On the radio again

I totally forgot to blog about the fact that Stevo and I did a radio interview with Geoff Brady from inothernewsradio.com. If you go to that site, scroll down to the August 14, 2017 show. We had a great talk with Geoff and he had the challenge of paring it down to a one-hour interview. :-) Geoff’s site has a ton of great interviews, so check it out. Don and Carol have been on there several times so you can do a search on their names to find their interviews.

~ Dooney


What about the eclipse?

I kind of got sidetracked from talking about the eclipse with our trip and all the excitement around here. I feel that it’s going to be a very high-energy event but I don’t know if anything earth-shattering will happen in 3D. Stevo and I are already feeling the influence of the eclipse energy today. Our neighborhood and beyond is very still and quiet, just unusually still. However, there is lots of wildlife activity….more birds and squirrels darting around, making more noise than they usually do. I’ve been doing a lot of breathing because of the energy work we are doing on the fire, but I feel that tomorrow, 8-21-17, I will just need to keep doing that. I will being doing some meditations, and joining a mass meditation at 12:11pm Mountain time. I don’t usually join things like that but it’s a good meditation that’s being recommended, i.e. one that I like. :-) Basically, you bring a pillar of the Galactic Central Sun into your body through our Sun, and then also bring a pillar of light up from the center of the earth. Then just sit inside those two pillars of light and radiate Love from your heart to every being in the solar system. Stevo read about this “Unity Meditation” on 2012portal.blogspot.com. I don’t go for all their info but they have some good stuff on there.

I like that kind of simple, effective energy work. I feel that tomorrow will be a turning point in the energy of the planet. It might not be apparent right away, but I think it’s a milestone on the path of the planet transitioning to 5D. So you can do a lot of good tomorrow simply by grounding, breathing, and bringing in the Galactic Central Sun. Hmm….this sounds much like the advice I usually give. :-) I think that tomorrow especially, it will be easier for PJ people to feel the energy, so it might start waking more people up. Maybe we’ll hit the critical mass of conscious people that we need in order for even greater change. I know I talk a lot here about attacks and things we have to contend with, but there is a LOT of good going on in the world, and a LOT of good things happening in my life and the lives of my etheric warrior friends. It’s a beautiful world!

Keep breathing, you are doing great!

~ Dooney

Learning new things

It’s always good to learn something new and I’ve had a lot of that going on lately. An alert reader sent me an interesting link to an article about getting rid of implants (thanks B!). I tried it out and it seemed to do something. I felt a very strong pulsing in my 6th chakra, which is a good sign to me that a lot of energy is moving. The technique can be found here:


There is some newagey stuff on the site and some disinformation but I think this technique is probably genuine. The only thing I would change is to bring golden light in where it says to bring white light in. Golden light is just a bit safer as white light can attract negative entities (according to Carol and others) and golden light seems to be impervious to any negative entities. You’ll have to experiment and see what works for you.

It’s interesting to me where the author talks about there not being any more physical implants on people because I’d have to say that in the past few years I’ve hardly ever found implants on people anymore. Also, the 3rd and 6th chakras are the ones I see most commonly attacked, and lots of folks have complaints about the backs of their necks. Once you read the implant clearing technique you’ll see the parallels.

In other news, Carol told us about a great book called “The Law of Light” by Lars Muhl and we have found it to be very good reading. It’s all about the secret teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There are some really good prayers and ideas in there that we have been taking to heart. This has lead me to a new kind of boosting which is more neutral, more grounded and more effective than ever. You need to read the book (it’s a fast read), but basically the new boosting is about taking ego completely out of the picture and just presenting yourself as pure Love to a target. It’s hard to explain. I simply exist while boosting, in the highest state of Love that I can be, and it simply melts the target!

This may not suffice as practical boosting advice, but it kind of expands on the “apostrophe” post I did a few posts ago. I think that experience was a preview for reading the Law of Light information and understanding more and more what that was all about.

IMG_1825The latest development in our house is that we got a new puppy, Sunshine, who is a 5-month-old yellow lab. We now have three yellow labs! It was totally unexpected but when we saw her we couldn’t resist her. So now we are learning anew how to be good pack leaders according to Cesar Milan’s excellent training techniques, and Sunshine is bringing joy to us and (finally) to Sammy and Molly. They weren’t sure about this intruder at first but they are liking her now. Our dogs are good reminders to us of what unconditional love looks like. It’s a good opportunity for us to practice our neutrality (calmness) and strength (assertiveness). I’ve always appreciated the way Cesar reads the energy of people and dogs. Thanks to his techniques, I can walk all three dogs by myself and have them heeling almost perfectly.

