Movies & books, picks not pans

Stevo and I don’t go to the movies anymore, since the movie theater experience can be a bit much for two energy sensitives. Luckily, there’s Netflix and our local video store, the latter which unfortunately tends to stock slasher movies and Mormon love stories. We tend to look for movies that have some kind of spiritual growth or message of love or hope. It’s just not worth our time to endure the majority of movies that focus on hate, horror and negativity – there’s enough of that in the world already. We have an agreement that either one of us can nix a movie choice once we’ve started watching. Life is too short to endure a bad movie.

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When a soul passes on…

My dad, Jim Weise, recently died while my family was gathered in my hometown to celebrate my grandparents’ anniversary. It was an awful, terrifying and enlightening experience – almost indescribable. This is the first member of my close, immediate family that has died, and I believe I am still in shock about the whole thing.

My dad was fighting cancer for many years, and had finally found an alternative chemo treatment that was working (look up IPT for cancer treatments on the internet). His tumors had decreased by 60%. However, the five previous conventional chemo treatments that didn’t work really damaged his liver. He ended up dying from a massive blood clot in the portal vein of his liver.

My family is not what I would call spiritually aware. They are wonderful, intelligent, loving people but I’ve always felt that I operate on a different frequency. :-)  However, together we experienced some amazing things during the week my dad was in the hospital, and I believe it opened everyone up a little more to the wonderful and strange synchronicity of a spiritual life.

Events conspired to have my entire immediate family in Illinois together the exact day my dad went into the hospital. My whole family was born there and my dad ended up dying there. We were together for my birthday, which hasn’t happened in about 25 years. I share a birthday with my cousin Marla, and we hadn’t been together on that day for at least 40 years. My hotel, which I didn’t want to stay at because it was too far from my grandparents house, ended up being only a few minutes from the hospital.

On the day my dad died, we sat with him, squeezing his hands and letting him know we were there. We played all his favorite music and told funny stories from our childhood. Although he was on massive painkillers, we knew he heard us because he would occasionally respond. We ended up taking turns telling him that it was okay to let go, that we would be okay. Finally around 7pm, I told my family that we needed to leave so that he could let go. I thought they’d all be mad at me for the suggestion but they understood.

My brother, sister and brother-in-law left with me, leaving my mom alone with my dad. We were wrung out and hungry so we went to dinner. On the way back to my grandparents’ house after dinner, my mom called to tell us to come back to the hospital. My dad was near the end. By the time we got there, he was gone. My mom said when he died, his favorite song was playing (“Leader of the Band”) and when he took his last breath, the nursery rhyme that the hospital plays on the PA system when a baby is born started playing. My mom is convinced that my dad is in a baby body now. :-)

My brother told me later that when we left the restaurant that night, he felt what he described as raindrops on his forearms, although we were still inside. It would have been just about the time my dad was leaving his body. Later, after we left the hospital we passed the corporate park where my dad worked for 25 years. While we were stopped at the light next to the park, it suddenly started raining, deluge-style. We took it as a sign.

I think my dad finally learned about being a spirit in a body, just as he was leaving his body. He visited Stevo later that night to tell him to let me know that he was okay. A few days later, my 7-year-old great nephew (my dad’s great-grandson) said that Grandpa Jim had come to him in a dream that same night and said, “It’s okay Evan, I’m not in pain anymore.”

I’m still processing the whole experience, and I know I’ll be grieving for a long time. As awful as it was to watch him die, in a way it helped to witness it and to remember that the body is just a shell for a soul that goes on and on.

Take it easy, dad…


Is it just me….

Or is regular life kinda difficult right now? It seems that just getting through the day is incredibly hard. Making sure everyone is fed, laundry is done, bills are paid, house is clean…you know, the basics. I feel like I’m slogging through mud!

The only easy part is when I’m 1) coaching, 2) blogging 3) boosting or grounding. The etheric side of life is a snap! Seems to me it used to be the other way around, where it was difficult to get the etheric stuff done and I conducted my 3D life kind of on autopilot. Not anymore!

I wonder is this is one of the effects of 2012 energy changes. It’s like everything has flip-flopped energy-wise. It’s very strange. I’ve also noticed that people are either really nice, or really rude. Maybe I already blogged about this, but it’s becoming more apparent in our interactions with the public (mine and Stevo’s, I mean) that people are either meeting the challenge of the energy changes or they are going insane. We have had folks say the weirdest things to us in the past few months. Things that are so insane or rude that your jaw just drops. Has anyone else experienced this?

