Travels and trials

Since the last time I posted, Stevo and I drove down to L.A., with the dogs, for my brother’s birthday. It was an amazingly easy trip compared to the one I took in November. The energy of the big city didn’t affect me nearly as much as it did a few months ago. Now, maybe this is because of the new year, the end of the 2012 cycle and such – I don’t know. Maybe it was because we were together and had the dogs with us – more of a support system. In any case, we had a great time with my family so it was well worth the trip.

After getting home we realized that we are still under attack, mostly in the form of our businesses being slowed down. We’ve chatted with Don and Carol about it a couple of times as their businesses are also being affected. It seems we are being targeted by NWO folks who really don’t want us helping people to wake up. The great thing is that the waking up part is happening for a lot more people a lot more easily. I don’t think they’ll ever stop punishing us for doing that work, but we’re getting better every year at defending ourselves, so the trial of being attacked all the time basically keeps us focused on the etheric work we are meant to do.

Someone I was coaching asked me the other day how I am able to send out unconditional, neutral love energy to my attackers….to people who would love to see me dead. He wondered how I could do it without being angry. I guess my best answer to that is…practice. I had to practice – a LOT. I also learned a lot from the dolphins, who are excellent at sending out neutral energy. Connecting with dolphins and feeling their energy helped me a lot. I see a lot of folks I coach with dolphins around them, so I know the dolphins are just waiting to be contacted.

When I boost an attacker, I don’t really think about them. I mean, I keep them in mind so the energy goes to the intended target, but what I really think about is Love. I think of my family, or my dogs, or the dolphins. I think about things that make my heart glow, and then I send the energy with no expectations. I simply let Love and the Universe decide what to do when the Love gets to the target. It’s not my job to decide what happens to the target – it’s my job to send out the Love. It’s not as mindless as it may sound. Being neutral means you aren’t attached to the outcome of your boosting. It’s really rather freeing, because you can enjoy the sensation of being a Love-based being using their energy properly while you are doing a really good service to the world. Boosting feels great!

If you have trouble being neutral while boosting, do some chakra work first. Imagine your 3rd chakra as a ball of yellow light, and your 4th chakra as a ball of green light. Get those chakras glowing really brightly before you attempt to boost. Keeping your 3rd chakra strong will help you stay out of Fear, which is detrimental to boosting. Keeping your 4th chakra strong keeps the Love energy strong, which is vital to boosting.

~ Dooney

Energy experiments

Stevo recently bought some products from for neutralizing the effects of EMFs. We’ve had a whole-house conditioner of theirs for a few years, and I have a small unit on my cell phone. Stevo has a personal pendant for EMF protection. We got a few more phone units, a unit to put on laptops, Kindles or iPads, and a unit to plug into our router, which is both wired and wireless. I “shut off” the wireless function on our router and we use wires but I’m convinced that it still puts out a strong EMF. This is a secondary router that we are using to play music from my laptop.

A few days ago, I left the secondary router on 24/7 instead of unplugging it when we were done using it. Suddenly, my blood sugar went above 250 and wouldn’t come down for two days, no matter how much insulin I took. This is not the usual pattern for me. So, Steve muscle-tested me and while standing next to the router a strong muscle weakened. We plugged in the EMF protector and a strong muscle stayed strong, and a weak muscle strengthened. This indicates that the EMF protection device was working. In a couple of hours, my blood sugar was back to normal and has been normal ever since.

This supports the theory we read about that there is a Type 3 diabetes caused by EMFs. I’m pretty sure that this is a major contributing factor to my need for insulin. So, we tested me with my laptop, my Kindle and my iPod Touch. Both the laptop and Kindle needed the EMF protection. The iPod Touch did not weaken me. So now I have an EMF unit that I will use on my laptop and Kindle. The EarthCalm company does say that different people will have different needs as far as how much protection their body requires. It’s obvious that my body needs a lot of help with EMFs.

We also muscle-tested all these devices using my EMF Protection bracelet and I’m happy to report that the bracelet has the same effect as the EarthCalm units. I’m using both things, though, just to make sure I’m covered. It’s good to know that the bracelet will give me the protection around other devices when I’m out in the world.

So, the etheric part of all this is that if your energy is affected by EMFs, it not only weakens your physical body but weakens your etheric energy, your aura, your chakras and your ability to use your energy effectively. With the electronic smog that is now present everywhere it’s really important to protect yourself.

~ Dooney

Since the world didn’t end….