Due to some unfortunate family events, Stevo and I are being reminded how to breathe through challenges and how to live in the moment. You can’t do anything about the past or the future, you can only do something in the moment, and more often than not that something is breathing. Never forget that your breath is your connection to spirit. Inspiration means breathing and it also means to be filled with spirit. That’s no coincidence. The more you breathe, the more you will be in the flow of the moment, and things will flow with you and around you. It’s one of the biggest challenges we have as a spirit in a body.

~ Dooney


Essential oils – etheric helpers

Stevo and I have used essential oils for a long time as our first aid kit. Tea tree, peppermint, lavender…the basics. We’ve also used other oils that I blend myself for things like chest congestion, liver clearing, etc. Many years ago we bought a bunch of Mikel Zayat oil blends and really enjoyed using them. I put a link up on the left sidebar if you want to check out his oils. With the increasing attacks on us I decided to get out all of our blends and start putting them to use on a daily basis.

I recently ordered a few blends that he didn’t have years ago, namely the Mary Magdalen and Archangel Michael blends. I was thrilled to see those. Have you noticed how Mary Magdalene is now showing up in mainstream culture more? Anyway, there are all sorts of blends for all the chakras and for many emotional and physical conditions. I find the following ones particularly helpful for attacks:

Fearless (which is now called Fearless II) – I put this on my 3rd chakra area to help with feelings of fear. Wonderful!
White Light
3rd & 4th Chakra
Mary Magdalen
Archangel Michael

Mikel Zayat does have some newagey stuff on his site but if you ignore that stuff (especially the Drunvalo stuff) and use his oils, I think you will find that they are great etheric helpers. I’ll use anything I can to keep the wankers off our backs so that we can do the work we are meant to do to help save the planet. Mikel uses a lot of evergreen oils so a lot of the blends have a very woodsy scent, but they are therapeutic grade oils and are very clean and high energy. You only have to use one or two drops at a time so they last for a long time.

~ Dooney

Bracelets to the rescue

We made a mistake the other night and watched what turned out to be a very violent movie. We usually avoid violence and never watch slasher movies, but this movie had some good actors in it and we thought it would be okay. Wrong! From the very first scene I knew we should have turned it off but we didn’t. You know how some movies just feel evil from the start? This was one of them. I should have followed my instinct, and about half an hour later we did turn it off and I was in tears. The scene that finally did it was so graphic and so realistic that I can’t believe someone thought it was worth putting on film. I have spent the past few days trying to get the images out of my head.

So here’s the thing about movies: there can be an energy from them that is like an etheric assault. It’s done on purpose, so you have to protect yourself from it. What happened to me was that I was almost immediately attacked energetically because the disturbing scene in the movie hit me in my 3rd chakra and left it vulnerable to attack. The chat group helped me on Sunday and I was finally able to stop thinking about that awful scene. But today I was challenged again. I have blown up a lot of roses in the past few days, and run my energy constantly, just trying to get out from under the continued assault. I’ve played my emerald singing bowl, I’ve used my golden lemurian, but nothing worked for more than 5 minutes.

Finally, I remembered to put on some bracelets! I don’t know why sometimes it takes me so long to do the obvious. I put on my Heart Protection, Love & Compassion, and Emotional Healing bracelets – all heart stones. Stevo told me to forgive myself for letting the movie images get to me. I also decided to forgive the people that made the movie for making something so evil. Within about 10 minutes my dark mood lifted considerably and I was able to take a deep breath for the first time in two days. I haven’t obsessed about that movie since.

So you have to be careful. It’s risky to expose yourself to any kind of media because it is so controlled and is used as a weapon against us. We usually are very picky about what we will watch. We don’t watch commercial TV at all, haven’t for about 17 years. We select movies and TV shows on Netflix or Amazon that we feel have some kind of good purpose. But sometimes we get caught. I thought I’d better blog about this to show you what can happen if you aren’t discerning about what you let into your space. It can happen to anyone. Someone has been running my energy for me since I saw that movie. That is completely unacceptable and I’ve had to fight to get control again. It was a good reminder.

~ Dooney

“I’ve had an apostrophe!”

I love that line from the movie “Hook”, where Bob Hoskins talks about having an apostrophe instead of an epiphany. I had an epiphany of sorts early this morning and after you read about it you might say “Duh, Dooney, knew that all along”!. :-) I was woken up around 6am, pre-dawn, by my dog Molly who was shaking badly. I got her to lay back down on her bed and after determining that she wasn’t hurt, I realized she was being psychically attacked. Again. Sigh….

I spent the next hour running energy on her, over and over, grounding her, and bringing in golden suns. She stopped shaking once for a few minutes then started up again. So I kept going. I also started boosting her attackers. Our chat group had just gotten a line on one of Stevo’s persistent attackers on Sunday and we whacked him with love energy pretty hard, and I think it was him or his associates retaliating by hitting Molly.

