A bit of a break…for now

Ever since our birthdays in late June, Stevo and I have enjoyed a bit of a respite from heavy etheric attacks. According to the Cards of Destiny, the energy in your life changes on your birthday and the challenges you were dealing with from one birthday to the next change to a different set of challenges. Oh joy! :-)

Actually, I find the Cards to be very accurate in my life and other folks have told me the same thing. This coming year is apparently going to be more challenging for Stevo and myself, and this past year has been preparation for that. It doesn’t mean we have to go into fear about it, but just be aware that things are probably going to come up that we have to handle with grace and courage.

That’s the real challenge of life isn’t it? I was talking to a friend the other day who was worried about the rumored FEMA camps in the U.S. and all the other intense information that’s out there on the internet right now. I told her there is always going to be some fear challenge out there, especially for those who are awake, but the key is to not get stuck in the fear vibe. Fear is normal but I think the trick is to feel it, process it and move beyond it.

Most of the information out there is meant to put you in fear, so that the darksiders can feed off of it. That’s how they work. They literally feed their energy system on your fear. That’s why there’s so much bad news out there. So, do your best to cut off their energy supply – don’t let them feed on your fear. It’s a simple concept but not really easy to do. It takes focus and commitment, and you have to learn the etheric skills to do it. Bad things are going to happen in life sometimes, sure. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns out there, but how you deal with it is the key.

~ Dooney

The Cruiser Sisters

Beach cruisers ready to ride!

Beach cruisers ready to ride!

Carol and Don are visiting and they brought Carol’s purple beach cruiser bike over with them so that Carol and I could ride downtown for coffee on our cute cruisers. I got my beach cruiser last summer and have really had fun riding it. I feel like a kid again! Anyway, we took off on a ride this morning and Don took a picture so I could post it and show everyone that we are real people. :-)

Carol and Don get asked, and I do sometimes, “Are you a real person?” I can see why people ask because there is so much fake stuff out there on the internet, so let me assure you that we are all real people and we are doing all the things we say we’re doing. We are just ordinary folks living in an extraordinary time, and we are doing what we believe is service work for humanity. Carol and I had a nice ride, got some iced coffee and went down to the river to contemplate our navels. :-) Actually, we gabbed the whole time! But it was really nice by the river and we went early to beat the heat.

I hope you are having some fun this summer, even though the world is in turmoil and things are getting really weird. Don’t forget to have some enjoyment in your life.

~ Dooney

A protection exercise

I was recently coaching someone who was subsequently heavily attacked because of the advanced work we did in her session. I was also attacked as soon as she reached out to me for help. My 3rd chakra was being attacked in waves, about every 90 minutes. I would suddenly feel nauseated and have to bring golden suns into my 3rd chakra to feel better. I mentioned to Stevo that this was happening and he told me about a protection shield he read about on www.acensionhelp.com. We have found some really useful things on this site so I went in search of the information. Here’s the blog post that explains this protection shield:


I did this exercise and felt immediate relief – and I do mean immediate. I sent the link to my client and after she did it she also felt immediate relief. I wanted to offer it here for anyone who is being attacked but especially those experiencing ongoing, focused attacks that are debilitating. Try it out and see if it works for you. Not everything works for everyone so I like to have an arsenal of tools to use for one thing or another. As with any exercise or mediation, you can change it to personalize for what feels right to you.

~ Dooney

Night terrors? Boost ’em baby!

Everybody in my chat group is getting attacked pretty hard lately. Last night I was sent some disturbing visions and dreams. While I was half awake I was sent the image of someone standing next to my bed who was going to attack me physically. I wasn’t fully alert but I realized right away that I had to boost that image away so that it wouldn’t become real. So I boosted and boosted that image until I couldn’t see it anymore. This is a pretty common form of attack. They come at you while you are vulnerable because it’s easy to go into fear and hard to fight back. So when you are tired or sick, or even just have some mild physical problem that they can take advantage of, they will attack. They will also play upon your fears. For a long time I kept getting an image of a man standing in the back of my closet waiting to attack me. I finally realized that they use my closet to scare me and have been doing that since I was a little kid. Now when I go in my closet I stick my tongue out at the image of that man. I refuse to be afraid of my closet! :-)

I think the trick is to not worry all the time about being attacked, but to develop the ability to respond immediately, no matter what. After I boosted the creepy attacker image away last night, I fell asleep and had an awful dream about one of my dogs being killed. That segued into another dream about my dog Charlie (who died 5 years ago) being killed in some terrible manner. As soon as I woke up I boosted those images. I knew if I didn’t the dreams would haunt me for days.

