Beads & Stuff

Well, a lot has happened in the past month. Sammy is almost completely recovered from being hit by a car, and we’ve been lucky enough to have a holistic vet friend working on him and Molly to fine-tune their health. She does chiropractic, cranial-sacral and acupuncture treaments. We have notice a marked improvement in both the dogs since our friend Dr. Linda has worked on them. Sammy is dealing with leftover minor owies from the accident, and Molly has a suspected torn ligament in one knee from some rough play with Sammy last fall. It was really interesting to watch Molly’s energy change after Dr. Linda inserted the acupuncture needles. Her energy began to flow much more freely and felt a lot stronger, much like what I feel after I work on someone’s chakras.

In other news, Carol and I traveled to Tucson for the gem shows and had a blast. It’s totally overwhelming to walk into a giant (and I mean big) tent with hundreds of vendors and a pocket full of cash, and know that there are hundreds of tents just like it spread out around Tucson. I was able to find beads I haven’t seen anywhere else, so I concentrated on buying those instead of getting the more readily available beads. When I got home I made some Limited Edition bracelets, which you can view and purchase on my site.

I’ve gotten some good feedback on my Higher Consciousness bracelet, which has clear and gold Azeztulite in it. This is a stone that is what Robert Simmons, author of “The Book of Stones”, calls a Stone for the New Consciousness (his other book). I actually got to meet Robert at his booth, which was actually a whole building, and tell him how much I enjoy his books. He gave me a great deal on the Azeztulite, otherwise I never would have been able to afford it and make bracelets for the etheric warriors. I need to do some more reading on Azeztulite, but I do know that it feels really good to wear it. It’s a stone that helps me get into 13D really quickly.

I also picked up four Golden Lemurian (healer) wands, a larimar ring and pendant, an azeztulite pendant, and a danburite/moldavite pendant, among other things. I got a great piece of apophyllite to use in my coaching work and a couple of small rough stones to try out. I also got several presents for Stevo since he couldn’t come to the show with us. I know I bought too much stuff, but it’s really hard to resist when you’re at the shows and the rocks are just sitting there, looking so wonderful!

In any case, time seems to be speeding up even more nowadays, and I’ve heard many people remarking on it. It’s already the end of February! Granted, I spent most of January in a sleep-deprived fog due to Sammy’s accident, but still…what’s up? It feels like the energy on the planet is so much more heightened and it just keeps spiraling up. It feels like the gray areas are melting away as people’s consciousness polarizes to one extreme or the other.

So the thing to remember now is simply to breathe, to be in present time, to keep focused on what you want to manifest in your life, and most importantly to keep Love foremost in your mind. Anything else that you send out is going to be counterproductive for you and the universe. It can be really difficult, which I have personally experienced. The low times are really low, and the high times are really high. There’s no more in-between, so focus on keeping your energy in the high frequency of love and you’ll be okay. Love, compassion, joy, and the other high frequency emotions are what will get you through this time of shifting energies.

~ Dooney

A Wild Ride

It’s been a rollercoaster month or so here at Casa Smith-Weise! After returning from my trip to see my grandparents I went over to Don and Carol’s to take the aura photos that are now on my site. I had to flex my bravery muscles to drive alone over the mountains in winter, but I did it and got some great photos as a result. Carol and I have been trying to get these photos done for most of this year, but something always stopped us. I found out why.

After posting the aura photos and posting about them on EW, I received orders for probably 50 bracelets in a week. I’ve been making bracelets every day, and it’s been so much fun! Perhaps you’ve read on EW about the business attacks that have been happening on many of the EW vendors since about the beginning of June. It’s affected my business as well, as I didn’t receive any bracelet orders for about 4 months after three months or so of steady orders. I still got coaching orders, but no bracelet orders, so they didn’t want me succeeding with the gemstones.

Well, the aura photos broke through that energy, and I think it’s because those photos are really instrumental in helping people understand the nature of human energy. So now I know why Carol and I had such a hard time getting this accomplished.

Stevo’s been getting personally attacked for about the last month or so, with huge energy cords in his third and fourth chakras that keep him awake all night. I finally discovered them and tried to wake myself up at night to help him but we finally had to get in the chat with Don and Carol to get the cords off of him. Then they started to attack me the same way. I was awake for almost 48 hours straight, but another chat with Don and Carol got them to stop attacking me. We also discovered the magic of burning various candle colors to help with our energy situation and we’ve been impressed with the results so were going to start selling the candles on my website.

