Rain and fire and databases

I had made some update comments last night and this morning on my Big Momma post, which highlights our big 10-foot tall CB. Well, while doing a little maintenance just now on this site my database crashed and I had to restore from last night’s backup. Guess what? My comments were not included in that backup and were lost. I had been having a lot of problems with this site since April, when I upgraded my WordPress version. Turns out that my SQL database software was out of data and incompatible with Wordfence, which is the security software Chuck had told me to use, and which had been working well. I didn’t get any emails or notifications about this incompatibility from my web host, which would have been nice. Instead, I found out about it when I was getting Don’s websites up and going again, since he is now using the same host as Carol and I. So, that mystery got solved. Today I was trying to be proactive and upgrade SQL so I could re-install Wordfence and get my security features back up. The result was the database crash and loss of comments.

So, to keep this post from being too long, I’ll just tell you that we were trying to squash some forest fires in our area, so about 10 days ago I put our three CBs in buckets and filled the buckets with water. We were traveling since then and when we got home yesterday our valley was still blanketed with smoke. In fact, it’s smoky almost all the way to the Oregon coast from here in Montana. Lots of smoke is coming down from Canada, apparently. So yesterday after we got home I put a cup of water in the center of each of our 108s. The 108 is an orgonite structure that has 108 pieces in a particular geometric pattern. We have a large one and a small one, and the small one is in the middle of my labyrinth. So I walked the labyrinth while asking Goddess for enough rain to put the fires out right now. Shortly after that the wind came up and the weather radar showed a nice bank of rain moving towards us.

After an hour or so, the wind died abruptly as if a switch had been flipped and it didn’t rain. When I got up this morning I realized I should have moved all the CBs, because moving them changes the energetic field they put out, just slightly. The weather weenies measure that field and counteract it with their own energy, so if you move the CBs it disrupts their energy program and the CBs work better. So I went out to move the CBs and found Big Momma laying on the ground with all the water drained out of the bucket. I set her back up and refilled the water, then moved the other two CBs. Within half an hour we had rainclouds overhead and the weather radar was showing a massive wall of rain coming towards us in a line that reaches up into Canada. As I started typing this post it started to rain.

So, obviously I wasn’t meant to write about all this and let you know how to defeat weather weenies. :-) You just have to keep trying when things like this happen. We have the advantage of a limitless imagination, so it’s easy to think of new ways to defeat the wankers. I have also been using Katherine’s method of grounding the fire to the earth and smoothing the energy. She suggested that in a comment on my Big Momma post, and it seems to help a lot. Thanks Katherine!

~ Dooney

Devil’s Tower Gifting Video – Part 1

Check out the video of the trip Carol and I recently took to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, where we did some much-needed gifting. It’s always a good idea to gift a place that has “devil” or “hell” in the name. Those places are invariably corrupted and need some orgonite! Many thanks to Don for making earthpipes and sending them to us so we could get the job done. This Part 1 video includes some techniques for dealing with psychic attack.

Please keep in mind that this is an amateur video done by an amateur (namely, me). I edited the video on the drive back and there was a lot of traffic noise on the video…I’m learning as I go! 

Pyramid Power

I got an email from someone just before Christmas last year who is from Canada and doing some gifting and experimenting with orgonite. She had an interesting experience with orgonite and a pyramid that I thought was worth sharing, and I’m just now getting around to doing it. :-)

There are small glass pyramids you can buy that help keep fruits and veggies fresh longer. Carol has one and she says it works great. I think they also sell them as decorations. Anyway, the pyramids have one side that opens on a hinge so you can put things inside. What the gifter from Canada did was put TB’s inside in a specific pattern: one in each corner and two stacked in the middle, all touching, for a total of 6 TB’s in the pyramid. She did this because she was getting majorly hassled by flyovers after moving to a new house and gifting it. There was a blue hole over the house all the time after gifting (gotta love that!).

Immediately after putting the TB’s in the pyramid, her spouse and cat became affectionate right away, she was followed to the store about an hour later, and the energy at her house became magical. The next day she saw blue holes and blue streaks in the sky and then (in her words): “…it was like the clouds puffed themselves up and opped up higher into the sky instead of hanging low and flat. For a while it was like they were slanting upwards towards where I was, like they were rising up the face of a pyramid!”  She also said the sylphs were really active, and farther away the clouds were puffing up in a pyramid shape as well.