So, as usual I started to go into fear a little bit, wondering if a run to the emergency vet was going to be needed after all. Then, I gave myself a pep talk. I was worried, I was tired, shivering and cramped from bending over Molly for an hour in the dark. But I knew I was going to have to just stop whining about it and take care of business. So I boosted and boosted and boosted. I started to realize that my energy was expanding the more I let go of being worried and uncomfortable. It was pure boosting. And it just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I was Mavericks boosting, which is my term for using a giant ocean wave to wash over my attackers. I got an image of Giant Dooney, my alter-ego boosting buddy, riding a surfboard on the Mavericks wave. I saw my dogs Charlie and Black Jack, who died years ago, on another surfboard. I started to feel so connected to everything, and that’s when I had my “apostrophe”.

I started to see everything as an ocean of consciousness; all that you see – people, animals, plants, rocks, earth, cars, buildings, every material thing – is a wave coming up out of that ocean of consciousness. We are separate waves but all part of the same ocean. Some waves flow together, like me and Stevo. :-) Some waves clash and one overtakes the other. Some waves die out as soon as they are born. And some waves take the long ride into the shore before they subside and rejoin the ocean. So I spent the day thinking about all these analogies and trying to feel it in 3D, all the time, even around other people.

It’s hard! It’s so hard to keep that perspective. But while I was out and about running errands I tried to see just the people as ocean waves, and I tried to feel how we are connected. Even the “bad” guys are waves in the same ocean. All the agents and aliens that attack us are waves in the same ocean. I have known that we are all one intellectually, but this is the first time I have really felt it this strong. So, now I have a new paradigm to practice feeling on a daily basis. How much easier will life flow for me if I can stay in this frame of mind? Do you ever have a day where everything goes right and everything seems easy? And then you have a day where absolutely nothing goes right? I think maybe those types of days are ones where we are really in the flow of that ocean consciousness, with waves flowing together, or we are just crashing against all the other waves in our lives.

This is probably already obvious to some of you, as is was to Stevo, but is was very empowering for me to feel it so strongly for myself. Maybe I’ve just gotten to the point where I am getting good enough at conquering fear, which is so very important. I got to a level of neutrality in my boosting that I’ve never attained before. It was easy to see my attackers as just another manifestation of the whole. There was no angst, just love. It was not surprising to me that as soon as I gained this perspective while boosting, Molly relaxed, stopped shaking and went to sleep. She woke up later and was totally fine.

It was just another interesting day for a spiritual warrior! :-)


13th dimensional grounding

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun and safe celebration…

I talked a little bit about 13D grounding in one of my posts about the recent attacks on our dogs, but I wanted to go a little more in-depth. As I posted previously, when our dog Molly was being attacked we were helping her ground and run her energy, and we felt like we weren’t getting anywhere. So I had the intuition that we needed to ground Molly in every dimension, from 3D up to 13D. We focused on her and did the grounding in 3D, i.e. the tailbone grounding cord, send all foreign energy down the cord, fill up with 8th chakra golden sun. The basics. Then we did the same by moving our energy up to her 4D aspect, then her 5D aspect, and so on. Once you get up to 13D and have grounded out that dimension and filled up with the golden sun, then it’s a good idea to breathe energy in from your feet, all the way up to 13D and back down again. It kind of connects and integrates all your dimensional aspects and you feel very grounded. Don’t forget to fill up with your own energy any time you ground!

Moving from 3D to the higher dimensions is covered in my exercise for Accessing Higher Dimensions, and you need to be familiar with how to do that before you try 13D grounding. Once you read and practice that exercise and feel comfortable moving to the higher dimensions, this 13D grounding instruction will make more sense. To access someone else’s dimensional aspect (their energetic aspect) you simply put yourself in their space (with their permission) and run their energy and yours together. It’s all imagination, remember.

Now, the fun part is that once you are familiar with how to do this, you can run energy in each dimension for yourself or someone else. You can do healings in each dimension, clear auras in each dimension, etc. There’s really no limit. A note about permission:  I always say that you need a person’s permission to do a healing on them or run their energy. If that person is a baby or a small child, or a pet, you can’t get their verbal permission. So what you do is ask their Higher Self for permission. If you are that baby’s parent, or that pet’s owner, permission to help them is implied, but it’s always a good idea to check with their Higher Self.

We found after working on Molly in all dimensions that the attack on her was stopped, so we started using it on ourselves and it was pretty helpful in dramatically slowing or stopping an attack. It’s also very energizing to work on your energy system that way. It’s typical that as they revise their attack strategies we revise our defense strategies, so we end up learning how to do all sorts of new things. Oops, I don’t think they wanted that…

So the 13D grounding isn’t complicated if you already know how to ground and you already know how to access the higher dimensions. You can learn all this by simply following my exercises, or you can get a coaching session to help you learn.

