New Etheric Warriors

It’s been a week since the attacks started on our dogs, and they are still happening, although the effects are less severe since we put Carol’s HP’s on both the dogs. It seems they are concentrating the attack on Stevo and Sammy, the two males in the house. I haven’t figured that one out yet. They’ve attacked at least once a day. Last night Sammy’s HP string broke and while I was repairing it he broke out in a ton of bumps all over his head and down his back. It started to get better as soon as I got the HP back on him, but the bumps didn’t fully go away until this morning. When I got up, I saw that his HP was lying loose on his dog bed, and he was shaking. The metal hook is broken on that HP now, so I quickly ran some energy on him, got another HP and attached it to his collar.

Yesterday and today I started teaching Sammy how to ground, saying the words out loud while I moved energy from his crown down to his first chakra and out his grounding cord. I sent him images to match the words I was saying since I feel animals respond more to images than words. I showed him how to bring golden suns into each chakra. Yesterday I worked on his chakras, which felt the same as if I was working on a human, by the way, and his first chakra felt absolutely shredded, like it had been ripped at by something with claws. Really bad. I fixed that and I told Sammy what I was doing the whole time, backing up my words with images.

This morning I mentioned to Stevo that I had been teaching Sammy this stuff, and he said he’s been teaching Sammy how to boost! Pretty cool. I am starting to think that maybe these attacks are happening so that we can teach our dogs to be real-time Etheric Warriors with us. Our previous dogs, Charlie and Black Jack, used to go on boosting missions with us as once in a while. Sammy and Molly haven’t done that yet, but maybe that’s the next step. Molly seems to be a little more attack-proof and world-wise and I think she’s an old soul. But I’m pretty sure Sammy is new to this world so he has more to learn.

I believe animals have chakras and souls, just like humans. I feel they live in closer harmony to nature and the energy of the earth, so they would be naturals to join in the etheric fight. This is their planet too. Now I’m going to focus much more on doing chakra work on all my animals and on continuing to teach them how to join the etheric fight. I’ve known for a long time that animals are affected by energy work. See my previous post about our cat Boots, and what Stevo taught her at . Maybe now is the time for humans and animals to work together etherically.

The challenge is to keep aware of what’s going on moment to moment. It’s just getting more intense every day. Sometimes I get discouraged and I wish I could just live a normal life, but really, what’s normal anymore? I don’t think anyone is living a “normal” life. So I take a breath, and keep going, keep doing what I feel is right.

~ Dooney

More thoughts on attacks

My last post was really long (sorry) and I didn’t get a chance to put all my thoughts in, so here’s another postmortem. :-)

• I am relying a lot on my Grounding and my 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelets. I either wear them on my wrist or lay them directly on my 3rd chakra. I ask the stones to help protect the chakra. It’s helped. [Edit] After I wrote this I talked to Carol to get some help in figuring out how to stop them from getting into my 3rd chakra so deeply every morning. She told me to put her Crystal Harmonizer right on my 3rd chakra as much as possible. I took it to bed with me and as soon as I woke up the next morning, I felt the attack. I had fallen asleep holding the Crystal Harmonizer in my hand, and I could feel energy hitting it. I immediately put it on my 3rd chakra, and I could almost see the attack energy hitting the top and scattering. The attack couldn’t reach my 3rd chakra! I had to spend maybe 15 minutes this morning (July 8) getting rid of my attackers, so it was a much improved experience. Thank you Carol!

• I’m relying a lot on dowsing to get answers. I didn’t used to dowse a lot because I didn’t feel I was clear enough to get accurate answers. It’s been getting easier over the years, especially when I hold a Lemurian SP in my left hand while dowsing with the right. This was Don Croft’s idea, and he calls it Turbo-Dowsing. :-) I also have been using one of the Merkaba pendulums that Carol sells on her site (the rose quartz one) and it is definitely more accurate. I highly recommend getting one if you are into dowsing. I also sometimes hold my Herkimer diamond to dowse, as it is a stone for clearing your energy. The clearer and more neutral you are, the more accurate your dowsing will be.

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Anatomy of an attack

I’ve had a humbling lesson this past week, just when I thought we had our last severe attack figured out (see the post before this one). Turns out that was nothing compared to what I’m going through now. Since July 1 I have been undergoing the most severe attack on me personally, specifically my 3rd chakra, that I have ever experienced. They got to me by threatening Stevo, naturally, and got into my 3rd chakra so completely that I was a basket case of fear for about 48 hours. Looking back on those first two days now, it’s easy to say “oh yeah, I should have done such-and-such”, but let me tell you, when I was in the middle of it, it felt like the end of the world.