It’s funny to me that now I have to spend a lot of time dealing with everyday 3D life and making sure that I’m grounded enough to deal with it. I used to have to make sure I was grounded enough for the etheric stuff. The key here is that I have to stay grounded 100% of the time. There’s no room for error with this new energy on the planet, especially with thoughts manifesting so much more quickly. It really teaches you to focus on what you are thinking, and keep it love-based.

Let me know what challenges you are going through!

~ Dooney


I take it back!

One of the reasons I really enjoy coaching is that it helps keep me on track, because as I’m coaching someone I’m also being reminded of what I need to work on. For instance, I was coaching someone today who said they get impatient with people sometimes and it comes out in anger – words or thoughts. Welcome to my life! I try really hard but I do get impatient with the general population out there. It’s frustrating to do all this work on behalf of people who will never know or care that you are trying to save their lives and the planet. Sometimes it comes out in the wrong way – nobody’s perfect, least of all me!

What I told my client is that what I do when something comes out that’s not appropriately love-based is that I immediately say out loud “Sorry universe, I take it back!” and I literally envision my negative energy coming back to me and I take it back into my space. Then, I immediately ground it out of my space so that I’m not left dealing with my own negative energy. This is what it means to be self-responsible with your energy. If everyone would do this the world would be a much nicer place to live. :-)  But really, all you can control is your own energy, and you being responsible will help other people because you won’t be adding any negative energy to the world.

~ Dooney

Moving forward in 2013

Happy New Year! I’ve had several interesting emails from folks who are experiencing some amazing things and perceiving an overall increase in energy on the planet. I enjoy hearing what folks out there are going through. I think things will continue to polarize as we move into 2013. You’ll probably hear a lot of bad stuff and you’ll also hear about some really amazing good stuff. The trick, I think, is to focus on what you want to manifest. We will continue to be bombarded by the NWO brainwashing tactics in the media, the domination tactics of our governments, and the economic warfare tactics of the banksters, but the important thing is to stay focused.

As I’ve said before, thoughts are becoming reality at an even more accelerated rate these days. I’m really working on my thoughts. For instance, we were driving home from town the other day and there was a lot of HAARPy cloud cover over our valley – you know, those ripples and waves that look totally unnatural. So instead of getting in a twist about it,  I just kept looking at the clouds and sending out love and thinking about a non-HAARPy sky. Sure enough, within minutes the worst of the ripples started to fade. The clouds began to look much more normal. It just reminded me that we have more power than ever these days, and you just have to remember to use it. That is the big challenge – stepping out of your 3D thoughts and using your etheric power.

It may sound kind of Pollyanna-ish to only think good thoughts, but I think we need more people to hold the possibility of things like world peace in their hearts and minds so that the energy of those thoughts can manifest in the physical 3D world. If we don’t do it, how will it ever happen? I feel a real responsibility to do this as a service to the world. It’s the etheric part of the service, like gifting orgonite is the physical part of the service. I think you need both to make the big changes the Etheric Warriors are going for.

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of my life is, and then I think about the people I have helped, the gifting I have done and the etheric work I continue to do. And I know that I am on the right path. “Stay on target….stay on target…”  (Star Wars fans will know that quote).

~ Dooney


New Life

My oldest niece had a baby girl the other day, and next week I get to go visit and hold her. I think babies are simply amazing. They are as close to pure spirit as you can get on the planet without going out of your body. Stevo has a particular facility for connecting with babies and kids. They will spontaneously smile at him and are drawn to him. I think they recognize his spiritual signature as one that they are familiar with. When kids get to be about 6 or 7 they start forgetting where they came from, unless they have exceptionally aware parents. :-)  When they’re young they still have full use of their imaginations and no one has shut them down yet. Stevo and I started boosting my grand-niece a few hours after she was born. It’s fun to boost kids because they really respond to the energy – it’s familiar to them.

