Zombies – Just Say No

Steve recently pointed out to me all the attention on “zombies” these days. He said he’s read probably 6 stories on BBC news about “zombies” attacking people and biting them; one case involved a woman who’s nose was bitten off! Really?

You may notice there are a lot of movies, TV shows and video games now that are centered on zombies. We were watching a Season 3 episode of Warehouse 13, and the Warehouse agents came upon a zombie in a park eating a deer. Stevo just zipped right past that episode as he’s had his fill of zombie news.

This is how things become accepted. Look at how vampires became popular a few years ago and now it’s vampires everywhere! This is training/brainwashing to get people to accept negative energy. This gets people thinking “Oh, that’s not a big deal, it’s just a zombie.” They start with things like vampires and zombies and school shootings, which are just kids programmed to kill. I’m sure that the “zombies” reported in the news are also programmed people. This is not normal behavior for a functional human being. But everyone begins to accept that school shootings and having your nose bitten off are a normal part of life!

It helps to be aware of these trends so you can decide whether to support them. It’s like voting with your dollars to support companies that you believe in. You can support or not support ideas by putting your energy there or not putting your energy there. I think this is a personal decision that we all have to make.

You know, it kind of makes me mad (breathe, Dooney). They are working really hard to take away your physical freedoms, and now they want your soul. They want to infect you with negativity and death energy. So I guess my point of this mini-rant is….spend your energy dollars wisely. :-)

~ Dooney

An inspirational lunch

I had lunch recently with a friend with whom I discuss a lot of spiritual/consciousness issues, and we were both talking about the probable upcoming global financial crisis and all the attendent issues of that crisis. I think what’s coming is not only financial but spiritual too. Everyone I know has had a rather angst-filled year as the energy on the planet continues to polarize, time speeds up, hearts are challenged and things just seem to get more and more crazy. I think whatever issues are going on in your life right now are simply being amplified by the changing energy on the planet. Relationships, finances, living situations, job stress….everything is being supercharged to the point where some people are just losing their minds.

The really good news is that we have our basic tools to get through this, as I was saying in my previous post: grounding, breathing and keeping your heart open. If you can do that with all the craziness in the world, your particular corner of it might be a little less chaotic. It’s all good, no matter what manifests in 3D. We are moving in the direction we are supposed to go, and although the ride is getting bumpy, I have faith that we will get there.

As consciousness polarizes, some folks are going to move forward and some aren’t. I think that’s the hard thing for a lot of people to accept, and I could be wrong. But I think we may start seeing a lot of people check out. And that’s okay, too, because death is just the beginning of another adventure, as hard as it is for those left behind. It’s hard to remember in times like this that everything is happening just the way it is supposed to. We don’t always understand why things happen the way they do, sometimes not until much later, and sometimes we never understand. I know that I have a hard time remembering this when I have my personal life challenges, but luckily I have my husband and my friends to help remind me.

~ Dooney

108 working a little TOO well

We recently put our big 108 together again after a month or so of it being discombobulated and messed up. A good friend sent me a pdf of the pattern and I printed it out and taped a bunch of pages together. My local Staples store couldn’t figure out how to print it on their big printer.

Well…after a record 53 or 58 days (I don’t remember which) without rain, it started raining….just as the builders fixing our roof starting taking apart. Yikes! So, we let it ride for a week or so, but then we realized we would have to take it apart to give our builders a break so they could get our roof fixed.

We took the 108 down and although we are still getting precipitation some days, we are getting enough clear days so the work can be finished. Don and Carol are coming to visit and Don is going to help us get the permanent 108 set up on some varnished plywood. We may have to postpone setting up the orgonite cones, however, until we’re ready for rain and snow. I never thought we’d be inclined to take it down, as we need the energy to keep the attacks off of us, but right now the roof is a priority.

I can’t wait to set it back up!  :-)

~ Dooney

More of the same, keeping the faith

Well, Stevo and I are still laboring under energy attacks but we haven’t given up. They are trying to put us in financial stress and we just keep reminding each other to breathe. It’s easy to give into fear. What’s really hard is focusing on Love….no matter what! I think that is our big lesson this year. I actually think it’s everyone’s big lesson in one way or another. Some folks will recognize what they are going through and many won’t.

No one knows what’s going to happen in the world…there are lots of rumors of war, global economic collapse, riots, etc. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m absolutely sure that you have to keep your heart open, stay grounded and keep breathing. Practice the basics, because when things go crazy, the basics will keep you sane.

Spend some time each day focusing on something positive. Don’t just wallow in the bad news. Spend a little time each day sending out Love energy – it doesn’t matter who you send it to, just get it out there in the etheric realm. Imagine there is a big golden sun in your heart and warm everyone around you with that energy.

