Back in the saddle

I haven’t blogged for a few weeks because my computer died and I was using an old Windows laptop (yikes!) just to do the basics of email and coaching. Now I’ve got my sexy new Mac laptop (yay!) and I have to say there is a part of me that’s a bit in love with technology. In other ways, I’m a bit of a Luddite, but Stevo recently bought me an iPod Touch, too, and I just love it. Now I’ve got this new laptop that I have to buy adapter cables for so it will hook up to my old 23″ monitor, so I can still do website work and photo work. In the meantime, I’ve been upgrading all my software on the new Mac so that I can do all the things I’m used to doing. So finally today I could take a breather and think about blogging.

I’ve had a lot of fun with my coaching lately, and I’m working with a couple of people on a regular basis who are really interested in developing their abilities. It’s really fun for me to have more than one coaching session with a person, because even though I don’t know what they look like and don’t know a lot about them, when we’re in the chat together it’s like meeting with a good friend because I am familiar with their energy.

It’s always amazing to me that no matter who I’m working on, what country they are from, what language, race, religion, gender, etc., they are all energetic beings and therefore are very similar. Everyone’s energy system is designed the same way, just like human bodies are all designed the same. We really are just one race….

~ Dooney

The ebb and flow

The ebb is that my computer decided to die yesterday. It’s only a dead power supply and luckily not a motherboard, but since my computer is 7 years old (gasp!) it’s considered “vintage” and the power supply costs big. Not as much as buying a new computer though. :-) The good thing is that it didn’t die until after I completed my website updates and Paypal button install.

The flow part of the equation is that my business has already increased, and I can still do email and business by using an old Windows laptop that my mom donated to me. I don’t normally do Windows, being a Mac kind of girl and former Apple employee, but it’s working out pretty well.

I was standing at the gas station yesterday filling up the car and trying not to breathe in the gas fumes and I was people-watching. It occured to me, as it sometimes does, that we live in a beautiful world, and people are just amazing. Here are these magnificent beings walking around and they don’t even know how powerful they are. But most of them would drop everything to help someone in trouble and most of them are doing their best to get along in this crazy world.

This kind of feeling ebbs and flows in me, depending on how well I’m paying attention to my energy. When I’m doing my work and keeping my space clear, etc., I can really appreciate other people. When I’m not feeling good and being lazy about doing my energy work, I get impatient and short-tempered with the rest of the world. I’ve been working on letting it flow on all levels…business, personal, world view. It takes constant attention but it’s worth it. What an incredible world!

~ Dooney

Life with sylphs

bigsylphThis is the kind of sylph we regularly see over our house. This one just kept getting bigger and bigger and it was beautiful. We tend to get a lot of sylphs over our neighborhood while the rest of the valley doesn’t get so many. We have a lot of orgonite on our property as well as three CB’s. We also tend to have a blue hole over our area when the rest of the valley is overcast. Just one of the benefits of knowing about orgonite. We still get the occasional chemtrail, and sometimes three or four, but you can tell it’s a really half-hearted effort and they rarely stick. We hardly ever get HAARPy clouds and those will disappear for good once our mountain tops are gifted by the Etheric Air Force (Don). :-)

~ Dooney

Dreams of spring

I’ve been planting bulbs lately in our newly tilled and mulched flower garden. We bought 360 bulbs and so far I’ve planted 72. It’s going to be a long week! But come spring, we’ll have a gorgeous flower garden.

It’s so great to work outdoors, smelling the pine trees, blue sky above, hands in the dirt. For me, it’s the best way to ground myself, touching the earth. It also feels really good to interact with living plants. You can talk to plants the same way you talk to animals and humans. I remember once in one of my animal communication seminars we practiced on plants, and I talked to a rose bush. There was also a little caterpillar on the rosebush and I talked to it too. It wanted me to know how beautiful and wonderful it was, and the little caterpillar actually reared up and wiggled his little feet while we had this conversation. It was pretty wild.

I haven’t been able to do much outdoors all year, so it feels really good to be getting my health back and to be able to do this stuff. In other news, our new dog Molly is fitting into the family like she’s always lived here. What a doll she is! Sammy has calmed down so much since she came along, and they enjoy playing together. I had a dream about Charlie this morning and he seemed very happy. I feel like Molly is helping me start to heal my heart. I will always miss my boys, though.

~ Dooney

Energetic reminder

I had an interesting experience while coaching someone the other day. Just a few minutes before getting in the chat for the session I started to feel nauseated and headachy. A few minutes into the chat, Stevo happened to come into the room and I told him I was feeling bad. He said, “You’ve got a cord in your 3rd chakra.” Sure enough, I did. I stopped the chat for a few minutes so I could work on myself and I immediately felt better. What I realized as I continued to work on my client was that I had taken on the client’s 3rd chakra energy. I hadn’t properly protected myself before starting the session. The interesting thing was that it happened before we even got in the chat together. I’m sure that’s because I was already thinking of the client and the session and our energies were already starting to interact.

