Fire update

IMG_0857Check out this picture of the fire that is a bit north of us. We’ve been working all week to help stop it. In this pic there is a Lemurian ship directly over the fire! There is definitely some kind of energetic struggle that we might not be directly involved in here. We’ve been moving our CBs, doing all kinds of energy work and boosting, and the sky has been full of sylphs over and around the fire.

I think sometimes things like this happen for a reason. We are trying to hold a positive energy in the valley because everyone is panicking and their fear energy is being harvested. Maybe that’s all we are supposed to do right now.

IMG_0865Here is an example of the kind of sylphs we are seeing this week. And we’ve seen HAARPy clouds for the first time in a long time so they are using weather weapons on this fire. We will keep watching and working on it!

Addressing fear

Here’s a simple technique for addressing fear, from an alert reader:

“Dear Dooney,
I read with much recognition the article about entities and/or archonts [see my post “This is why we do the work”]. Especially about how they need to feed on our negative emotions and how they stimulate these negative emotions in order to get better fed.

I want to report to you a very simple trick I have developed to counter their influence. It works as follows:

I monitor my negative emotions, mainly fear or anger, but also uncertainty and doubt. When I become aware for instance that I am fearful or angry for no good reason or because of illogical, self generated fantasies. I recognize that I have fear, but that I am not that fear. So I try to separate myself (I am) from the fear and I don’t any longer identify myself with that fear. Then I say to the fear “that I am not”. So I address the fear as something separate from myself. The result is that the fear or other negative emotion disappears.”

Thanks H! I like to hear what other people are doing energetically and this seems to be a really good way to get your left brain from obsessing about fear. You are indeed not the fear…most of it is generated by our technology and doesn’t actually come from within you. It’s an important step to realize you are having these negative emotions and to realize that they are not you as a soul.

Great work!

Not a ghost

Here’s a great question from M.L.:

“A lot of my friends have psychological issues like fear, feeling lost, sadness, it’s like they are very thincoated and are crying because of things they wouldn’t have cried half a year ago.. But that’s not my issue, just want to let you know that things are the same in Germany as they are everywhere else. As they open their heart and wake up they will have to deal with it… And all we can do is to encourage them.. Guess I read something on your site that went in the same directon so I just want to give feedback :)

My question is a little different…
Lots of my friends, well I don’t have that much, only a few good ones, are calling me ghost. It’s because, for example, they don’t hear me coming nor see me coming and while I am standing behind them and saying hello I scare them. But it’s not only in my private area, it’s always, no matter where I am, shopping, at work, everywhere. It’s often like being invisible, I almost can sneak in everywhere :) But on the other hand it makes it harder in my daily life, because people don’t take me that serious..

I am grounding me on a daily basis and I also know that if people would be more aware, they would feel me before they see me, but for most people it’s still not possible at the moment. So my question is how to get more present, more dense(?) in 3D. Do you know any technique, Meditation that could help me solve that issue? I know we have the possibility to switch, but how can I turn it off?

I also know that it won’t be necessary one day to switch it off, but at the moment as a lot of people struggling with their waking up, I have the feeling that they want to rely more on the things that they can smell, see, hear and touch than in the things they feel…
Reminds me of a picture I’ve seen one day… Says “everything you want is behind fear” 😉 but people fear the new…

Maybe you know some stones that help me, although I am not sure if I have to lower my vibe to be more present, that, in my eyes, would be counterproductive.. like denying myself.. Please give me your comment about this, I don’t know anybody else I could ask this questions.”

My reply:
“Thanks for bringing this up, M. It’s actually an issue I have dealt with in my life this year. Stevo and I have been traveling a lot more than usual, and our goal was to talk to people, shine our light, and teach them how to shine their light. The problem is that nobody wants to talk to us! At first we were kind of upset about it, but we’ve had the same thing happen…people look right through us as if we aren’t there. They refuse to make eye contact, and if you say hi to them they turn away. They simply don’t or won’t see us. So, it’s not you, it’s them. You don’t need to hang onto 3D. You are transitioning to a higher dimension like Stevo and me and a lot of other spiritually aware folks. The PJ people who are too scared to wake up are literally losing sight of us. Stevo and I have talked about this a lot because of our experiences this year, and we think that as the energy rises on the planet and we continue to transition to a higher dimension, more things like this will happen. Maybe those people who won’t wake up will just fade away to our eyes as well. I don’t know what is going to happen, but it will be interesting!

