13D Holographic Heart Boosting

This is a technique that Stevo developed in one of our group chats to deal with a particularly hard target. We’ve been boosting from the 13th dimension for several years now. That technique came about one night when Carol and Don came to visit us and were severely attacked on the way here. When they got here, we did a chat session in my living room to go after whomever had attacked them. In the process, we discovered that we could access the higher dimensions. I don’t know who exactly gave us this information, but I suspect it was a combination of Lemurians, Atlanteans and dolphins. All of them were present around us that night. While we were boosting the attackers and experimenting with higher dimension, Carol told me that I was going transparent, and she could see right through me. It was pretty amazing.

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Time tunnel craziness

I can’t remember if I have posted previously about the time tunnels we have discovered in our group chats. These are tunnels that I believe are part of the Multi-verse, the multiple dimensions that exist simultaneously in parallel to each other. What we have found is that boosting these tunnels and filling them with energy, we can subvert things like false flag attacks that were in one possible future. We have recently found these tunnels attached to ourselves in our chakras, as a means of directing our futures to a bad outcome. Luckily, the energy signature of these tunnels is pretty easy to pick up once you have noticed them, so a lot of our work in our group chat is now directed at filling tunnels all over the planet.

Right now, they are trying to start WW3 in Syria, so I am currently boosting tunnels in the Mid-East like crazy. I frequently boost all the way through the tunnel to the end, and most times end up on another planet and get to do etheric battle with whoever lives there. Our enemies have become really adept at hiding out dimensionally so we have been challenged to open up our awareness to include all possible dimensions. I think that’s why the Lemurians, Atlanteans and dolphins gave us the information about accessing higher dimensions. It’s coming in really handy during this battle. You can read about how to access higher dimensions on my website.

My next post will be about the 13D Holographic Heart boosting technique that Stevo came up with, and that we use all the time now, especially when boosting tunnels. Anyone who can boost and learn how to go to the higher dimensions will be helping the whole planet if they start boosting time tunnels. In most cases, the boosting collapses the tunnel so it can’t be used to manipulate our future, and the future can play out more evenly as it is meant to. Have fun boosting!

~ Dooney

Pyramid Power

I got an email from someone just before Christmas last year who is from Canada and doing some gifting and experimenting with orgonite. She had an interesting experience with orgonite and a pyramid that I thought was worth sharing, and I’m just now getting around to doing it. :-)

There are small glass pyramids you can buy that help keep fruits and veggies fresh longer. Carol has one and she says it works great. I think they also sell them as decorations. Anyway, the pyramids have one side that opens on a hinge so you can put things inside. What the gifter from Canada did was put TB’s inside in a specific pattern: one in each corner and two stacked in the middle, all touching, for a total of 6 TB’s in the pyramid. She did this because she was getting majorly hassled by flyovers after moving to a new house and gifting it. There was a blue hole over the house all the time after gifting (gotta love that!).

Immediately after putting the TB’s in the pyramid, her spouse and cat became affectionate right away, she was followed to the store about an hour later, and the energy at her house became magical. The next day she saw blue holes and blue streaks in the sky and then (in her words): “…it was like the clouds puffed themselves up and opped up higher into the sky instead of hanging low and flat. For a while it was like they were slanting upwards towards where I was, like they were rising up the face of a pyramid!”  She also said the sylphs were really active, and farther away the clouds were puffing up in a pyramid shape as well.

In the next few days, a lot of other wild stuff happened including surveillance and sylph wars in the sky, but there was also a massive amount of energy coming into her space and lighting up her 6th chakra. She described some other experiences that sound like visits from her guides and a hellish dream that sounds exactly like some of our chats where we were fighting dracs (the giant ones). Then she was followed to a restaurant by a lady who looked like a alien in the middle of shifting, much like Don has described in his adventures.

