Back in the saddle

I’ve decided it’s time to start coaching and making bracelets again, so the appropriate Paypal buttons have been activated and can be used. I’m now charging $88 per hour for coaching. I’ve also cut way back on the number of bracelets I’m offering, slimming down to 14 bracelets that I feel are most important to offer at this time. I won’t be doing custom bracelets at this time. I’ve got one brand new on offer, pictured here, the Spiritual Catalyst bracelet.

When Carol and I were bead shopping in Tucson I was looking for beads that were a little higher quality and a little more “blingy”. We found these gorgeous, faceted Ruby Zoisite beads and we both both a bunch of them. So I’ll be taking new pictures of my bracelets as I make them with the new beads. Being at the gem shows inspired me to start thinking about getting back into the bracelets. I’ve been wearing my Spiritual Catalyst (the pic is my personal bracelet) and I’d have to say that I really have had a rockin’ and rollin’ time in my life ever since. I seem to get hit every day with something that forces me to breathe, be neutral, have more compassion and less judgement. It’s a good thing, but sometimes a bit challenging!

Thanks to all of you who have been patiently waiting for me to get back in the saddle. Oddly enough, it was the death of our friend Chuck that caused me to reflect on what I’m doing and help re-motivate me to start doing coachings again. I do believe that Chuck sacrified himself for the spiritual growth of the planet.

~ Dooney

Bracelets to the rescue

We made a mistake the other night and watched what turned out to be a very violent movie. We usually avoid violence and never watch slasher movies, but this movie had some good actors in it and we thought it would be okay. Wrong! From the very first scene I knew we should have turned it off but we didn’t. You know how some movies just feel evil from the start? This was one of them. I should have followed my instinct, and about half an hour later we did turn it off and I was in tears. The scene that finally did it was so graphic and so realistic that I can’t believe someone thought it was worth putting on film. I have spent the past few days trying to get the images out of my head.

So here’s the thing about movies: there can be an energy from them that is like an etheric assault. It’s done on purpose, so you have to protect yourself from it. What happened to me was that I was almost immediately attacked energetically because the disturbing scene in the movie hit me in my 3rd chakra and left it vulnerable to attack. The chat group helped me on Sunday and I was finally able to stop thinking about that awful scene. But today I was challenged again. I have blown up a lot of roses in the past few days, and run my energy constantly, just trying to get out from under the continued assault. I’ve played my emerald singing bowl, I’ve used my golden lemurian, but nothing worked for more than 5 minutes.

Finally, I remembered to put on some bracelets! I don’t know why sometimes it takes me so long to do the obvious. I put on my Heart Protection, Love & Compassion, and Emotional Healing bracelets – all heart stones. Stevo told me to forgive myself for letting the movie images get to me. I also decided to forgive the people that made the movie for making something so evil. Within about 10 minutes my dark mood lifted considerably and I was able to take a deep breath for the first time in two days. I haven’t obsessed about that movie since.

So you have to be careful. It’s risky to expose yourself to any kind of media because it is so controlled and is used as a weapon against us. We usually are very picky about what we will watch. We don’t watch commercial TV at all, haven’t for about 17 years. We select movies and TV shows on Netflix or Amazon that we feel have some kind of good purpose. But sometimes we get caught. I thought I’d better blog about this to show you what can happen if you aren’t discerning about what you let into your space. It can happen to anyone. Someone has been running my energy for me since I saw that movie. That is completely unacceptable and I’ve had to fight to get control again. It was a good reminder.

~ Dooney

New Lucid Dreaming bracelet

luciddreamI was inspired by Pip in New Zealand to make a new Lucid Dreaming bracelet. During a coaching session Pip was asking about gemstones for lucid dreaming so I looked them up. I realized that I had several of the stones needed to make a nice bracelet, so I did so the next day and here is the result. Thanks Pip for giving me the idea!

Many of the Lucid Dreaming stones are psychic stones, which makes sense. I think when we are dreaming we are just tapping into another reality, one that can be as real as the life you are living when you are “awake”. I think you need to be just as aware of your surroundings in the dream state as you are in your waking life. Stevo has to be on his toes in the dreamtime because many times the darksiders will send assassins after him in his dreams. He has had to learn how to avoid being killed and how to fight back. Once he started fighting back, they pretty much stopped trying to kill him in his dreams. Once in a while, though, he has some crazy dream where someone comes after him with a gun, or a sword or knives, or they try to choke him to death.

