New grounding/clearing exercise

HeartSoulcenterThis is not the only way to ground, it’s just the method I like so it’s a good place for you to start. Some people have other methods they like, and you should feel free to tailor this to your own energy. The most important thing is to make a connection with the Earth, send her the energy that isn’t yours and let her transmute it to Unity and send it back to you to use.

I’ve been doing my grounding and clearing in a different way for many months so I thought it was time to share it with you. This exercise is  George Kavassilas’ Earth/Heart Connection exercise. I changed some of the wording a bit but it’s a great exercise that he teaches. 

What I’m doing now to clear my space and ground myself is to focus on my multi-dimensional heart/soul center (see picture at right for location) and connect with the feminine being who is the Earth, and is the female aspect of the Prime Creator of the universe. This heart/soul center is inside the body. My hands are there simply to show the location, but you need to feel it inside your body.

This heart/soul center is between your sternum and your throat in the mid-line of the body. George also calls it the Unity Point, which is a great term for that location. This is where your infinite soul projects your spirit into the physical body. It’s the point where the midline of the body crosses the line made when you hold your arms up and out to your sides.  I hold my hands up in front of me, like I am holding a ball, to help me focus on the heart/soul area, and breathe in to a count of 4, and out to a count of 8. Imagine the heart center area radiating with Love as you breathe in and out. See if you can feel it between your hands, like you are holding a ball. 

Imagine it glowing gold, and pulsing. Imagine the ball radiating out from this point in your body.

Once I get that radiating feeling going, I imagine connecting it to the heart center of the Earth. I don’t attach the Earth’s heart center to any specific geographic location; it’s deep inside the Earth. I think of the rocks being bones, the water being blood, the land being skin, and I radiate out to the center of the Earth until I feel like I’ve connected with her heart and created a “unified field of Love”, as George says, at that Unity Point. 

I’m doing this instead of bringing energy in from any other source. I’m learning that we don’t need to rely on getting energy from anywhere else, we have all we need in us already, and all we have to do is connect our heart energy with Mother Earth’s heart energy.

Next, bend down and imagine reaching into Earth’s multi-dimensional heart and scooping that field of Love up from deep in the Earth, and pulling it up all around you in a sphere or a vesica pisces shape, whichever is feels best to you. I’ve used the sphere shape in the past but I really like the vesica pisces shape because it is a shape that describes creation. Lift your hands till they meet over your head, then bring your hands down again, reinforcing that shape and making it a 3-dimensional shape. You can spin your body around as you bring your hands down to reinforce the 3-D shape. Bring your hands down to your sides and imagine them bringing the energy to a point under your feet to finish enclosing you in a cocoon of energy. Once you have this energy around you and enclosing you, you are in a unified field of love and protection from Mother Earth with all the power of a mother’s love.

Clearing:  While still doing the 4-8 breathing, imagine reaching back down into the unified field of Love you created with Mother Earth and scooping it up. Lift your hands above your head again and spread them apart, imagining you are stretching out a band of energy above your head. Slowly bring your hands and the band of energy between them down as if you are moving it through your body. Go slowly and notice where you may feel blockages, implants, entities or any energy that isn’t yours. If you feel something that doesn’t feel right, keep the band of energy in that spot until you feel it clear. Say out loud or silently to yourself  “I lovingly release all that is no longer necessary, all that is no longer serving me, all the unwanted and all that is causing suffering”.  Release with Love and Gratitude.

Next, move the band of energy all the way down to your feet and wrap all the icky energy from implants, entities and energy cords in the band of energy you held between your hands so that you now have a sphere of ick energy wrapped with that band of your unified field of love energy. Bring it up to your heart/soul center and give it a boost of that energy, then push it down to your feet and release it down into the Earth. Mother Earth will transmute and alchemize that energy into your unified field of Love. Imagine that new, clean energy coming back up to your heart/soul center and bursting out into every cell of your body. You can then use that alchemized energy to create your reality. It’s a great way to transmute negativity and bring it into Unity!

Once you connect with the Earth, connect your heart/soul essence to the Sun, the male aspect of the universal Creator. Once I’ve connected with the Earth and Sun, I connect with the Galactic Central Sun at the center of the galaxy, the Universal Creator and my Greater Self that exists beyond the natural Universe. You just keep expanding your heart center energy out farther and farther.

By this time your hands and body may be tingling, pulsing, and warm. You can now radiate that Love out to anyone, anywhere. Envelop everyone and everything, whether it is negative or positive energy, and just bathe it with this high frequency Love energy. Don’t expect a particular outcome. Just be neutral and radiate Love. Remember to keep breathing!

This exercise is a really good way to quickly surround yourself with your own clean energy, especially if you are plagued by attacks while sleeping. It’s also fun to do this before you go out in public and watch how people react to you. You will usually get a lot of smiles. Once you have done it several times you won’t have to think about all the steps and it will become second nature.


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