So, who knows what will happen for the rest of this month? We’re just hanging onto each other and remembering to breathe. :-)

~ Dooney

Philistine or Luddite?

I might be a bit of both. I was remarking to Stevo recently about how I’ve tried to read some classic literature and it bored me to tears. I also can’t really appreciate modern art, although I like the old masters. Does that make me a philistine? Maybe. I also think I’m a semi-Luddite because I like the old-school ways. However, I do enjoy my iPod immensely. I’m a music lover, and I enjoy being able to carry my music and listen to it anywhere. It makes those boring chores like weeding and stacking wood go so much faster. I’ve come to believe that technology has it’s place in the world if it’s used wisely and productively. There’s lots of technology I do without because I’m just not interested.

It’s funny that being involved with orgonite and fighting the NWO has given me a really different perspective on things. I don’t really care much about things I used to worry about, and things that most PJ people spend their lives talking about and fighting about. I’m much more interested in the etheric state of the world. I guess we all have our jobs on the planet and one of mine is to help wake people up.

Speaking of old school, I recently learned how to make lotion, salve and shampoo from organic herbs and oils, and with no chemicals. It’s fantastic! This weekend I’m going to learn how to make soap. Maybe it will become part of my business, or it might just be for my own fun. I guess it’s the Luddite in me. :-) Did you know that there are 700 known carcinogens allowed in cosmetics? (statistic courtesy of Stevo) It’s as easy to make your own lotion as it is to make cake frosting! Get one of Rosemary Gladstar’s books and have at it. I’m also starting to harvest herbs that are growing wild on my property. It’s almost time to harvest the rosehips (great source of Vitamin C) to make tea and rosehips oil, which can be used in salves and lotions. I’ve finally turned my black thumb to green! Next year I plan to grow a lot more herbs in my garden, and then I’ll just ascend to Earth Mother status and be totally obnoxious! Ha ha!

~ Dooney

Sometimes, you just lose your cool

I lost it recently when a neighbor’s dog barked all night, non-stop. I didn’t know a dog could actually do that, but I listened to it from about 8pm until 5am. I couldn’t quite tell where it was coming from or I probably would have walked over there in the middle of the night and had a conversation. Instead, I tried to boost the dog, I tried to boost the neighbor to make the dog shut up, then I really lost it and started entertaining some violent fantasies about hurting the neighbor. I couldn’t ground or anything, I was so mad. So, sometimes it’s hard to keep your energy on the right track. Everyone has their moments and I know how hard it can be. You just have to keep trying every day. Luckily, it was a one-time event and we haven’t heard the dog since.

When a plane is a Fed

I had the funniest thing happen last week….I coached a number of the African gifters, which was a real pleasure as their energy is rather magical. Anyway, after coaching the last three, I went outside with the dogs and was sitting in a chair in the woods near a stream when a plane flew over. Nothing new there as there is a small airport across the valley. This was a small prop plane that has been flying over our house for years and I boost it each time it flies over. This time, however, it sounded like a small jet! I was so stunned I just watched it fly over (below legal altitude, of course, and with no identifying numbers) and then I had to laugh. What kind of psy-ops idiot thought this would intimidate me? We’ve had some very strange experiences with airplanes flying over, but this one was more than obvious. When does a prop plane sound like a jet? When it’s a Fed! Ha ha! I went in the house and asked Stevo if he just heard a plane fly over and he said he heard a jet. Then I told him it was the yellow and red prop plane we always see. He rolled his eyes. I think the NWO wankers are losing it! :-)

Back in biz

Many orgonite vendors and other folks have been experiencing a biz slowdown the last few months, so we’ve been working with Don and Carol to remedy that. We’ve had a couple of chats with them, but the most effective session was last weekend when we sat down in person and worked on the problem. Stevo actually went off-planet to the Triad home planet and did some effective boosting there. The Triad are Chinese, but they are heavily influenced by the off-world masters, so he went right to the source. Proof is in the pudding….we both had a good week of business. It’s really a constant battle when you are putting the etheric hurt on the NWO and they just keep picking away at your life. It used to be really discouraging to always have to be on guard and fight them, but now we just go into a 13D space and do some quick, effective boosting. If you haven’t tried it, check out the exercise on my site for accessing the higher dimensions. Anyone can do it…it just takes focus and practice.