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The Fuss About Coils

Apparently there is some controversy on the internet about the coil that Carol Croft uses in her Harmonic Protector pendant. She’s been selling these pendants for more than a decade with very few complaints. Those who do say it makes them uncomfortable are folks who are resisting the spiritual growth that the pendant inspires, due to the Ruby Zoisite gemstone included in the necklace. 

The coil is an ancient, possibly Celtic, design that has been around since about 3000 B.C. Carol saw the coil design on the wall of a tomb in Newgrange, Ireland, which is, according to Wikipedia “… a prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland, about one kilometre north of the River Boyne. It was built about 3200 BC, during the Neolithic period, which makes it older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.”
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The Power of Positive Thinking

It’s a cliché, yes, “the power of positive thinking”. It’s been touted in books and videos and self-help seminars for ages. It’s even been debunked, supposedly, in our local paper so that The Power of Negative Thinking is now in vogue. And yet…

Stevo and I, along with other Etheric Warriors, have been under severe attack now for months. We have been in the chat three times a week, some weeks, with our compatriots just trying to keep all of us alive and able to make a living.

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Emerald boosting – our new tool

As I mentioned in previous posts, we’ve been getting hit pretty hard lately. During one of our grouo chats we found a cave full of emerald crystals and have been using those crystals for boosting. We perceive them as Atlantean tools and Wingmaker tools, with dimensional and time travel qualities. So, pretty powerful! We always seem to get the tools we need just when we need them, thanks to the Operators. We have incorporated emerald energy into every form of our boosting. We jokingly said how great it would be to have an emerald singing bowl and then Carol found one in Tucson….cool! Emerald energy is heart energy, altruism, compassion, healing, abundance and love. It’s very powerful.

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Ghosts and gems and girl power

I had an eventful weekend visiting Carol and Don last weekend. Carol and I taped the first episode of the Etheric Warriors Radio Hour, now posted on YouTube at

It was a lot of fun and many thanks to Jack Musick for making it happen and being a great host. We had a lot of girl power going on! I probably talked too much but it just felt like there is so much info that people need to know. I think Carol and I make a good team. :-)

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Psychic trends

Carol is doing aura readings at a psychic fair near me this weekend and I’m her helper bee. :-)  This is the third time she’s done this show and it’s always interesting to note the pattern in people’s auras. Carol uses a computer hooked to a handplate that reads the meridian energy in your hand, and that information is passed to a computer program that displays a photo of you and your aura. It’s pretty slick and Carol says the computer program displays auras almost the same way that she sees them with her eyes, and with a report printed out she can show what she’s seeing to the client.

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13D Holographic Heart Boosting

This is a technique that Stevo developed in one of our group chats to deal with a particularly hard target. We’ve been boosting from the 13th dimension for several years now. That technique came about one night when Carol and Don came to visit us and were severely attacked on the way here. When they got here, we did a chat session in my living room to go after whomever had attacked them. In the process, we discovered that we could access the higher dimensions. I don’t know who exactly gave us this information, but I suspect it was a combination of Lemurians, Atlanteans and dolphins. All of them were present around us that night. While we were boosting the attackers and experimenting with higher dimension, Carol told me that I was going transparent, and she could see right through me. It was pretty amazing.

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Time tunnel craziness

I can’t remember if I have posted previously about the time tunnels we have discovered in our group chats. These are tunnels that I believe are part of the Multi-verse, the multiple dimensions that exist simultaneously in parallel to each other. What we have found is that boosting these tunnels and filling them with energy, we can subvert things like false flag attacks that were in one possible future. We have recently found these tunnels attached to ourselves in our chakras, as a means of directing our futures to a bad outcome. Luckily, the energy signature of these tunnels is pretty easy to pick up once you have noticed them, so a lot of our work in our group chat is now directed at filling tunnels all over the planet.

Right now, they are trying to start WW3 in Syria, so I am currently boosting tunnels in the Mid-East like crazy. I frequently boost all the way through the tunnel to the end, and most times end up on another planet and get to do etheric battle with whoever lives there. Our enemies have become really adept at hiding out dimensionally so we have been challenged to open up our awareness to include all possible dimensions. I think that’s why the Lemurians, Atlanteans and dolphins gave us the information about accessing higher dimensions. It’s coming in really handy during this battle. You can read about how to access higher dimensions on my website.

My next post will be about the 13D Holographic Heart boosting technique that Stevo came up with, and that we use all the time now, especially when boosting tunnels. Anyone who can boost and learn how to go to the higher dimensions will be helping the whole planet if they start boosting time tunnels. In most cases, the boosting collapses the tunnel so it can’t be used to manipulate our future, and the future can play out more evenly as it is meant to. Have fun boosting!

~ Dooney