Much like the Y2K hype, the end of the Mayan calendar turned out to be no big deal. I think the energy changes on the planet will be much more subtle than anyone thought. I also think there is probably a new Mayan calendar for the next 26,000-year grand cycle, and no one has bothered to find it. I doubt the Mayans actually thought the world would end yesterday. :-)

We did have an interesting thing happen here, which pointed out to me the level on which the energy changes are probably happening. Our very stressful roof project, which has been going on since mid-July, came to a sort of conclusion yesterday when our contractor walked in and said “the roof is all buttoned up”. This is a moment we have been waiting for, for months, and I thought it was so perfect that we got our resolution on 12-21-12! So maybe folks were just looking at way too big of a picture for 12-21 changes. Energy changes always seem to me to happen very differently than you’d expect. Of course, there are times when you have big, scary life changes or something happens to you that totally changes your perspective. But on a planet-wide scale, I think it’s more subtle.

I think we’re supposed to breathe and live through the changes and incorporate them into our daily lives, not go crazy and run around shooting each other while the world burns down. (The NWO would love that, wouldn’t they?) I think the real challenge is to consciously bring the awareness of everyone on the planet up a few notches. The best way to do that is to work on yourself. Get your space in order, use your energy properly, get rid of your fear, and you will change others simply by being a beacon of light. You are more powerful than you know. Your light will illuminate the path for those around you.

And since the world didn’t end, I’m gonna have a bonfire today! :-)

~ Dooney


Keep breathing!

I just wanted to post a little reminder to keep breathing. Things are really ramping up now and we just have to remember to breathe and ground. Do the basics. It may seem that things are just too much to handle right now, but this is the time that you have to remember where you come from and where you want to go.

Keep breathing!

~ Dooney

12-12-12 & 12-21-12 Perspective

I have been wondering if anything momentous would happen today, considering the date. As I’ve stated before, I don’t believe the end of the world is near, but I think we’ll see some interesting energy changes this month.

Below is part of a post from Fernando Vossa on Facebook that sums up things pretty well, with a rational perspective that makes a lot of sense. There doesn’t have to be a lot of high drama around these dates, unless you really want that. I think one of the main things that will happen in the next few weeks is that manifesting is going to become easier and easier, including anything you think or want. So as they say, be careful what you wish for.

Keep in mind a few numerology facts, if you follow that kind of thing. The date 12-12-12 adds up to a 9, which is a completion of lessons number. If you look at it as 12-12-2012, it adds up to 11, which is a powerful master number. 12-21-2012 also adds up to 11.

“The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity, nervous energy, shyness, and impracticality. It is a dreamer. The 11 has all the aspects of the 2, enhanced and charged with charisma, leadership, and inspiration. It is a number with inborn duality, which creates dynamism, inner conflict, and other catalyses with its mere presence. It is a number that, when not focused on some goal beyond itself, can be turned inward to create fears and phobias. The 11 walks the edge between greatness and self-destruction. Its potential for growth, stability, and personal power lies in its acceptance of intuitive understanding, and of spiritual truths. For the 11, such peace is not found so much in logic, but in faith. It is the psychic’s number. ”  -Source,

This kind of goes along with what I believe has been happening all year. We are being asked to choose: dark or light, evil or good, low or high consciousness. Everyone I have talked to who is aware of the change in energy has had a tough year. They have faced some of their toughest challenges. Their weakest areas are being tested. Stevo and I have definitely found this to be true. This is the time to really focus on staying on your right path, whatever that may be. Personally, we fought a battle for someone’s soul the last few days, and I’m happy to say we won. :-)  Our lesson was to stay on the path, no matter what.

Thanks to Georg at for posting about Fernando…I think his words are appropriate:

“Many friends have asked my opinion on Dec 12 and Dec 21.
I have been deeply researching the entire 2012 thing for about 8 years. This includes scientific, political, esoteric, archeological, and spiritual aspects of this 2012 shift.

Here are my current conclusions:

No one is able to tell us what is going to happen tomorrow much less in 2-3 weeks. What we can explore are the potentials we sit in as this very moment and the many documented cultural traditions that have identified this shift in humanity.

We are have been in a decade of human history that is beyond scripture, any prophets, seers, or remote viewers. This means we are in uncharted territory and we seem to have evaded the end of the world scenarios.

There are many many galactic, solar system and planetary cycles that are completing on the Dec. 21 date. These cycles include the procession of the equinox of our Earth wobble that takes just over 26,000 years. We also have one full revolution of our galaxy that is just over 220 million years. I am not sure how they calculate that one!

We also have the traversal of our solar system through what is known as the galactic plane of the milky way. What this means is that we have entered into a heavily charged area of our galaxy and a new area of space we don’t know much about.”