Have fun!
~ Dooney


Danburite – our new best friend

I haven’t posted in a while (oops!) because things have been kind of intense in our house lately. With the wonderful help of my weekly chat group, we figured out that all of us in the chat have been assaulted with an etheric “goo” (different from the goo associated with implants) that has really interfered with our lives, businesses and happiness. We first noticed the goo on Stevo last year, and it was a clear film that was covering his aura and making it impossible for him to sleep. We neglected to check him for goo for quite a while, but when we did so this summer, the clear goo was back. I think they made it clear so that it was harder for us to see in his aura.

We realized we would have to check for this goo frequently on Stevo to get him back to a normal sleep pattern and get his etheric and physical strength back to 100%. Suddenly, the goo started appearing on all the chatters. And it appeared as a black goo, not clear. To me this black energy felt like black magic. The original clear goo came from the insect race, and the black goo seemed to be from the Triad hierarchy. These two groups are the main ones assaulting the chatters right now. They have even attacked some of the EW posters as well.

We have dealt with this goo in three steps:
1. boosting each chatter with the double-helix ribbons of energy (a.k.a. the blender) – see this page for details
2. boosting each chatter with the Creator Vortex to clear out energy – see this page for details
3. Wearing the danburite gemstone for protection

I have advised everyone being attacked with goo to wear danburite on their body at all times. Stevo and I have noticed that if he takes the danburite off even for a few minutes the goo starts to come back. As soon as he puts it on the goo starts to dissipate. We are both wearing gold danburite, but white or pink will work too. Carol has a few danburite pendants on her site at www.crystalinsights.net and she has access to more. Or you can check eBay or other crystal sites on the internet.

I also have a lovely pendant of white danburite and pink tourmaline that Stevo bought for me many years ago, and I routinely wear that when I have to go out in the big, wide world. We really do rely on our crystal friends for a lot of etheric help, especially our golden lemurians (also available on Carol’s site). You can’t just buy a crystal and think everything is okay, though. You have to work with the crystal, talk to it and ask it for help. You have to take an active part in your protection and recovery. I think people sometimes forget that.

The Something Big that I last posted about hasn’t happened yet, and I still don’t know what it is, but more and more folks have told me that they feel it too, even PJ folks. As usual, my advice is to ground, and breathe…and get some danburite! :-)

~ Dooney

A protection exercise

I was recently coaching someone who was subsequently heavily attacked because of the advanced work we did in her session. I was also attacked as soon as she reached out to me for help. My 3rd chakra was being attacked in waves, about every 90 minutes. I would suddenly feel nauseated and have to bring golden suns into my 3rd chakra to feel better. I mentioned to Stevo that this was happening and he told me about a protection shield he read about on www.acensionhelp.com. We have found some really useful things on this site so I went in search of the information. Here’s the blog post that explains this protection shield:


I did this exercise and felt immediate relief – and I do mean immediate. I sent the link to my client and after she did it she also felt immediate relief. I wanted to offer it here for anyone who is being attacked but especially those experiencing ongoing, focused attacks that are debilitating. Try it out and see if it works for you. Not everything works for everyone so I like to have an arsenal of tools to use for one thing or another. As with any exercise or mediation, you can change it to personalize for what feels right to you.

~ Dooney

If it was easy, everyone would do it

I’ve been struggling lately with the fact I find it really hard to be around the PJ people for whom I am supposed to be doing service work. :-) It’s difficult to be so sensitive to energy that you can’t be around people. I was in the grocery store today and I was trying really hard to be in my heart and just send out Love, instead of being so affected by everyone’s energy that I was shutting down. It’s a fine line, as I’m sure some of you have experienced. I’m just a person stumbling along like everyone else, you know? Some days are easier than others. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the internet lately, which I don’t usually do, but it seems like there are a lot of folks out there who are aware of how quickly the energy on the planet is changing. It’s bound to be a rollercoaster ride, so we have to give ourselves permission to be confused sometimes.

With the ramping up of the attacks on us the past year it’s been a bit hard to stay neutral and stay in the heart. It seems like every day brings another lesson. I have found that all of my personal drama isn’t really serving me anymore, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to let go of all the angst from my childhood and family hurts. It really does take a lot of energy to maintain that drama, but knowing something intellectually is not the same as knowing it in the heart. My heart still wants to dwell on the old hurts even though I know I have to let go of them. It would be hard enough to do without the attacks, but the Universe must think I’m capable since I’m being forced to deal with it all on top of the attacks. So I practice forgiveness…

I know I can do it, it just becomes too much sometimes. So, I take another breath, I ask Jesus and Mary Magdalene to be with me, I let God’s love fill my heart, and I go on. Sometimes all you can do is take the next breath. And you also have to realize that every other person is dealing with essentially the same thing. Everyone has pain. Everyone has something to overcome. Everyone is sensitive to energy, even if they don’t know it, and they have to deal with it. Not everyone will deal with it though, so you are the example and I am the example. That is our service to the world.

~ Dooney