Not a ghost

Here’s a great question from M.L.:

“A lot of my friends have psychological issues like fear, feeling lost, sadness, it’s like they are very thincoated and are crying because of things they wouldn’t have cried half a year ago.. But that’s not my issue, just want to let you know that things are the same in Germany as they are everywhere else. As they open their heart and wake up they will have to deal with it… And all we can do is to encourage them.. Guess I read something on your site that went in the same directon so I just want to give feedback :)

My question is a little different…
Lots of my friends, well I don’t have that much, only a few good ones, are calling me ghost. It’s because, for example, they don’t hear me coming nor see me coming and while I am standing behind them and saying hello I scare them. But it’s not only in my private area, it’s always, no matter where I am, shopping, at work, everywhere. It’s often like being invisible, I almost can sneak in everywhere :) But on the other hand it makes it harder in my daily life, because people don’t take me that serious..

I am grounding me on a daily basis and I also know that if people would be more aware, they would feel me before they see me, but for most people it’s still not possible at the moment. So my question is how to get more present, more dense(?) in 3D. Do you know any technique, Meditation that could help me solve that issue? I know we have the possibility to switch, but how can I turn it off?

I also know that it won’t be necessary one day to switch it off, but at the moment as a lot of people struggling with their waking up, I have the feeling that they want to rely more on the things that they can smell, see, hear and touch than in the things they feel…
Reminds me of a picture I’ve seen one day… Says “everything you want is behind fear” 😉 but people fear the new…

Maybe you know some stones that help me, although I am not sure if I have to lower my vibe to be more present, that, in my eyes, would be counterproductive.. like denying myself.. Please give me your comment about this, I don’t know anybody else I could ask this questions.”

My reply:
“Thanks for bringing this up, M. It’s actually an issue I have dealt with in my life this year. Stevo and I have been traveling a lot more than usual, and our goal was to talk to people, shine our light, and teach them how to shine their light. The problem is that nobody wants to talk to us! At first we were kind of upset about it, but we’ve had the same thing happen…people look right through us as if we aren’t there. They refuse to make eye contact, and if you say hi to them they turn away. They simply don’t or won’t see us. So, it’s not you, it’s them. You don’t need to hang onto 3D. You are transitioning to a higher dimension like Stevo and me and a lot of other spiritually aware folks. The PJ people who are too scared to wake up are literally losing sight of us. Stevo and I have talked about this a lot because of our experiences this year, and we think that as the energy rises on the planet and we continue to transition to a higher dimension, more things like this will happen. Maybe those people who won’t wake up will just fade away to our eyes as well. I don’t know what is going to happen, but it will be interesting!

It’s always a good idea to keep grounding and any of the dark brown or black gemstones will help you do that. My favorites are smoky quartz and black tourmaline. It can be a lonely life when this happens to you because your family and friends don’t understand what you are going through and can’t relate to you. One thing you can try, though, is to breathe in Earth energy up from your feet, up through all your chakras, out the top of your head and up into the highest dimension you can. Then breathe out all the way back down and out through your tailbone into the earth. That’s a way to stay more grounded in 3D while still being able to access higher dimensions.

Stevo and I have each other and a few good friends like Don and Carol, but that’s about it. I think our role is to lead the way, to show people how to do it, how to transition and stay in our hearts. We’re not necessarily going to get a lot of thank you’s or recognition of what we are trying to do, and that’s okay. This is our Service to Others time, and it’s our mission. Just love on people as much as you can and don’t take it personally if they don’t respond. It’s hard to not take it personally but I think that’s the direction we are meant to go. Just send out Love…the world needs it!”

~ Dooney