It’s always a good idea to keep grounding and any of the dark brown or black gemstones will help you do that. My favorites are smoky quartz and black tourmaline. It can be a lonely life when this happens to you because your family and friends don’t understand what you are going through and can’t relate to you. One thing you can try, though, is to breathe in Earth energy up from your feet, up through all your chakras, out the top of your head and up into the highest dimension you can. Then breathe out all the way back down and out through your tailbone into the earth. That’s a way to stay more grounded in 3D while still being able to access higher dimensions.

Stevo and I have each other and a few good friends like Don and Carol, but that’s about it. I think our role is to lead the way, to show people how to do it, how to transition and stay in our hearts. We’re not necessarily going to get a lot of thank you’s or recognition of what we are trying to do, and that’s okay. This is our Service to Others time, and it’s our mission. Just love on people as much as you can and don’t take it personally if they don’t respond. It’s hard to not take it personally but I think that’s the direction we are meant to go. Just send out Love…the world needs it!”

~ Dooney

Visitors in the night

Here are some questions from a reader that I thought should be answered in a post so more folks can find out what to do about attacks while sleeping. This is happening to a LOT of people now, and in my own experience we are getting more night time visits and disturbances:

Email from E.:
“What does it mean, potentially mean, to wake up with a white spot on the top of your head. The spot had a consistency as if it was paint. It seemed to be very round in shape. And there was not rational explanation to justify its appearance. It has puzzled me very much. Any ideas?”

My reply:
“A spot that appears like that usually indicates an attack in the middle of the night. Some of us have woken up with red dots, scratches, bumps and other weird phenomenon. A good thing to do immediately is to put on a zapper if you have one, to neutralize any poisons that might be associated with skin anomalies that appear in the night. You should also have orgonite and obsidian in your bedroom to help prevent nighttime attacks. They attack when we are sleeping because we are more vulnerable at that time. Check out my Etheric Rescue Tips for more info on defending and preventing against attacks.”

Follow-up questions from E.
“Thank you very much, Dooney, for your response. I will take your advice! Could this attack come from another human or it is something coming from a different dimension? if it is the latter, how do you close a portal? (I have the feeling that there is a portal in my bedroom :o/ One day I was going from the bathroom to the living room, so I had to pass by my bedroom. And I saw a black figure as if it was a shadow, but tall and straight like a man. I could not stop and we crossed each other. I could feel something different like I had passed through a different media. And the shadow turns around as if it was also surprised that it felt something! It was weird but I was not scared. I thought it was like the string theory and in that moment two dimensions, for some strange reason, crossed. However, I had felt the shadow (which looks like a man) watching in a corner. But I try to convince myself that there is nothing and it is something I think I see just because I am tired.”

My reply via this post:
“It’s very possible that the attack is coming from a different dimension. I have personally experienced someone coming into my bedroom via an energy portal, so I dowsed to find the right spot and I put an HHG right on that spot. The other good things to do for unwanted night visitors is to put orgonite in each corner of your bedroom, put obsidian and orgonite under the bed, and dowse the ley lines in your bedroom. Put orgonite right on the ley lines, especially where they cross. All these things will help keep them out of your bedroom. It won’t work all the time but it will minimize what they are able to do. My husband has seen shadowy figures similar to what you describe and has woken up with red marks on him. We have both heard footsteps upstairs when we are downstairs. The important thing is to not go into fear and to do your protection rituals and energy work. It would also be very helpful to learn my exercise for accessing higher dimensions, which could help you neutralize these kind of attacks.”

Rain and fire and databases

I had made some update comments last night and this morning on my Big Momma post, which highlights our big 10-foot tall CB. Well, while doing a little maintenance just now on this site my database crashed and I had to restore from last night’s backup. Guess what? My comments were not included in that backup and were lost. I had been having a lot of problems with this site since April, when I upgraded my WordPress version. Turns out that my SQL database software was out of data and incompatible with Wordfence, which is the security software Chuck had told me to use, and which had been working well. I didn’t get any emails or notifications about this incompatibility from my web host, which would have been nice. Instead, I found out about it when I was getting Don’s websites up and going again, since he is now using the same host as Carol and I. So, that mystery got solved. Today I was trying to be proactive and upgrade SQL so I could re-install Wordfence and get my security features back up. The result was the database crash and loss of comments.