~ Dooney


Rock ‘n Rolling in 2012

It seems like life is just getting to be more and more of a rollercoaster lately. The way I see it, the energy on the planet is polarizing more than ever into low consciousness and high consciousness. It seems like things are getting to be so black and white these days, and the gray areas are fading as people make a choice, consciously or unconsciously. People seem to be really nice, high energy, or really low energy. Maybe this is what 2012 is all about. I don’t think it’s about the end of the world, a la the Mayan calendar. I think it’s about a big shift in energy and we’re in the middle of feeling it now. It’s so important to remember to stay grounded…just the basics can help so much.

We did a group chat today and we found that there was some kind of energetic barrier on each coast of the U.S. blocking the weather from moving onto the continent. The really interesting thing is that this barrier mostly exists in our imagination. They are using our imaginations against us to maintain an energy barrier that is making it seem like all the orgonite that has been tossed on the coasts and in the oceans isn’t working.

i really wanted to do a group chat on this issue because I feel like someone is trying to start a campaign against orgonite to say it doesn’t work. Stevo and I noticed in May that Los Angeles was really smoggy, as well as Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. All three of these cities have been heavily gifted, especially Los Angeles. After talking to Don and Carol, we realized that the “smog” is actually whitish in L.A., not brown, and it seems to be lower to the ground. We got the intution that there is a lot of underground stuff that is generating this fake “smog”.

After realizing that the entire U.S. is in a drought condition, a fact pointed out to me by a friend, I got the sense that it was a barrier formed in the oceans on each coast. Today’s chat confirmed that. Once we started boosting this barrier, it fell apart pretty quickly and we were able to see who was behind it and boost them too. What I got really strongly was that it was intended to basically be a psy-ops against gifters, to make them lose hope. So what I wanted to say was don’t lose hope! Orgonite is real and it works. Don’t lose sight of the fact that we are fighting for the etheric integrity of the planet and sometimes it’s a really tough job. But think of all the folks all over the world who are doing this, who are having the same results, who are reporting such great success.

Toby on EW did some major EP gifting of Houston, Texas, and I believe this is a model for how the big cities should be EP’d. The EP’s get the underground stuff that is the next level for gifting. I don’t think there is any part of the planet that doesn’t have underground stuff. Check out Toby’s gifting reports!

Keep the faith!

~ Dooney

Energy attacks….again

I just realized I haven’t blogged since the beginning of July. Yikes! Lots of things have been happening here, physically and etherically. Physically, our front and back decks and sidewalks have been torn apart as we are doing some remodeling, including a new front porch with a roof, new sidewalks, front driveway pad with porch and a covered porch on part of the back of the house. Soon, our roof will be torn open and repaired, skylights will be added, spray foam insulation will be sprayed and new tin put on.

In the course of all this construction activity, our propane line has been replaced, along with the regulators, our internet line has been replaced and our main power line has been replaced. One of our cars died (easily fixed, luckily) our water heater died, and our clothes dryer just died. I’m afraid to ask what else can go wrong!

What this has meant for Stevo and I is that we have had to concentrate on breathing, staying grounded, staying positive, not going into fear about what it’s costing, etc. It’s really a challenge! In the midst of it all, we’ve been getting energetically attacked. It’s affected both of our businesses and our health, me more than Stevo. A few days ago we did an emergency chat with Don and Carol, and things have improved dramatically. It’s always amazing to me what a difference a little bit of focused energy can make. It reminds me how powerful we really are, if we only learn how to use all of our energy. I’ve got a black candle going again, so we’ll see if that helps, too. We have to use whatever resources we can, right?

What we found the other night was that a radionics device was being used against us, and they had a novice controlling it, almost like it was a training session! So it seems that Stevo and I have become part of the NWO lesson plan: “learn how to beat the Smith’s so you can pass this part of the evil-doer test!”  Ha, ha. Don said we should be honored. :-)

~ Dooney

My new favorite toy

I haven’t been much of a dowser in the past because I found that I didn’t get reliable answers. However, lately I’ve been dowsing more and more with a pendulum that Carol gave me as a gift. It’s a triangle with a crystal hanging down in the middle and the seven body chakra colors in crystals above. I’ve found that my dowsing has been more accurate with this pendulum. Now, Carol has found another pendulum, pictured at right, by the same folks who make the triangle pendulum. This one is a merkaba shape (two interlocking tetrahedrons) with stones at each point. My stones happen to be rose quartz, and this was a gift from Carol’s daughter. I really like the energy of this pendulum and Carol is using one with hematite at the points and says it the most accurate pendulum she’s ever used. She’ll be selling these soon on her website with a selection of different stones to choose from. I don’t think I’d ever make a major life decision based on a pendulum swing, but I have found that if I hold my Lapis and Herkimer diamond in my left hand, or an SP, and use my right hand to dowse the pendulum, I tend to get clearer answers. Dowsing is more successful the clearer you are, the more grounded you are; really, the more neutral you are. This rose quartz pendulum helps me stay focused on my heart while I’m dowsing, so I think that helps a lot. I think these are going to be fairly inexpensive…look for them soon on Carol’s site at www.crystalinsights.net.

