Aura Photos

The photos on this page were generated by Carol Croft, using her aura camera. Not all of the bracelets I make are represented here. Be sure to check out the “after” aura picture on the bottom right, which shows how clear my aura became after wearing all these bracelets during our photo session. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image and a description of my aura with the different bracelets.

Remember, you are looking at my mirror image, so my left side is on your right. Keep that in mind when reading the descriptions. I am very grateful to Carol for evaluating each picture for me. The descriptions are a direct translation or paraphrase of her impressions.

Default Aura


Angelic Connection


Awakening 2

Cancer sign

Chakra Connection

Clearing Energy


Compassion & Love

Courage & Vitality

Discernment & Balance

Emotional Healing

Gallbladder Meridian



Heart Meridian

Inner Guidance

Kidney Meridian

Knowledge & Protection

Liver Meridian

Liver Meridian 2

Magic, Intuition, Protection

Nature Connection

Psychic Enhancement

Triple Heater Meridian

Ultimate Protection

Dooney's Aura After

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