As humans, we are emotional and heartfelt. It’s okay to be that way. It’s what makes us the awesome, multi-dimensional beings we are. But it means that we are vulnerable to things that hurt our hearts. I’ve been dealing with that all my life and I finally know now that it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with me. It means there is something right. And now I have boosting as a tool to deal with the people (and non-people) in this world who think it’s okay to hurt others.

If you have ever prayed, you know how to boost. If you’ve ever sent good thoughts to someone, you know how to boost. Check out my Basic Boosting exercise (link on the right sidebar) and get a Master’s degree in boosting. Then get busy! :-)

~ Dooney

Blue Hole & Emerald boosting

In yesterday’s chat we were inspired to use the Blue Hole boosting energy (see this post) along with Emerald crystal energy (see this post) to boost some attackers off our chat group. It seemed to be very powerful, and we had never used that combination of energy before. This is one of the great things about humans…our imaginations give us a wonderful capacity for invention and creation. That’s something the darksiders never get. The more they harass us, the more creative we become. The combined blue-green energy is incredibly beautiful!

Anyway, shorty after we started boosting one of our chatters got visited by a black helicopter. Several minutes later, another one showed up. It was nice confirmation. This type of boosting seems to get rid of energy cords very quickly, especially once you do it from 13D. I really encourage everyone to read and practice my exercise for accessing higher dimensions, or find another way to do it since my way is not the only way. :-)

I think it’s vital that we start expressing the multi-dimensional aspect of our abilities sooner rather than later. I’ve been kind of pushing people to do it in my chats and coaching sessions because it feels urgent to me that we learn this. I think it’s going to help us deal with the rising energy on the planet, and it will also help us to help other people who are not quite there yet. I think since we are more energy-sensitive and aware, it’s going to be our job to help others get through whatever transition is coming. Actually, I believe we are already in the transition and that’s why the world seems so much more crazy these days.

Give this boosting a try and see how it feels to you. After the chat we got heavily chem-sprayed and had to point to of our CB’s straight up in the sky to clear it up. They always do that when we make them unhappy with our boosting, so we know we hit the mark yesterday.


Why is the world this way?

For years I haven’t really browsed around the internet for information since there is so much dis-information out there. I got kind of burned out after coming out of the New Age fog I was in. I’ve relied on Stevo, who’s opinion I highly respect, to tell me about the interesting things he’s come across. One of these interesting tidbits has kind of re-ignited my interest in reading more. You always have to be discerning when taking in any information, of course.

There’s a blog called Stillness in the Storm – http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/
A lot of the information here sounds fantastical and reads like science fiction, but much of it is similar to what i see in the group chats. I haven’t been reading other people’s stuff, so what I see in the chats isn’t influenced by what I’ve read. It’s just what I see. From reading stuff on this site, it’s apparent that a lot of other folks are seeing the same things The site has a lot of links to a lot of other information. They also stress discernment, taking action, using your heart and forgiveness/compassion. They want you to think for yourself instead of blindly accept, as do I.

One of their links is to a guy named Mark Passio, who is a former satanist who is now speaking out against the dark occult (he refers to himself as a “de-occultist”). I’ve been watching his Natural Law seminar on Youtube and it really strikes a cord with me. I get a lot of people asking me why the world is the way it is, and Mark Passio has put together a really comprehensive presentation on just that question. He’s very methodical, so watch all of it (almost nine hours).

Here’s a link to the first part of the seminar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1pkJaNbzLU

A brief bio on Mark Passio: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2013/09/disclosure-modern-society-is-satanic-in.html

Mark Passio’s website: www.whatonearthishappening.com

Another site that has good info is www.ascensionhelp.com. The word “ascension” triggers some New Age alarms, but if you read his info you will find he also stresses discernment, action and heart energy. He also has some good meditations you should try.