In the next few days, a lot of other wild stuff happened including surveillance and sylph wars in the sky, but there was also a massive amount of energy coming into her space and lighting up her 6th chakra. She described some other experiences that sound like visits from her guides and a hellish dream that sounds exactly like some of our chats where we were fighting dracs (the giant ones). Then she was followed to a restaurant by a lady who looked like a alien in the middle of shifting, much like Don has described in his adventures.

Wow! This is a whole lot of happenings just from putting some TB’s inside a pyramid. Of course, many gifters have been experimenting with pyramids for years. Carol makes a lovely, large orgonite pyramid which she sells on her site, as do other orgonite vendors, and Don and Carol built a large copper pyramid with orgonite in the middle, which is currently sitting in our backyard. I’m thinking I’ll put some TB’s in there in this pattern and see what happens. I don’t know what happens if the TB’s aren’t touching. For example, the pyramid in our backyard is really big, so I’m not sure if I should arrange the TB’s all together in the middle so they are touching or spread them out to the corners. It will be fun to experiment. :-)

The other interesting thing is that a few weeks ago I was driving home from the city and saw this interesting cloud shape pictured at right. Can you see the pyramid shape in the sky? I was amazed and took this pic with my iPod while I was driving so the quality is not the best. I’ve seen some other weird angular cloud shapes lately, one of which I am positive was a spaceship (see my post about cloudships on EW). We have also been hassled by some beings who are disguising their bad juju in the form of transparent energy. For instance, they put an energy cord in Don and I could feel it but I couldn’t see it. Usually energy cords are filled with dark energy (to my etheric eyes) and since I didn’t see that dark energy I thought there wasn’t a cord. Stevo saw that the cord was indeed there, but it was transparent. Just more weirdness we learned about…

Well, if anyone has experimented with pyramids lately, let me know or post a comment here.

~ Dooney

Psychic fair extraordinare

I just finished working a local psychic fair with Carol Croft as her assistant while she did four days of aura pictures and readings. Watching Carol in action with the public is awesome! Carol worked pretty much non-stop the whole time, only getting short breaks when I would run out get her some food, and she did more than 50 pictures and readings. That’s about 25 hours of talking to the public! She was always gracious and positive and all of her clients walked away smiling. I got to have a little bit of practice talking to the public about orgonite and about what I do. Carol is trying to get me to do public readings, but I’m a little bit shy about it. :-)

I’ve been lucky to be able to use Carol’s aura camera before, taking pictures of my aura while wearing my various bracelets, and it was fun to see the auras of a bunch of different people. I noticed as I was pulling reports off the printer, that lots of the folks who came to see Carol had really big heart chakras. I thought that was a pretty positive sign. And Carol said that many of them had white auras, which is a high spiritual color. Without invading anyone’s privacy I was able to listen in at times to learn more about reading auras. The fair was at a store in Hamilton, Montana called Between the Worlds. We were really impressed with the quality of the other practitioners at the fair, and also at the quality of the people coming through the door to get readings. Most of the people were open-minded, open-hearted and ready to get help finding their direction in their spiritual life.

I never knew this store existed until a month ago as I don’t often go to Hamilton, but I was really glad to meet the owners, who are pretty discerning about who they associate with. I was able to tell them a little bit about orgonite and they seemed interested. I was also able to do a little shopping :-) and I got a few nice rocks and some Tarot cards to teach myself how to read Tarot. Fun!

The other GREAT thing that happened this weekend is that Don, with Stevo as his ground crew, gifted the mountains on BOTH sides of our little valley. That’s 100 miles long, times two – about 400 pieces of orgonite. Don has been wanting to do this for about five  years, ever since he learned how to fly so he could gift the world from above. So he basically ringed our valley in orgonite. We have had wildly shifting weather since he finished. About two or three hours after he was done, we had a 5-minute hailstorm with hail the size of walnuts. It’s been nine years or so since we’ve had major hail.