So, to keep this post from being too long, I’ll just tell you that we were trying to squash some forest fires in our area, so about 10 days ago I put our three CBs in buckets and filled the buckets with water. We were traveling since then and when we got home yesterday our valley was still blanketed with smoke. In fact, it’s smoky almost all the way to the Oregon coast from here in Montana. Lots of smoke is coming down from Canada, apparently. So yesterday after we got home I put a cup of water in the center of each of our 108s. The 108 is an orgonite structure that has 108 pieces in a particular geometric pattern. We have a large one and a small one, and the small one is in the middle of my labyrinth. So I walked the labyrinth while asking Goddess for enough rain to put the fires out right now. Shortly after that the wind came up and the weather radar showed a nice bank of rain moving towards us.

After an hour or so, the wind died abruptly as if a switch had been flipped and it didn’t rain. When I got up this morning I realized I should have moved all the CBs, because moving them changes the energetic field they put out, just slightly. The weather weenies measure that field and counteract it with their own energy, so if you move the CBs it disrupts their energy program and the CBs work better. So I went out to move the CBs and found Big Momma laying on the ground with all the water drained out of the bucket. I set her back up and refilled the water, then moved the other two CBs. Within half an hour we had rainclouds overhead and the weather radar was showing a massive wall of rain coming towards us in a line that reaches up into Canada. As I started typing this post it started to rain.

So, obviously I wasn’t meant to write about all this and let you know how to defeat weather weenies. :-) You just have to keep trying when things like this happen. We have the advantage of a limitless imagination, so it’s easy to think of new ways to defeat the wankers. I have also been using Katherine’s method of grounding the fire to the earth and smoothing the energy. She suggested that in a comment on my Big Momma post, and it seems to help a lot. Thanks Katherine!

~ Dooney

Back in the saddle

I’ve decided it’s time to start coaching and making bracelets again, so the appropriate Paypal buttons have been activated and can be used. I’m now charging $88 per hour for coaching. I’ve also cut way back on the number of bracelets I’m offering, slimming down to 14 bracelets that I feel are most important to offer at this time. I won’t be doing custom bracelets at this time. I’ve got one brand new on offer, pictured here, the Spiritual Catalyst bracelet.

When Carol and I were bead shopping in Tucson I was looking for beads that were a little higher quality and a little more “blingy”. We found these gorgeous, faceted Ruby Zoisite beads and we both both a bunch of them. So I’ll be taking new pictures of my bracelets as I make them with the new beads. Being at the gem shows inspired me to start thinking about getting back into the bracelets. I’ve been wearing my Spiritual Catalyst (the pic is my personal bracelet) and I’d have to say that I really have had a rockin’ and rollin’ time in my life ever since. I seem to get hit every day with something that forces me to breathe, be neutral, have more compassion and less judgement. It’s a good thing, but sometimes a bit challenging!

Thanks to all of you who have been patiently waiting for me to get back in the saddle. Oddly enough, it was the death of our friend Chuck that caused me to reflect on what I’m doing and help re-motivate me to start doing coachings again. I do believe that Chuck sacrified himself for the spiritual growth of the planet.

~ Dooney

Meet Big Momma

I did a little video today about our original cloudbuster, which we named Big Momma. You’ll see why in the video. :-) After doing this video I was able to get the cloudbuster tutorial up on Etheric Warriors, so you can learn to make your own. Enjoy!

By the way, here’s a pic of just one of the fires in our valley right now. We’re choking on smoke! We believe many forest fires are set simply to create a lot of angst and fear so they can harvest the loosh (negative energy). The key is to not resist those feelings, as they are normal, but to process them quickly and not allow anyone to feed off of your energy. Grounding is a really good way to help accomplish that. Breathing helps too, no surprise. You’re probably tired of reading that on my blog, but the basics are a really good place to start. Control your own energy so no one else can control it for you.2017fire

Just talk about it

Things have been a bit hectic since Don’s websites went down after Chuck’s death. I was finally able to get both sites transferred to a new hosting company and they are both today showing up on the web (finally), with just a few bugs on the WWP site. Coincidentally, or not, Don was contacted today by the guy who has possession of the servers that the sites used to be on, so it looks like we can retrieve the old data. If the guy had contacted us a week ago, we probably would have had him just get the sites going again, but since we didn’t know how and when that might happen we went ahead and moved the domains and started over.