See the rest of his post here:


~ Dooney

Renew your grounding cord

The energy on the planet is ramping up so fast now as we approach the winter solstice, it’s getting harder and harder for people to stay in their bodies and stay grounded. I’ve been recommending to people to renew their grounding cord more frequently. To do that, just imagine your old grounding cord falling away and a new, bright one taking it’s place. Remember, you’re grounding cord is the size of the circle made when you put your thumb and forefinger together on your dominant hand ( the hand you write with ).

Your grounding cord runs from the first chakra, at your tailbone, to the center of the earth. This is the primary way to rid yourself of any energy that does not belong to you. That’s what grounding is. It’s more important than ever to keep your space clear as things become more and more polarized as the solstice approaches. I don’t believe the world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012, but I think we are undergoing a profound shift in consciousness that may continue to have repercussions into the summer of 2013. Carol indicated to me that this would be the timeframe, and other folks who follow other information have said the same thing. So I don’t think the winter solstice will be the end of it, although it might be the peak of energy.

Email me if you have any questions about grounding!

~ Dooney

Infinity Meditation

I recently traveled to the L.A. area to see my family. While it was wonderful to see them (especially the new baby!) it was very difficult to be back in the energy of the big city. I don’t know how you city dwellers do it full time!  :-)  It started in the car, with me going the speed limit and everyone getting mad at me as they zoomed by. I spontaneously started doing what I’m calling the Infinity Meditation, which I realized later was something that Stevo taught me years ago. I’m not sure where he learned it, or if he made it up himself. I needed to get myself grounded quickly and I wanted an element of protection as well since I was approaching a massive amount of energy – Los Angeles.

Basically, to do the Infinity Meditation you imagine a very large vertical infinity symbol, with your heart chakra as the center where the loops cross. The bottom loop goes down into the center of the earth. The top loop connects above the earth to whatever your belief of your creator is:  God, Universe, etc. Then you just imagine energy running through the symbol. Start at the top loop above the earth, run it through the front of your heart chakra, out the back and down through the bottom loop, then back up again. Breathe in as you bring the energy up from the earth, and breathe out as you approach the top loop and start back down again. You can also try reversing the breathing if that feels better to you, and breathe in at the top loop. This meditation feels really good and it’s pretty energizing too.

Another good use I found for running energy this way was a few days ago when I realized that Stevo was being corded in his third chakra (again) with a huge energy cord that I couldn’t remove. I simply ran the infinity energy with his third chakra as the center where the loops cross instead of his fourth chakra. The energy cord immediately dried up like a raisin. I still was not able to fully remove it but I was able to stop his energy from leaking out of it. The next day he said he had slept for 6 hours that night after not sleeping for many nights. Success!

You can also try running the infinity energy through each of your chakras. I think it’s a great healing tool that I will be using a lot now that I’ve remembered it.

~ Dooney

A bouquet of roses

I did a coaching recently with someone who had been attacked really hard in the 3rd chakra, probably the worst attack I’ve ever seen. A man with dark hair and dark glasses was cording her 3rd chakra. I saw an image of him and even got his name, which has never happened before. I boosted him pretty strongly through the cord before I cut it which is how I got the intel on him. After cutting the cord, I did some healing work on the chakra.

In the course of the healing, I asked the client to do the Rose Technique on their own 3rd chakra to help with the healing process. They had the great idea of using a bouquet of roses to pull out the negative energy from the chakra instead of using a single rose. I thought it was a great idea and it worked really well. I love getting ideas like this from clients! When people use their imaginations like that it not only makes my job easier, but it adds so much to our knowledge of ways to work with energy.

I always encourage people to take my exercises and techniques and make any changes or additions they feel are right for them. My methods are a starting point. It wouldn’t make sense for me to dictate absolutely how your energy experience should happen. There are as many ways to use energy as their are heart-based beings on the planet. Have fun!

~ Dooney


Interesting link…possible interesting book

Stevo sent me this link the other day:

It’s about the story of a guy who was in a coma and had some interesting experiences, including becoming aware of other universes and dimensions – and heaven. We don’t have the book yet but Stevo will be downloading it soon. The article linked above was interesting enough to pursue reading the book. Stevo also mentioned to me that he read that mainstream Quantum Physics now recognizes the existence of at least 10 dimensions. You don’t hear that on Fox TV of course. :-)  You can do a Google Scholar search and find all kinds of scientific papers on the higher dimensions.

I think that’s why I was given the information about accessing higher dimensions. I know that other people have done it long before me, but maybe I was supposed to bring that knowledge to the orgonite crowd. It was good to hear some confirmation that things I’ve experienced are being experienced by others as well. Sometimes I feel like I put stuff out there and no one can relate. :-)

~ Dooney