Maybe this info will resonate with you, and maybe it won’t. The great thing is that we all get to choose for ourselves.
Happy reading!
~ Dooney

If it was easy, everyone would do it

I’ve been struggling lately with the fact I find it really hard to be around the PJ people for whom I am supposed to be doing service work. :-) It’s difficult to be so sensitive to energy that you can’t be around people. I was in the grocery store today and I was trying really hard to be in my heart and just send out Love, instead of being so affected by everyone’s energy that I was shutting down. It’s a fine line, as I’m sure some of you have experienced. I’m just a person stumbling along like everyone else, you know? Some days are easier than others. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the internet lately, which I don’t usually do, but it seems like there are a lot of folks out there who are aware of how quickly the energy on the planet is changing. It’s bound to be a rollercoaster ride, so we have to give ourselves permission to be confused sometimes.

With the ramping up of the attacks on us the past year it’s been a bit hard to stay neutral and stay in the heart. It seems like every day brings another lesson. I have found that all of my personal drama isn’t really serving me anymore, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to let go of all the angst from my childhood and family hurts. It really does take a lot of energy to maintain that drama, but knowing something intellectually is not the same as knowing it in the heart. My heart still wants to dwell on the old hurts even though I know I have to let go of them. It would be hard enough to do without the attacks, but the Universe must think I’m capable since I’m being forced to deal with it all on top of the attacks. So I practice forgiveness…

I know I can do it, it just becomes too much sometimes. So, I take another breath, I ask Jesus and Mary Magdalene to be with me, I let God’s love fill my heart, and I go on. Sometimes all you can do is take the next breath. And you also have to realize that every other person is dealing with essentially the same thing. Everyone has pain. Everyone has something to overcome. Everyone is sensitive to energy, even if they don’t know it, and they have to deal with it. Not everyone will deal with it though, so you are the example and I am the example. That is our service to the world.

~ Dooney

Earth Chakra meditation

earthbandsStevo has been doing a new kind of mediation that I wanted to share with you. The wankers are keeping him awake at night, still, so he’s using the time constructively and coming up with new ways to send out Love energy. This one is pretty cool (well, they all are) and I hope many of you will start trying it out.

Basically, you imagine the earth with two bands of energy around it, curved from top to bottom on the vertical axis. These bands go around and around the earth, crossing over each other as they pass around the earth, one going in one direction, one going in the other direction. One is male and one is female.

My Photoshopped pic is a bit crude, but I hope you get the idea. In Stevo’s words:

I’ve been working to heal the planetary grid, chakras, vortices, below ground to 10 mile depth and above ground 10 miles up. I’ve been finding good results too with grounding my heart chakra to the center of the earth.  Not via straight lines however, but rather using a vesica pisces (cat pupil shape) curved, feminine lines.  Going from left side of heart chakra down to center of planet, and from there, back up to the right side of heart chakra.

Stevo got attacked really hard after he started doing this meditation, so I think he’s onto something. I hope you will try it and add to it.

Happy Boosting!
~ Dooney

Just another small miracle

Last fall Carol gave me a little pocket-sized statue of Jesus and Mary Magdalene that she picked up on her last trip to France. It’s supposed to be like a talisman, and I did carry it in my pocket for several weeks. One day, it was simply gone – kind of like my Mary Magdalene HP that I posted about a while ago.

Well…the other day I was hanging up clean clothes in my closet, moving things around, and something dropped on the floor. Lo and behold, it was my little talisman! So what is the deal with my closet? I figure there’s a portal there. We know for sure the NSA was using it to send cloaked wankers into our house for a while. Stevo saw one of them once. We’ve got an HHG up there so maybe now it’s only being used for friendly ghosts who are returning the stuff the NSA has stolen from me.

Who knows…life continues to be stranger than fiction.

~ Dooney :-)

Have you got something to say?

I’ve added Guest Posting to my blog so we can all hear from some other folks who are in the etheric fight. I’m looking for stories and advice that will help other people, not rants or newager dogma or self-promotion. I’m the only one allowed self-promotion on my blog, ha ha. :-) All posts will require my approval, and are anonymous unless you add your information in the Post Content window. I do require you to give me your name and email, but that info will not be shared with anyone.

I’d like this to be a positive addition to my website, so I’ll be pretty picky about what I approve. I’ve got some rules on my Guest Posting page, so please read those before you post. I’m looking forward to hearing from some self-aware and engaged Etheric Warriors!

~ Dooney