New grounding/clearing exercise

[Edited 5-17-20] Originally in this post I had shared George Kavassilas’ Earth/Heart Connection exercise. It’s a very good way to ground and clear yourself, but it needs to be taught in context with his other teaching and information. I highly encourage you to visit and become a member. It only costs about $11 per month and there is so much good information there that the cost is well worth it. If you join and his information doesn’t resonate with you, it’s easy to cancel and you won’t have spent much money. You can also search on George’s name on YouTube and find all sorts of videos so you can check out his energy. I have had personal contact with George and have been a member of his site for a couple of years and can vouch for the integrity of him and his information.

Basically, the way I ground now is to connect with the heart of the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, the Universe and the Prime Creator of the Universe, then with my infinite self beyond this Universe. For more information on why I do this, please look at George’s information. I no longer use the chakra system or bring energy in from outside myself. I use my own heart energy to connect and I use that connection to clear my space.

Follow your heart in choosing a way to ground that feels right to you. It doesn’t have to be the method I use. Grounding is vital to make sure that the energy in your space is only yours. This will help you to discern truth and your path in this universe.

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