My lucid dreams tend to be much milder. I’ve often dreamed of my dogs who have died, and in the dream I’m very aware that they are gone and that this is a visitation. I know that I will only have a short time with them, so I tend to grab them and hug them, and I don’t let go until I wake up. Those dreams are bittersweet. I’m so happy to see them, but I know it’s only for a few seconds. I hope with the new bracelet maybe I will be able to extend the time I spend in lucid dreams. Like anything else, it takes practice.

For years I’ve slept with a big chunk of Green Apophyllite next to my bed and a small piece of Sugilite in my pillowcase, both of which are said to facilitate lucid dreaming. I’m looking forward to seeing the effects of the new bracelet! You can view it and buy it
on the bracelet page.

Spring Sale & New 3rd Chakra Bracelet

3rd Chakra Rescue Bracelet

Check out my Energy Bracelet page for some Spring specials and a new 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelet. I have been thinking about doing this new bracelet for a while since Stevo and I have been getting attacked quite a bit since the beginning of the year. It’s chock full of fiery 3rd chakra stones that will help keep your etheric fire alive. This is a really hard time for those of us who are awake and aware, and lately it’s taking all our energy to keep ourselves on the right path. However, it’s a really exciting time as well. We get to witness some incredible changes in the world. This new bracelet can help you keep your energy system energized and your willpower strong to keep doing the important work.

The new 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelets includes: Red Jasper, Amber, Citrine, Yellow Jade, Mookite Jasper, Sardonyx, Red Aventurine, Lemon Quartz, Carnelian and Red Agate.

Through the month of May 2013, you can get a Grounding bracelet at 50% off with the purchase of the 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelet.


Energy experiments

Stevo recently bought some products from for neutralizing the effects of EMFs. We’ve had a whole-house conditioner of theirs for a few years, and I have a small unit on my cell phone. Stevo has a personal pendant for EMF protection. We got a few more phone units, a unit to put on laptops, Kindles or iPads, and a unit to plug into our router, which is both wired and wireless. I “shut off” the wireless function on our router and we use wires but I’m convinced that it still puts out a strong EMF. This is a secondary router that we are using to play music from my laptop.

A few days ago, I left the secondary router on 24/7 instead of unplugging it when we were done using it. Suddenly, my blood sugar went above 250 and wouldn’t come down for two days, no matter how much insulin I took. This is not the usual pattern for me. So, Steve muscle-tested me and while standing next to the router a strong muscle weakened. We plugged in the EMF protector and a strong muscle stayed strong, and a weak muscle strengthened. This indicates that the EMF protection device was working. In a couple of hours, my blood sugar was back to normal and has been normal ever since.

This supports the theory we read about that there is a Type 3 diabetes caused by EMFs. I’m pretty sure that this is a major contributing factor to my need for insulin. So, we tested me with my laptop, my Kindle and my iPod Touch. Both the laptop and Kindle needed the EMF protection. The iPod Touch did not weaken me. So now I have an EMF unit that I will use on my laptop and Kindle. The EarthCalm company does say that different people will have different needs as far as how much protection their body requires. It’s obvious that my body needs a lot of help with EMFs.

We also muscle-tested all these devices using my EMF Protection bracelet and I’m happy to report that the bracelet has the same effect as the EarthCalm units. I’m using both things, though, just to make sure I’m covered. It’s good to know that the bracelet will give me the protection around other devices when I’m out in the world.

So, the etheric part of all this is that if your energy is affected by EMFs, it not only weakens your physical body but weakens your etheric energy, your aura, your chakras and your ability to use your energy effectively. With the electronic smog that is now present everywhere it’s really important to protect yourself.

~ Dooney

New EMF Protection bracelet

The EMF Protection bracelet

I just got a hold of some Shungite, which is the gemstone used by the Russian space program to protect astronauts from EMF’s. So I made up an EMF Protection bracelet which is now available on my site for $35. Here’s list of the stones and what they do:

Shungite – protects against all EMF’s, used by the Russian space program
Amazonite – protects against all EMF’s
Aventurine – protects against all EMF’s
Hematite – blocks EMF’s
Flourite – blocks computer EMF’s
Sodalite – blocks and clears EMF’s
Unakite – blocks EMF’s and helps recover from the effects (wonderful healing stone)
Smoky Quartz – absorbs EMF’s
Malachite – clears and protecs against EMF’s
Black Tourmaline – clears and protects from EMF’s, especially heavy EMF “smog”

The Shungite is an interesting stone. It feels like a cross between Hematite and Obsidian and it has a really good feel to it. The bracelet is a bit dark because several of the stones above are dark colored, but I think it’s a very functional bracelet and the look of it is almost secondary to me. I didn’t include any metal beads for decoration because I wanted to be able to include all the EMF stones I could.

If you order one, I’d love to hear your feedback!

~ Dooney