It’s so fun to sit down with Don and Carol and do a boosting session because it’s so much more effective when we are together in the same room. Carol and I also visited the bead show and got some great bargains on beads. I also got a nice ametrine sphere for cutting cords, and a beautiful piece of rhodochrosite that turned out to have a lot of weird energy on it. I had to put it next to a piece of danburite to clear it and it’s still iffy. You never know what you’re gonna get when you buy a crystal, so be sure to check out whatever you buy and clear it with your own energy.

~ Dooney

Awesome ommies, and more

Stevo and I just finished my famous (in our house at least) Southwest Omelet. It’s easy….three eggs, make an ommie, fill it with black bean, avocado and cheese, then top it with homemade salsa and sour cream. Delicious! Homemade salsa is easy. Just blend up 4-5 medium tomatoes, one bunch chopped cilantro, 1 medium onion, 1 tsp. garlic powder, 1 tsp. salt, 1/2 tsp. cayenne (or to taste), 2 tbsp. lemon juice, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar. Blend on low so it’s chunky and serve!

My garden is starting to produce (finally) so we’re enjoying lettuce, basil, the occasional strawberry (new bed), kale and tons of raspberries. I finally figured out how to prune and tie up the raspberries so my yield this year is better than ever. I also have a gorgeous perennial flower garden and a newly revived herb garden. I’m going to starting distilling herbs in Everclear to make tinctures. I have already done some lavender from my garden and some yarrow that grows wild on my property. Many thanks to Carol Croft for her tips on how to do this. Still waiting for peppers, zucchini, broccoli and tomatoes to ripen…everyone’s garden here is about a month behind due to our rainy spring.

Also been doing some dehydrating…just zucchini and kale chips so far. Thanks to Don for his kale chip recipe! Our dehydrator is great…Excalibur brand if you’re in the market for one.

Carol’s back from France so we’re going to visit next weekend to hear all about it and to take some aura photos using my bracelets. We’ve had to do some boosting for the businesses lately since many of the orgonite vendors have gotten hit with a biz slowdown. We found it was the Triads, of course, doing their usual dirty deeds. We had a spiderweb dome over our house, which makes us kind of invisible to potential clients. The spiderweb is a black magic thing. Stevo, Don and I boosted a few weeks ago, then Carol, Don and I did some more work on it last week and destroyed the dome over our house and multiple domes over their house. Carol said the domes looked pretty faint to her, so they are not able to do the major damage that they did a few years ago. It won’t do to let them get away with anything, though. :-)

The dogs are doing great…having fun running around the property and playing in the irrigation ditches. Here’s a pic of Molly cooling off. Isn’t she cute?mollyriverbath

Finally mowed the grass growing over my labyrinth and am able to use it again. I just love the energy of the labyrinth! I didn’t realize how much I missed being able to walk it. There’s just a certain peace about it that helps me refocus. I highly recommend building one if you have the room.

Enjoy the summer!

Multidimensional Me (and you)

It’s been a busy spring, hence the lack of blogs…I’m trying to revitalize all the garden beds around our house that went wild when I neglected them for almost two years while trying to get healthy again. I’m happy to say that I’m now healthy enough to do the work. It is rather exhausting, but it’s so great to be out there in the dirt. I’ve been wearing my Nature Connection bracelet when I garden to help develop my green thumb. We’ve had so much rain that I don’t know if it’s working yet.

We had a visit a few weeks ago from our friend Ben Morton, who is making some truly “next generation” orgonite products. Ben brought us some of his new toys to play with, being the generous person he is. One of these is a pendant with a selection of crystals that is being called “M17″ for lack of a better name. It’s a Morton (M) mix of 17 different crystals. Some of them are crystals that you will find in the book “Stones of the New Consciousness” by Robert Simmons. When I put on the pendant I immediately felt my aura expand, and Ben and Stevo both saw that happen. I felt the way I feel when I deliberately go into the higher dimensions. After sitting with the pendant on for several minutes, I realized that I was able to access the higher dimensions without having to really think about it. I was just there. How cool!