Then, a few hours after that, Don and Carol spotted a funnel cloud (tornado) forming while driving back to our house. The cloud energy has been pretty volatile, and today we had what looked like “boiling” clouds above us. It was thundering but not raining, just really stagnant air and those weird boiling clouds. I moved one of our CB’s and pointed it up to the sky, and it finally started raining about 15 minutes later. It’s still raining as we speak. Also, last night we had a pretty strong wind storm.

So it seems to us that they are throwing some weather energy at us in retaliation for that gifting, but they can’t seem to make anything stick. We are so grateful to Don for doing all that flying (about 9 hours) and to our buddy Miguel for making the orgonite for us. We are really blessed with some wonderful friends!

~ Dooney

Travel bug

Stevo and I are traveling at the moment, which is always an adventure because we have the dogs with us. :-)  It’s always hard to leave the relative safety of our over-gifted property, but like Stevo says, sometimes you gotta flex your bravery muscles. It was interesting to see the state of the skies along our route, and we realized that we need to do some long-range gifting in Montana and Idaho because we were under chemtrail white-out for about 5 hours of our drive. As soon as we got out of our valley, the white-out began. So I think we’ll be making a few CB’s to set out in the wilderness and work on the energy out there.

We also noticed a weird thing in Salt Lake City, which is that the west side of the city seems clear with normal skies, but the east side looks totally different, with nasty clouds and bad energy. So I just put a call out on EW for more gifting in that city. Utah as a whole is a state with really strange energy and I’ve never enjoyed driving through there, but I have to say it feels a whole lot better than it did 5 years ago, especially Salt Lake City, so I know that someone is doing some good work there.

It was kind of fun to go on a long drive and get all jazzed up to do some more gifting outside our valley. Several years ago we gifted all the weatherballs in Montana and left a CB out in the wilderness in Eastern Montana. That was a really fun trip and we felt the benefits immediately. Since gifting all the weatherballs we have had very little HAARP cloud activity.

This trip has also been our maiden voyage for our new travel crystal. I kind of forgot we had it with us until we approached the big city, then I used it to ensure smooth traffic. The funny thing is that I got the feeling the crystal was sitting there saying “It’s about time you used me!”  :-)

Sometimes three is better than one

My dodecing buddy who’s an active gifter had planted some earthpipes around a building he wanted to protect from an underground base that is directly underneath. He originally put one EP in each corner of the building and it seemed to help. When the attacks got worse and the you-know-what was hitting the fan, we ended up doing a group chat for him in which Stevo suggested putting a group of three EP’s at each corner of the building. This is something we’ve known about for a long time but I had forgotten about. I don’t know who originally came up with this idea. We heard it first from Carol and Don. If you are gifting a hard target, like a huge underground base, it can help to pound three EP’s in the ground together, in a triangle. For some reason, that really amps up the energy of the EP’s. I know it’s not always practical to use that many EP’s but it can be a lifesaver. Also, in placing EP’s the number 21 seems to be useful too. Many times in the past group chats we had advised people to put 21 EP’s around a target, sometimes in seven groups of three. Just something to try…my gifter friend found that it helped the energy in his building a lot!

~ Dooney

Underground gifting

We finally finished gifting the underground facility south of us that was beaming Stevo’s biz to shut us down. Don and Carol generously donated 12 earthpipes and a box full of TB’s for our mission. We did most of it several weeks ago, then visited Don and Carol and when we discussed our gifting with Carol she felt that we needed to place one more EP. She’s right…we had missed one spot because we had run out of EP’s. So they gave us another one and we got down there last Sunday to place it. Even before we placed it we could tell that the energy in that area had changed. Previously, we have always felt uncomfortable traveling through that area, and there was a lot of fear energy there. Now the energy is a lot softer and doesn’t have the fear vibe. We placed the EP around this facility in a multiple-mile-wide circle, with TB’s scattered around.

We also gifted a big lake in that area as we know that water gifting is very effective. We had found out about the underground facility from a friend of Carol’s who had spent some time near there. She was very glad to hear that we had taken care of it. Apparently it’s a very large facility. We didn’t experience any interference, except that it has taken me four tries to post about this! 😉 Now that I’m feeling better, I hope to resume gifting. I still can’t pour resin because of the fumes, but we can buy what we need from Ben. Yay!

