New grounding/clearing exercise

HeartSoulcenterI’ve been doing my grounding and clearing in a different way for many months so I thought it was time to share it with you. This exercise is based on George Kavassilas’ Earth/Heart Connection exercise. I just changed it a bit to suit myself.

What I’m doing now to clear my space and ground myself is to focus on my multi-dimensional heart center (see picture at right for location) and connect with the feminine being who is the Earth, and is the female aspect of the Prime Creator of the universe. This heart center is between your sternum and your throat in the mid-line of the body. Instead of bringing in energy from outside myself, I radiate energy out to the Earth. I hold my hands up in front of me, like I am holding a ball, to help me focus on the heart area, and breathe in to a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 4, breathe out to a count of 4 and hold the breath for a count of 4. Imagine the heart center area radiating with Love as you breathe in, hold the breath, breathe out, hold the breath, etc. See if you can feel it between your hands, like you are holding a ball.

Imagine it glowing gold, and pulsing. Imagine the ball expanding out all around you from this center, radiating out. Once I get that radiating feeling going, I imagine connecting it to the heart center of the Earth. I don’t attach the Earth’s heart center to any specific geographic location. I think of the rocks being bones, the water being blood, the land being skin, and I radiate out to the Earth’s heart center until I feel like I’ve connected with it. When I can really feel the skin and bones and blood of the Earth, I feel like I’ve connected.

I’m doing this instead of bringing energy in from any other source. I’m learning that we don’t need to rely on getting energy from anywhere else, we have all we need in us already. Once you connect with the Earth, you can do the same thing to connect to the Sun, the male aspect of the universal Creator. Once I’ve connected with the Earth and Sun, I connect with the Galactic Central Sun at the center of the galaxy. You just keep expanding your heart center energy out farther and farther.

To ground and clear my space, there are two ways I’ve worked.

Method One:  While still doing the breathing, lift that ball of energy that is between your hands above your head, and slowly bring it down as if you are moving it through your body. Go slowly and notice where you may feel blockages or energy that isn’t yours. Keep the ball of energy in that spot until you feel it clear. Move the ball of energy all the way down to your feet and then release it down into the Earth, along with any energy that isn’t yours. Then focus back on radiating Love out from your multi-dimensional heart center again.

Method Two:  Become aware of the energy from your heart center filling a big bubble around your body. While doing the breathing, imagine the bubble of energy around you going down into the heart of the Earth, taking all energy that is not yours with it. Then continue to radiate out from your heart center until the bubble around you is filled up again. You can do this over and over if you feel the need.

By this time your hands and body may be tingling, pulsing, and warm. You can now radiate that Love out to anyone, anywhere. Envelop your target, whether it is negative or positive energy, and just bathe it with this high frequency Love energy. Don’t expect a particular outcome. Just be neutral and radiate Love.

Remember to keep breathing!

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