more times than she can count. :-) I think the lesson is just to breathe, be patient, stay calm and not let things like this get you in a twist. It’s kind of funny to us that sometimes these niggling problems are the worst thing they can throw at us. I’m just glad we’re not dead!

~ Dooney

The Never-ending Story

Doggie attacks are over but concentrated Stevo and Dooney attacks continue. :-) I think we must have done something to really piss of The Powers That Ain’t! We had time to take a couple of deep breaths when they finally left our dogs alone, only to have to start super-boosting again once they started attacking us. The attacks get really old after a while and I got a bit overwhelmed. I might have even gotten a bit whiney about it all. :-)

Everyone gets overwhelmed with their life at times and the only thing to do is to keep breathing and keep doing the work. Our chat group helped us identify the nature of the attacks, and this time is was a transparent web that they were putting around our bodies and our home. Carol and Don had the web around them also. We found that fire melts that web nicely, so I started using a flaming double-helix and a flaming dodec while boosting to get rid of the webs. Nothing works 100 percent of the time, but the boosting techniques we use help a lot.

I feel pretty lucky with the life I have and that I get to share it with Stevo. There are a lot of folks out there dealing with much more immediate physical challenges, like getting enough to eat. Stevo calls our gripes First World Problems, you know, like “internet slowness” or “the printer won’t print”. It’s good to keep things in perspective. Some people wouldn’t be able to handle our seemingly never-ending attacks, but we are fortunate that we have the skills to deal with it together.

~ Dooney