Wow! This is a whole lot of happenings just from putting some TB’s inside a pyramid. Of course, many gifters have been experimenting with pyramids for years. Carol makes a lovely, large orgonite pyramid which she sells on her site, as do other orgonite vendors, and Don and Carol built a large copper pyramid with orgonite in the middle, which is currently sitting in our backyard. I’m thinking I’ll put some TB’s in there in this pattern and see what happens. I don’t know what happens if the TB’s aren’t touching. For example, the pyramid in our backyard is really big, so I’m not sure if I should arrange the TB’s all together in the middle so they are touching or spread them out to the corners. It will be fun to experiment. :-)

The other interesting thing is that a few weeks ago I was driving home from the city and saw this interesting cloud shape pictured at right. Can you see the pyramid shape in the sky? I was amazed and took this pic with my iPod while I was driving so the quality is not the best. I’ve seen some other weird angular cloud shapes lately, one of which I am positive was a spaceship (see my post about cloudships on EW). We have also been hassled by some beings who are disguising their bad juju in the form of transparent energy. For instance, they put an energy cord in Don and I could feel it but I couldn’t see it. Usually energy cords are filled with dark energy (to my etheric eyes) and since I didn’t see that dark energy I thought there wasn’t a cord. Stevo saw that the cord was indeed there, but it was transparent. Just more weirdness we learned about…

Well, if anyone has experimented with pyramids lately, let me know or post a comment here.

~ Dooney

More on how to kill implants

I’ve had several clients lately with lots of implants, so Stevo looked up where to buy neodymium magnets (also called rare earth magnets) that you can tape on your body to kill the physical part of an implant. He found this site: www.forcefieldmagnets.com. I’ve used ones that are 1/2-1 inch in diameter, and I think the bigger ones work better. I usually recommend that you keep the mags on 24/7 for a week, and you also need to get rid of the etheric part of the implant. If you don’t do both, chances are good the implant will eventually reactivate.

If you are energy-sensitive enough, you can remove the etheric part yourself. Run your hand over the area where you think you have an implant. You will feel something “not right” when your hand comes upon the implant. I sometimes feel an ache in my 4th chakra. You may feel a tingling or pain in your hand. Once you locate the implant, just imagine you are scooping out the etheric “goo” (my highly technical term, ha ha) around the implant. I actually making scooping motions with my hand when I am doing this. Then breathe out and touch the ground with the hand that did the scooping. Imagine you are sending the nasty implant energy back into the earth to be transmuted.

When you feel like you’ve gotten all the goo out, do some healing on the area where the implant was, either will a ball of light or a rose or your hand, whatever works for you. You may have to do this process more than once before the implant is totally dead. If you need help with this, schedule a coaching session with me.


Tesla Coil for psychic attack

As Don mentioned on EW, we’ve been using a Tesla coil to help break a pretty heavy psychic attack/black magic attack that has been going on for many weeks. They’ve been putting a cobweb pattern over us to make us invisible to our customers and attack us financially. The weird thing is it’s like a frozen spiderweb, hard and crackly. In the past, they’ve used a dome over us, kind of like a really thick eggshell. This is something new they’ve been doing since the beginning of the year.

When we run the Tesla coil, we feel immediate relief. It feels like a fog clearing out of my head. It feels like the air around us is clear. It’s easier to think, and it’s easier to boost. It seems like this technology works great against radionics too. Carol and Don bought ours for us (very generous!) and you can get one here:


Staying neutral – a big challenge

Being neutral is probably the biggest challenge and most important part of being an etheric warrior. Being neutral can also be defined as love with detachment. Detachment means no attachment to an outcome, not that you don’t care.

For instance, when you boost someone, whether they are “friend” or “foe”, you should not be concerned with the outcome of your boosting. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but remember that your only job is to send out Love, not decide what is going to happen when the Love vibe reaches it’s target. Even when we are boosting someone who is attacking us, we are not directing the outcome of the boosting. We do watch what happens to the target and adjust our boosting accordingly, and we hope that our boosting has the effect of stopping the attack, but we don’t have any control over that.