I think that’s an example of how boosting and sending energy works…you merely have to focus your attention on something and the energy starts flowing in that direction. “Energy follows attention”, right? This episode really underscored that for me. It’s very easy to forget that you are projecting your energy all the time. What are you sending out? Are you sending out love or fear? The challenge is to be aware of this every minute of the day while still living your 3D life. It also really helps to have a husband who is psychic. :-)

~ Dooney

More Ben Morton magic

Ben and I traded for this pendant when I first met him, and it was a new creation he was playing around with. It’s a really beautiful piece, and I especially like the labyrinth in the middle. The weekend I met Ben we used this pendant in the Montauk chat to help someone who was being attacked. The labyrinth in the middle seems to be an important feature for capturing entities who are bothering people. There’s a lot of amethyst around the edge of the pendant, as well as some other stones that I’ll keep secret for now. benpendant

I also had another interesting experience with the Orgone Candle. My feet sometimes hurt when I lay down due to diabetic neuropathy, so I pointed the candle at my foot one night to see what would happen. The pain increased dramatically for about 30 seconds to the point where I almost took it away from my foot. But I decided to tough it out to see if it would get better, and it did. After the first 30 seconds, the pain started to gradually fade, and after about 3 minutes it was gone. I lay there waiting for the pain to come back but it never did. I moved it to my other foot, which was not hurting as badly, and I didn’t have the dramatic increase in pain, only the gradual fading of the pain. Both feet have been pain free since. Cool!

~ Dooney

Dreams of Charlie

I’ve had five dreams about Charlie since he died, and the last three have shown him happy, young and healthy. In the last dream, he brought two big wild cats with him, and he was playing with them on the floor and wanted me to pet them. They were friendly and loving. I think Charlie is probably having a great time in the etheric realm. I haven’t seen him with Black Jack, but my heart tells me they are together. I still miss them both so much that sometimes I can hardly breathe, but I have to trust that their spirits live on. I know someday I will see them again.

I’m glad we have Sammy to make us laugh and challenge our parenting skills. He’s a naughty monkey sometimes, and recently chewed up a scarf I am knitting for Stevo. Sammy just turned one year old yesterday. Happy birthday to the Vanilla Gorilla!

~ Dooney

Etheric attack – will they ever give up?

Stevo and I experienced another rather harsh attack this past week, with Stevo bearing the brunt of it. First of all, his mid-back was hurting and he was unable to get it resolved with all his usual self-therapies. Secondly, the business phone stopped ringing. Completely. This never happens unless we are under attack. Of course, it took us several days to realize this! We asked Don and Carol to chat with us last night and Carol found 9 etheric knives in Stevo’s back (ouch!) a ship over our house and and energy beam coming from the south end of our valley aimed at us. I had known yesterday morning that Stevo had knives in his back, but I didn’t know how many and I was unable to remove them myself.

After the four of us boosted for a while, Stevo’s pain level went down from a 10 to a 5 and as of this morning it was a 2. Major improvement. And, the phone rang first thing! It’s not always easy to know you are under attack when it’s happening, even if you’re psychic. 3D life intrudes in a major way and it’s a challenge to always be clear. We’ve had an especially hard time of it this past year, with several major losses and anxiety-producing situations, along with my battle with diabetes. We are so glad to have great friends like Don and Carol, who will drop whatever they are doing to help us. Thanks you two!

We’re going to gift the facility that was beaming us, and we used Ben Morton’s Orgone Candles to boost the ship overhead and it skeedadled right away. The beam aimed at us was using the ship to get to us, so once the ship was gone the beam was disabled. They have to think up new ways to get to us these days because we have done so much work to protect our space and property. They have been trying to destroy Stevo’s biz since 2004 and it hasn’t worked yet.

~ Dooney

Messages from the Angel Cards

I happened to pull out my Angel Cards the day Don and Carol came to visit, just a few days before Charlie’s death. While we were all sitting around the living room, I pulled out a card and it said “Courage”. I wondered out loud what I was going to need courage for. Two days later I found out.

The day of Charlie’s death, after we had spent 3-1/2 hours digging his grave (rocky soil, big dog) we were sitting in the living room again, just in shock and pain. I pulled out another card: “Release”. That’s about all I could do at that point. The next day: “Peace”.

Thanks Angels,
~ Dooney

A year without Black Jack

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since Black Jack died. We still miss him every day, even though we have Sammy, the Vanilla Gorilla, to play with and to distract us. We believe Black Jack has been here with us, teaching Sammy how to be a part of the family. Sammy checks on me much the way Black Jack used to, making sure I’m okay and that he knows where I am.

I had probably eight lucid dreams in which Black Jack visited me to let me know he was okay. I haven’t had one for several months now, so I feel like he’s moved on from caretaking me. And, I feel like I’ve moved out of that deep grief. What a special being he was and is. He taught me a lot about unconditional love, and I hope someday to be as good at it as he was.

We love you Wubbie!
~ Dooney