The next thing he showed us was a wand, similar to the Etheric Laser Wand, that has the same mix of crystals. After playing with it for a bit, I discovered that if you point it at someone or something, it does the same thing as the pendant. It makes that person or thing go multidimensional! We had also bought a small cloudbuster from Ben and he had put a TB in the middle of the pipes that has that same mix of crystals. We have found that small cloudbuster to be as strong as our bigger ones in terms of changing weather patterns. Several times we have pointed it into a strong wind and the wind has calmed considerably.

The multidimensional thing is fairly subtle and you have to be pretty energy-sensitive to know you are accessing higher dimensions. I was coaching someone a few weeks ago about how to do this and in the course of answering questions it became really clear to me (again) that we are supposed to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously. That is our natural state. The idea that most people are “stuck” in 3D is a fallacy, I think. More and more, people are going multidimensional without even knowing they are doing it. To do is consciously is the challenge. I think Ben’s tools are a great way to help people get there consciously. I really appreciate his creative talent in making orgonite tools. You can check out his stuff by clicking on the Morton Orgone Art link on the right side of this page.

~ Dooney

Dog Blog

I was going to start a separate dog blog on another website, but then I thought, hey, why not just post about my dogs here? My dogs are like my kids and they are a huge part of my life, so why not? They also happen to be very good teachers for me, as they remind me to live in the moment. Dogs don’t worry too much about what’s going to happen tomorrow.

My former dogs, Charlie and Black Jack, used to accompany Stevo and I on etheric forays in the chat rooms. They were very fierce on our behalf. I don’t know that Sammy and Molly will get into doing that, but time will tell. We’re still bonding as a family. We do have a tendency to attract remarkable dogs to our family, however. Sammy and Molly are true to form. I whistled for them today and Molly came charging over, jumped a couple of logs and barreled into my arms. What a sweetie!

Sammy is officially a nudge, and his middle name is Trouble. But underneath that, he’s a sweet soul who secretly likes to cuddle. He even kills ants on our behalf. We are currently dealing with an ant infestation in our house, and Sammy paws at them until they stop moving. I have to stop him from eating them, though, as they are full of poison from the bait our ant guy put out.

I just looked up the medicine card for Ant, and it’s patience. Building your dream a little bit at a time, taking the community into consideration, knowing that you will be provided for, trusting the Universe. It really coincides with what Stevo and I are experiencing right now in terms of our future dreams and goals. Unfortunately, we have to kill a lot of ants in order to be comfortable in our home, so I’m not sure how that balances out. It’s always fun to look up the animal medicine cards when a particular animal crosses our path. Once on a bike ride, Stevo saw six white rabbits, and we never see rabbits here. I looked up the card for Rabbit and it coincided with some thoughts and feelings he’d been having recently.

I like to pay attention to different types of communication: my higher self, Nature, animals, the sun and moon, the cards, etc. I think there is a lot of valuable information out there and we just have to be open to listening in different ways. Sometimes my dogs have a lot to say. On a nice day like we had today….the message is PLAY! :-)

~ Dooney

Travel Bug

I’m sitting in the Seattle airport on my way home from visiting family and I’m struck, as always, by the variety of people you see out in the world. One thing they all have in common, though, is energy. I wish everyone would realize how powerful we are. And how beautiful. Everyone is rushing around, talking on the phone, etc., and no one is really present in their body, but I can feel their awesome potential. I saw one woman in the airport on my flight out who was just sitting and being, not doing anything, and she had pretty good control of her energy. That’s rare, though. I hope by doing the coaching that I’m able to help some people be more aware of their energy so they can affect those around them positively. I had lunch here and my waitress was very pleasant, and I thought about how easy it is for strangers to be nice to each other, and it’s wonderful to see when you’re traveling. I wish it would happen more often. I guess I have a lot of wishes for this life and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see them come true. I don’t travel often, but as Stevo says, it’s good to exercise your bravery muscles and get out in the world sometimes. Although I find it hard to be in crowds of people, I always end up feeling awed and amazed by how wonderful humans can be. There were two sets of twins on my first flight today. I took that as a good omen. :-)

~ Dooney