Luckily, when you boost someone who is actively attacking someone else, the Love vibe generally stops the attack, at least to some degree. Sometimes you need to do additional boosting to keep the attack from recurring, but that’s not unusual with an attacker who is using some kind of dirty magic or radionics.

When I work with coaching clients, it’s best for me to be neutral as possible. If I start to empathize too much, my boosting and healing work is much less effective. I generally don’t know too much about my clients at first, as that makes it easier for me to remain neutral and objective.

Here’s where it gets difficult for me….when I work on Stevo or on one of my animals. These are spirits that I have a personal attachment to, and I find it so much harder to separate myself from their energy and do effective work. It’s especially hard when working on my dogs. They are so unconditionally loving, and they can’t tell me in words what is wrong with them. A vet friend of ours was recently working on our dog Molly, who hurt her leg while jumping into the truck. This vet is amazing, doing chiropractic, cranio-sacral work, acupuncture and homeopathy. She helped do a miracle on Molly’s other leg last year when she tore a ligament. Well, this vet told me I needed to be neutral while doing healing work on Molly. She could tell that I get too caught up in Molly’s pain and I try to force a healing.

So, my point is that I know how tough it is. I had to really train myself to be neutral while working on clients. I used to take on way too much of their pain, and the people attacking my clients would attack me as well. The dolphins really helped me with this issue. They started communicating with me during group chats and showing me how to use my energy for things like the dodec technique. I watched how they sent energy. It was with total Love, but it was totally neutral. It’s not that they don’t care – they care deeply. But they keep their own energy out of a situation and they simply send out the high frequency Love vibe.

Here’s a technique to help you stay neutral. I read it in the aura and chakra book I posted about earlier (do a search on “aura book” and you’ll find it). Imagine a rose of any color inside your aura, to your left or right. Put a picture of the person or situation inside the rose. You can also do this with an emotion. Move the rose outside your aura and blow it up.

Some people get worried about destroying a rose or blowing something up. Remember, this is an etheric rose and an etheric explosion. It simply represents an image of Love (the rose) and a movement of energy (the explosion). It doesn’t mean you are violent or destructive. It means you can call up Love energy when you need it, and you can move energy out of your space when you need to. It’s okay for you to control your energy and keep your space clear.

~ Dooney


The problem with implants

I’ve found implants on several clients lately, which hasn’t happened much for the last two years. One implant was very tricky, only showing up when my client boosted me. I happened to be looking at the clients’ heart chakra while they boosted, and the implant turned on only when they started boosting. Sneaky, but I was able to deal with it. As usual, I took out the etheric part of the implant, the “goo” as I call it, and the client taped some neodynium magnets on their chest, front and back. A week later, only a tiny part of the implant remained, so I recommended another week with the magnets on the body.

I may have blogged about this before, but I wanted to emphasize that in my experience you have to deal with both the etheric part of the implant and the physical part. I’ve rarely come across an implant that didn’t have both components. If you only deal with one or the other, the implant will eventually regenerate and start working again.

The really hard part about implants is that they will turn on and off so they can be hard to spot. Also, they are typically buried deep in the body and have several layers of energy covering them so they can be hard to spot right away. Other times, implants are easily spotted. I generally like to do a chakra tune-up first, then scan for suspected implants.

When Stevo and I first got into this work, we checked ourselves with the Zapchecker, which is a little device that senses EMF’s. It was a little hard to use and we never fully understood how to use it, but we seemed to get results. We went outside, away from the house so we wouldn’t get any false readings from the electricity in the house. We both showed implants on all our main chakras. It was quite shocking! We both used magnets and after a long time we finally felt the implants were dead. I didn’t understand at that time that the etheric part needed to be removed, so we probably could have sped up the process if we had known that information.

