About Dooney

hikergirlLaura Weise (Dooney) lives in Western Montana at the foot of the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains. Having discovered orgonite in 2004, my husband Stevo and I immediately started making it and gifting our local area. As energy-sensitive psychics, we both appreciated the immediate affects of orgonite on our environment, both physically and etherically. After meeting Don and Carol Croft in person, we joined the etheric chat effort, which is focused on dismantling the power structure of the New World Order.

I am an energy worker who does remote healings, chakra tune-ups, cord removal, and entity removal, among other things. I make energy bracelets with gemstones to support my healing work. I have no formal training beyond a couple of animal communication seminars and have learned all my skills on the job, in the chats, with a lot of help from Stevo and Carol Croft, who are both natural, gifted psychics.

Stevo and I are both committed to the downfall of the NWO and the awakening of the planet and it’s people to our birthright of freedom, peace and self-responsibility. We have moved beyond the confines of the new age movement into a realm of rational, pro-active, love-based energy work. It’s incredibly rewarding and incredibly hard at times. It requires discipline, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It requires discernment – perhaps the most important thing that is lacking in the information age. It’s the most challenging thing either of us have ever done in our lives.

Won’t you join us?


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