An lot of interference happened while I was trying to get the new sites set up, but I kept slogging on. I think this was a necessary move even with all the hassle. Just this morning I was talking to Stevo about why the sites kept going up and down in the past day and when we got back inside the sites were up. It reminded me of something Carol has said a lot, which is if you have a problem, or an intuition that something is going to happen, or a feeling about something, talk about it. Bring it into the open with words, because that can take a lot of energy off the situation and it can resolve smoothly and without a lot of drama. This also can help if you are being attacked. Don’t suffer in silence. Talk about it.

So in this whole process of encountering interference of a technical nature, I just kept talking it out. I didn’t get angry and overly frustrated, and I kept breathing. I kept my goal in mind, and I talked about my goal. I think it helped a lot. I asked for help from people when I needed it, and I kept taking forward steps. It was a real lesson for me in patience, persistance and breathing.

~ Dooney

Goodbye to a friend

Our friend Chuck Tellechea, who was the webmaster for the Etheric Warriors forum, has passed away. We are sad to lose Chuck (Azti on the EW forum) and we will miss him as a friend and as the forum webmaster. Carol, Stevo and I believe he was not meant to die at this time and was helped along. I have no proof of this but our intuition. This is a serious strike against the EW forum and Don and Carol’s livelihood, and against our unorganized grassroots movement. Etheric Warriors and World Without Parasites are both down and we are working to get them back up. In the meantime, you can order all of their products, including zappers, on Carol’s website at There’s no reason for the sites to have gone down after Chuck’s death, but there you have it. It’s no coincidence.

As far as we are concerned, this shows how desperate they have become to stop us. It underlines how serious the threats are and that we have to be very, very careful. Straying from the spiritual path is not an option at all anymore. It’s exhausting to be alert and careful all the time. But that’s where we are at now. Our etheric focus will help save our lives, I’m sure of it. Staying in a higher state of consciousness is critical now. Neutrality. Breathing. Being grounded. Being multi-dimensional. Focusing on Love. Taking care of our physical bodies is critical as well. Any physical weakness can be exploited energetically and blown out of proportion. That’s what I think happened to Chuck.

This is what being an Etheric Warrior is about folks. It’s not about “fighting” in the traditional sense of the word. It’s not war. It’s about being strong and claiming your rights and your freedom, and helping others to do the same. It’s about Love: being Love, teaching Love and radiating Love. Our friend Chuck doesn’t have to contend with the physical challenges anymore and he can now just BE LOVE. Chuck was a musician, and computer whiz, a pilot and a kind soul. We will miss him.

~ Dooney

You just gotta laugh

I had to post this funny little story because things are getting so ridiculous. I posted before about gaslighting and how they try to freak us out by hiding things, moving things, leaving doors open, etc. Well one of the things they do is to hide the tennis balls that we throw for our dogs in our pasture.

It’s not that we throw a ball and the dogs can’t find it. I’m talking about a ball that is on the ground near me that disappears when I turn away for a moment. Then 5 or 10 minutes later, or sometimes the next day, the ball just shows up near where I’m standing. Today the cloaked wanker who has the pathetic job of doing this dropped the ball, literally. I was standing in an open area with my dogs, dealing with the young one who was hogging two balls. A third ball had gone missing moments earlier. I turned my head to the right and saw the third ball, covered in fresh dog slobber, drop out of the air.

I immediately laughed and told the wanker that I felt sorry for him for having such a pathetic job and being such a loser. They do this kind of thing to make you mad and upset you so they can feed off your energy. When you are happy and laughing they can’t feed off you.

This is a good reason to cultivate a neutral energy about all the stuff going on in your life and around the planet. Don’t feed the monsters! Again, a simple concept but not always easy to do.

~ Dooney

IMG_0809UPDATE: A little while after posting this I went out on my front porch to find this scrap of deer hide sitting right near the door. My animals were all inside so it wasn’t put there by any of them and I had been on the porch shortly before this and it wasn’t there at that time. Maybe the wanker that hangs out in my pasture was unhappy that I made fun of him and then posted about it. Too bad, so sad! But you see how lame he is? Poor guy probably doesn’t know how to read either. 😊