I think boosting kids is a great idea. They have it a lot harder these days than when I was a kid, what with violence, the EMF soup of technology, the political/NWO climate, etc. So do a good deed….boost a kid! :-)

~ Dooney

Disabling radionics attack

As I’ve blogged about recently, Stevo and I have undergone attacks on our businesses for quite a while now. Steve’s happened quite suddenly after a month of really great business flow. With Carol and Don’s help we realized that someone who had come into the office had been the channel for some really bad energy, bringing a halt to the flow. So we worked on that person and the people who were controlling them, and it got a little better but not back to normal. The other day I had an epiphany about it and realized that they had gotten a hold of Stevo’s patient paperwork and were using it with a radionics machine to chase away new patients.

It was one of those moments where a thought came to me and I knew immediately that I was right on track. It’s always funny to me when I have that kind of certainty. I used to dismiss it, but I learned to trust it. So, yesterday while I was helping Carol at the psychic fair I spent some time on my computer altering Stevo’s new patient paperwork. When we got home last night, I printed out the new papers and had Stevo burn the old papers. We both immediately felt a change in the energy in the house. We’ll see if it translates to better business flow in the next few days.

Carol pointed out to us that all we needed to do was make a small change in the paperwork – a new font, or change a few words, etc. The same thing is true of a meditation that doesn’t feel quite right. Make a small change and make it your own. I realized today that I probably need to make a small change to my web pages to get rid of any radionics that are being done against my web-based business. Radionics work because they have taken something of yours and are using it against you. So, make a small change to that thing, whether it’s a picture, or papers, etc., and the energy will change and their radionics will no longer work.

Another thing that helps with radionics attacks, in my experience, is using the Farday Dodec technique, which you can read about on my website. Radionics can be hard to defeat, but the dodec does help.

~ Dooney

The Golden Age

Carol is still working hard at the Hamilton Psychic Fair, doing aura photos and readings. A lot of folks have a gold aura this time, which is really interesting. Gold represents divine information and truth. Someone with a gold aura is honest, and can’t tolerate someone who doesn’t tell the truth. I think it’s a sign that more and more people are waking up to integrity and high spiritual information. I’ve noticed in the last few months that consciousness is polarizing more and more (I’ve probably already blogged about this). So I think those who are drawn to truth and honesty are coming into their spirituality. And I think the fact that she is seeing so many gold auras just means that Truth is able to come out more…the energy on the planet is supporting Truth.

When we did the psychic fair in June a lot of auras were green, and everyone’s heart chakra was really big. So that means to me that the energy on the planet is also supporting Love. I think we are just going through a lot of stages of changing energy and it’s interesting to see what shows up in people’s auras. I’ve also noticed several people with really large crown chakras, which is where spiritual information comes into your energy space. I think just being at the psychic fair probably opens up a lot of people to more information.

If you get a chance to have an aura photo done, go for it!

~ Dooney

What a beautiful world!

I took this picture over the summer as I was coming out of the store after doing my weekly food shopping. Everyone else was just going about their business and not looking up at this amazing sky. I always wonder why people don’t look up more often.

This is the kind of scene that reminds me of how beautiful our world is, even with all the evil and madness and destruction. This is what I am fighting for, because this beauty is our birthright. A friend of mine once said that people need to look at art to remind them what beauty is. I think we need to look at natural beauty to remember what Love is, and what God is. I’m not a religious or preachy person, so you can translate that into whatever your version of Creator is. My advice is to look up more often.  :-)

~ Dooney

Laura with the Aura

Dooney here blogging on my iPod from the Psychic Fair in Hamilton, Montana! Carol is doing aura photos and readings this weekend, and once again she’s a popular attraction at the fair. I’m manning the information booth, talking to folks about auras, orgonite, zappers and my gemstone bracelets! So far it’s a lot of fun and I’ve talked to some really nice people. Maybe someday I’ll be ready to do public readings. :-) Carol keeps telling me I’m ready but it’s kind of scary. She does a great job of talking to people and encouraging them, and putting them at ease. I want to be just like Carol when I grow up! :-)

We did this show in June also, and this time I feel much less awkward and nervous about talking to people, so I’m making progress. I overheard an astrologer here saying that Cancers are having the challenge of their lifetime right now and they are going through a lot of growth. She said that Cancers need to let go of things that no longer work for them. It explains a lot about what Stevo and I have been going through lately (both Cancers). So keep breathing crabs!

By the way, I feel like such a techno-geek here, iPod blogging. My sister would be proud of me!