And….the phone started ringing again.

~ Dooney

Montana weatherball gifting

Missoula Weatherball

Missoula Weatherball

I posted all this weatherball info on Etheric Warriors, but it was all lost in the last two server crashes. :(

About five years ago we noticed a weatherball in the mountains above Missoula. For those of you who don’t know, a weatherball is a huge round ball, usually white, that is placed on mountaintops supposedly to monitor the weather (they’re officially called “radar stations”). What they are really used for is to control the weather through HAARP technology. Well, the one above Missoula is huge and black and very nasty-looking. It’s located at the Snowbowl ski area just north of the city. We found out that we could ride the ski lift off-season and get pretty close to the weatherball, so the last day they offered these rides in September, we rode up with a couple of backpacks full of orgonite.

When we got to the top, we asked the kid at the top of the lift how to get to the weatherball. He said, “What weatherball?” I said, “The big black ball right over that hill.” He said he had never noticed it! Just goes to show how deeply asleep some people are. He gave us directions to get to the general area and we hiked over there, sometimes in snow that hadn’t melted over the summer. When we got to the weatherball we realized that the kid who gave us directions had been skiing in that area for years (he says) and he still had no clue about the big black ball sitting on the mountainside. Mkid programming? Who knows..

Anyway, we gifted it thoroughly, and when we got back to the lift, the kid asked if we had made it to our destination, like we were two old fogies who couldn’t hike a few miles. When we got to the bottom of the lift, the girl running things there said how great it was that we made it to our destination. Obviously, we must have seemed like old farts to them to warrent so much attention. :)

In March of 2007, we decided to gift all the other weatherballs we could find in Montana, which we located using the Nexrad radar station website (www.nexrad.com). This doesn’t show all the weatherballs, but it shows a lot of them. We found ones in Great Falls, Billings, Glendive and Glasgow. So we packed up the dogs and did a four-day gifting trip around Montana. Our first major stop was Billings, where we gifted all the towers and the weatherball we found there. When we woke up the first morning to start gifting, there was chem/HARRP all over the sky.

The beginning of the Billings chemspray

The beginning of the Billings chemspray

They were spraying right over our hotel. By the time we got to the first tower, the spray was starting to spread out and become a white-out. After doing about half a dozen towers, including a bunch of HAARP towers on the outskirts of town, we noticed the sky clearing and the puffy clouds starting to march in. It literally happened before our eyes, in about half an hour. We gifted this huge array on top of a hill, and you can see the chem white-out in the background.

Billings tower array

Billings tower array

By the time we got to the other side of town to continue gifting, all the chemspray was gone and these puffy clouds were all over.

Puffy clouds!

Puffy clouds!

Here’s what the Nexrad weatherballs look like…some of them are a lot smaller than that nasty weatherball above Missoula.

Billings weatherball

Billings weatherball

I keep coming back to edit this post and I notice that the pictures and text are not really lining up very well, so I won’t add any more pictures. Suffice it say, we had the same experience, on a less dramatic scale, in Glendive, Glasgow and Great Falls, Montana during this course of this trip. The really interesting thing is that a few months later, we happened to notice that we have much less HAARP activity in the skies above us. I would say it has dropped to about 10% of what it was. It’s actually fairly unusual for us to have HAARP clouds in our sky now. I believe the HAARP that is left is due to some towers in the mountains west of us that are inaccessible except by airplane. Don has volunteered to take care of that gifting for us. What a guy!

The other weatherball we gifted in the area was above Flathead Lake. We spotted it when we were in Don and Carol’s boat gifting the lake, so they came back a few weeks later and we drove up to this weatherball. It was located at a ski resort (thanks guys) so it was easy to get to and the snow wasn’t too deep. We passed a fedmobile just as we turned up the road to the tower. They were pulled over to the side and they looked at us with exasperated expressions as we passed them. Here’s a rule of thumb when you’re being followed by the feds:  smile and wave. Take a picture of them if you get a chance. :)  The next time we went up to Flathead, the energy had totally changed there.