~ Dooney

An amazing sky

This picture is typical of what we are seeing in our valley since Don’s airplane gifting of all the mountains. Today they tried to white us out with chemspray, but as soon as a trail would be laid down, a sylph would come out to destroy the chemtrail. Stevo and I sat out on a bench in our pasture this evening and watched more trails being laid down and more and more sylphs coming to the rescue. I actually took 360 degrees worth of pics that look just like this…there were an amazing number of sylphs in our sky today! We haven’t seen this much sylph activity since we first started gifting in 2004. Our weather has calmed down quite a bit now and we seem to be having typical June weather for Montana. The only difference is the sylphs. :-)  The chemtrails now look more like contrails, as the spray is evaporating almost as soon as it is laid down. Thanks again to our friends who made this happen!

~ Dooney

Psychic fair extraordinare

I just finished working a local psychic fair with Carol Croft as her assistant while she did four days of aura pictures and readings. Watching Carol in action with the public is awesome! Carol worked pretty much non-stop the whole time, only getting short breaks when I would run out get her some food, and she did more than 50 pictures and readings. That’s about 25 hours of talking to the public! She was always gracious and positive and all of her clients walked away smiling. I got to have a little bit of practice talking to the public about orgonite and about what I do. Carol is trying to get me to do public readings, but I’m a little bit shy about it. :-)

I’ve been lucky to be able to use Carol’s aura camera before, taking pictures of my aura while wearing my various bracelets, and it was fun to see the auras of a bunch of different people. I noticed as I was pulling reports off the printer, that lots of the folks who came to see Carol had really big heart chakras. I thought that was a pretty positive sign. And Carol said that many of them had white auras, which is a high spiritual color. Without invading anyone’s privacy I was able to listen in at times to learn more about reading auras. The fair was at a store in Hamilton, Montana called Between the Worlds. We were really impressed with the quality of the other practitioners at the fair, and also at the quality of the people coming through the door to get readings. Most of the people were open-minded, open-hearted and ready to get help finding their direction in their spiritual life.

I never knew this store existed until a month ago as I don’t often go to Hamilton, but I was really glad to meet the owners, who are pretty discerning about who they associate with. I was able to tell them a little bit about orgonite and they seemed interested. I was also able to do a little shopping :-) and I got a few nice rocks and some Tarot cards to teach myself how to read Tarot. Fun!

The other GREAT thing that happened this weekend is that Don, with Stevo as his ground crew, gifted the mountains on BOTH sides of our little valley. That’s 100 miles long, times two – about 400 pieces of orgonite. Don has been wanting to do this for about five  years, ever since he learned how to fly so he could gift the world from above. So he basically ringed our valley in orgonite. We have had wildly shifting weather since he finished. About two or three hours after he was done, we had a 5-minute hailstorm with hail the size of walnuts. It’s been nine years or so since we’ve had major hail.

Then, a few hours after that, Don and Carol spotted a funnel cloud (tornado) forming while driving back to our house. The cloud energy has been pretty volatile, and today we had what looked like “boiling” clouds above us. It was thundering but not raining, just really stagnant air and those weird boiling clouds. I moved one of our CB’s and pointed it up to the sky, and it finally started raining about 15 minutes later. It’s still raining as we speak. Also, last night we had a pretty strong wind storm.

So it seems to us that they are throwing some weather energy at us in retaliation for that gifting, but they can’t seem to make anything stick. We are so grateful to Don for doing all that flying (about 9 hours) and to our buddy Miguel for making the orgonite for us. We are really blessed with some wonderful friends!

~ Dooney

Beware the Smart Meter

One of the things I’ve been wanting to blog about is the new digital meters that the power companies are installing on houses. Our meter got changed out without us knowing about it or knowing how harmful they are. When Stevo was having trouble sleeping recently, Carol asked if we had a digital meter on our power line, and we found out we did. She said having one of those is like having a cell tower attached to your house because they put off so much EMF.

Recently, while Don and Carol were visiting, we tested the meter with muscle testing. Standing right next to the meter weakened a strong muscle. Then we tried a foot away, two feet away, then five feet away….still testing weak. So we wrapped the meter in several layers of regular aluminum foil. After doing that, I could stand right next to the meter and a strong muscle didn’t weaken. Surrounding the meter with TB’s did not produce the same effect of mitigating the muscle weakness….I’m not sure why.

A few weeks ago I noticed that someone (from the power company, I’m sure) had cut a hole in the aluminum foil to show the face of the meter. So that means they can’t read the meter from the street with the foil wrapped around it. I re-wrapped it, but I’m sure they’ll cut it away again next month. :-)

Stevo read online that these meters are not UL approved, and these meters have a tendency to send power spikes through the power lines. Without UL approval, your insurance company won’t cover any fire or other damage that is caused by a power spike. How do the power companies get away with using non-approved equipment? Good question. Carol also told me that if you catch them in the act of coming on your property to switch your meter, you can stand out there by the meter and demand that they leave the analog meter in place.

We’ve both been sleeping better since wrapping the meter. I guess the “wackos” in the tinfoil hats were onto something after all. :-)

~ Dooney