Some people get really skeptical about implants for some reason. It’s common knowledge that tiny electronics can be and are injected into mammal bodies. I don’t know why it’s such a stretch to believe that this technology wouldn’t be used for controlling people. You can use a zapper to help disable an implant in a pinch because there is a small neo-mag in there. You might have to leave it on a bit longer than a week because the magnet is a bit smaller than the inch diameter ones I recommend. They are also called Rare Earth magnets if you are looking on the internet to buy some.

Two crystals that can help locate implants are Amethyst and Seraphinite. I was looking for information the other day on what crystals help disable implants and I didn’t find anything. So if you’re working with crystals, I would say try using the Amethyst and Seraphinite to disable them as well.

~ Dooney

I take it back!

One of the reasons I really enjoy coaching is that it helps keep me on track, because as I’m coaching someone I’m also being reminded of what I need to work on. For instance, I was coaching someone today who said they get impatient with people sometimes and it comes out in anger – words or thoughts. Welcome to my life! I try really hard but I do get impatient with the general population out there. It’s frustrating to do all this work on behalf of people who will never know or care that you are trying to save their lives and the planet. Sometimes it comes out in the wrong way – nobody’s perfect, least of all me!

What I told my client is that what I do when something comes out that’s not appropriately love-based is that I immediately say out loud “Sorry universe, I take it back!” and I literally envision my negative energy coming back to me and I take it back into my space. Then, I immediately ground it out of my space so that I’m not left dealing with my own negative energy. This is what it means to be self-responsible with your energy. If everyone would do this the world would be a much nicer place to live. :-)  But really, all you can control is your own energy, and you being responsible will help other people because you won’t be adding any negative energy to the world.

~ Dooney

A good aura & chakra book

I picked up a book last summer called “Your Aura and Your Chakras: The Owner’s Manual” by Karla McLaren, and I really like it. It’s a basic guide to your energy system, much like I teach folks when I’m coaching. I wasn’t aware when I bought the book but the author was trained at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, which is where Stevo was trained. So no wonder her methods feel comfortable to me – Steve has taught me a lot of BPI techniques. The author does some things differently than I do, but that’s okay with me. If I discover something new and it feels right to me, I’ll add it to my routine. I think it’s good to keep an open mind and learn new things.

This really brings up a good point, which is that you should go with information that feels right to you, not just what you think you should be doing or what someone else says you should be doing. I always tell clients to take what I teach them and expand on it if they want, or go another way if they want. My way isn’t the only way, it’s just one way. I like to explore other options too, but I will always listen to my heart to know if it’s right for me. I hope you will do the same. You need to be your own guru instead of relying on someone else for all your information. The challenge is to be discerning and not get caught up in someone else’s reality.

Having said that, I think this book is a good one to start with. See if the information resonates with you. Chances are good that if you like what’s on my site you’ll like this book.


~ Dooney

Atomic Meditation

Yesterday I was reading some metaphysical information on the web, and later when I was in the hot tub it got me to thinking (I do my best thinking in water!). Did you ever see the movie “Mindwalk”? Filmed in 1990, it’s about three people who come together at Mont Saint-Michel in France and have a wonderful philosophical discussion about the nature of life and the universe. Part of the conversation is about the structure of the sub-atomic world and how there are vast spaces between the atoms that make up matter, and how the atoms in your body are intimately connected to the atoms of everything around you.

I started thinking about trying to connect with the atoms of the objects around me, so I focused on the water, the air, the hot tub, the trees, the grass, the deck, the wall of the house, etc. I imagined the spaces between my atoms, and connecting those spaces to the spaces between the atoms of these other objects. Within a few minutes I did feel very connected to everything around me. I felt peaceful and fulfilled, and I could feel the energy of all these objects. It’s kind of like our atoms were resonating at the same frequency. I imagined my body kind of melting into everything around me.

At the sub-atomic level, all matter is in motion, right? So it makes sense that you can tune into that motion and resonate with it. That’s how my coaching works. I’m tuning into your energy and resonating with it. There is no time and space when you are working with energy. Anyway, it was an interesting meditation! If you want to watch a movie that will make you think….rent “Mindwalk”.

~ Dooney