Stevo, Jeff, Carol and Don. Stevo left his personal signature in the snow with, well...you know   :)

Stevo, Jeff, Carol and Don. Stevo left his personal signature in the snow with, well...you know :)

Long-term weather effects

I realized recently that the weather pattern in our valley has changed quite a bit since 2004, when we started making orgonite. We used to get a lot of very strong winds and a lot of summer thunderstorms. Our weather used to be much more violent, including a couple of nasty hailstorms. What we get now is long, soaking rains and hardly any thunder and lightening storms. The lightening storms were particularly scary because they could set off a hundred small forest fires in one night if there was no rain accompanying the lightening storm. We used to get boiling, roiling clouds that would turn green and purple right before a storm, and thunder that would echo down the whole valley.  It was quite dramatic

Now, everything seems “softer.” Our first year living here, 1999, there was a windstorm so violent that we lost 40 trees on our property – healthy  live trees uprooted and toppled over. We also used to get a lot more HAARP clouds over us, which are those weird wavy patterened clouds that don’t look natural. Now we only get that occasionally, since we gifted all the weatherballs in Montana (see weatherball gifting report). There are some towers in the mountains west of us that we are unable to reach until we can get up in a plane and gift from above. We have three CB’s on our property and a friend of ours has a CB that we made for him set up across the valley from us. When the sky is overcast, there is usually a blue hole in our section of the valley. :)

~ Dooney

Early gifting efforts

Our gifting adventures are never quite as exciting as Don and Carol’s, probably because those two exemplary warriors take a lot more risks than we do. I don’t think I’ve ever met two braver people in my life!

We gifted a satanic site in the woods south of here once, having stumbled across it while we were out exploring our valley and looking for a place to let our dogs run around. It was a primitive campsite with a fire ring and there were satanic symbols carved into the rocks. Very creepy. The energy was awful, like people had died there, which they probably have. We didn’t have any orgonite with us at the time, but we went back there and buried TB’s all over the place. We also sunk several EP’s both at the campsite and the surrounding woods. It was a rainy cold day and there was no one around since it was off-season for camping. Nevertheless, as Stevo finished burying the EP’s we both noticed a white truck parked a little ways down the road and the driver was watching us. There’s no way he could have seen where the EP’s were buried. He started up the truck and drove past us, then turned around down the road and stopped again. We drove away and he followed us for a little way. Typical intimidation moves, which affect us much less now then they did back then. :-)

Around the same time frame we also gifted downtown Hamilton, about 17 miles south of here, specifically the big mason hall and the government buildings. We also did the Rocky Mountain Lab, which is now becoming a level 4 bioterror lab, so they’re growing all the really bad bugs there. We EP’d around the whole lab and it was the next day that Stevo got buzzed here at the house by a red, swoopy-looking helicopter and then a white one. We believe there is a huge reptile hive under Hamilton, so we were looking to closing all the exits with EP’s. We eventually grid-gifted Hamilton with TB’s and the energy there improved immeasurably.

We’ve gifted much of our valley, which is a lot of rural farmland with pockets of bad energy here and there. We gifted the proposed site of a ridculously large housing development and found a hideous energy pocket hiding up in the hills. You know, if you come across a spot like that which just doesn’t feel right, throw a couple of TB’s around. You’ll be doing everyone a favor! Anyway, the housing development never went through and that spot in the hills feels much better.

Another time, we were gifting the Oddfellows lodge (masons) in Florence, north of here, and we decided to drive up the road behind it because we hadn’t been up that road before. Another pocket of really nasty energy! I swear it felt like death. I don’t know how anyone can stand to live there, but of course they can’t feel it like I can. We gifted about every 500 feet till we ran out of TB’s.

Our first targets were all the towers, of which there are really not too many here in the country. We did all the towers in our valley and Missoula. There were maybe a dozen in Missoula. It’s kind of hard to gift in a city and I certainly don’t envy those of you trying to gift in a big city. It takes a lot more stealth. We always carry a Succor Punch and I always ask it for protection and invisibility from surveillance. Never had a problem yet.