My new best friends

IMG_1075I’ve posted before about Danburite and how it’s been an important tool for us when getting psychically attacked. Once again Stevo and I have found that we need to wear Danburite 24/7 to fend off attacks. In addition, I’m wearing Amethyst Cacoxenite and a Herkimer Diamond on the same chain with the Danburite. It’s a bit of a weighty mix, but I’ve found a lot of relief with this combination. It’s also come in very handy as a pendulum. Herkimer is really good at clearing your space so you get an accurate reading.

This particular Herkimer was a gift from Carol so it has even more significance. The Danburite (with a spot of Pink Tourmaline) was a gift from Stevo, so I’m wearing gifts from the two people who love me best and that makes the energy so much stronger. The big pendant is Amethyst Cacoxenite, which Carol has recently started carrying on her site. It has a chunk of Citrine with it (clears all other stones), White Topaz and another stone I don’t recall. This was a special find from the 2017 Tucson gem shows. Cacoxenite is a very high vibration stone and it also helps regenerate the physical body. Carol is going to be blogging about it on her site soon.

I’ve found that there isn’t any one thing to do when getting energetically attacked. Everything becomes important; grounding, breathing, being careful what you think, what you eat, how you act, clearing your living space, etc. Gemstones are simply one tool in the toolbox but they are an important tool for me. They are friends, colleagues and helpers. Thank you Goddess!

~ Dooney

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  1. F. A. BERT says:

    There are certain steel and brass pot scrubbers that also have “curly-curls.” Scotch-Brite, Mr. Ziga, and Chore Boy to name a few.
    These machine type spirals ( “curly-curls” ) are indeed clockwise.

  2. F. A. BERT says:

    Hey Hey Hey. There’s just one thing I’ve got to say: For those of us that don’t have much money, pot scrubbers ( steel, copper and brass – Chore Boy makes brass ones ) will often have to do. They seem to work quite well. Thanks to the “war on terror”, folks at machine shops get suspicious when asked about parting with metal shavings. They looked at ME with suspicion, probably figuring that I was trying to acquire “schapnal!!!” Besides that, they all had contracts with recycling companies. As for your stones, quartz crystals, are essential. Tumbled quartz will also work. I also use bionized ( boiled and frozen X 3 ) pool filter sand. It is coarse, clear, and full of quartz and what appears to be bits of citrine and garnet. I also buy white quartz sand shipped from the Clearwater beach in Florida.
    The thing about bionized sand is that it’s energy ( once placed in orgonite ) never seems to dissipate and it spreads to everything ELSE in the orgonite!!! So you do not HAVE TO bionize everything you put in!!! In short, you’ll end up with a highly “activated” piece of orgonite. Bionization is time consuming and hard on your standard refrigerator freezer. Although you can bionize your crystals and stones IN the sand ( at the same time ) I suppose.
    You can probably get much cheaper magnetite sand ( black iron oxide ) from pottery shops and garages where they work on brakes. As for shungite, I get powdered. It’s fairly expensive, but effective. As for my stones, for me, it’s the cheapest black tourmaline bits I can find, tiny tiger-eye chips ( usually from Amazon ), charoite bits and chips, lapis lazuli chips, rose quartz chips, and purple, blue or orange agate chips.
    I wish I could find a cheap source for iron pyrite ( fool’s gold ) but the only place that sells it is And they only sell it by the TON ( for only about $200.00 ). Problem: 1. Where would I have it shipped to? That’s 20 fifty pound bags, IF they don’t just ship it in a great big 1,000 lb container of some sort. Perhaps they just dump a huge pile of the stuff in your driveway!!! 2. I don’t need THAT much iron pyrite!!! And I’m not about to go out, find some damp soil and sit there with a pair of tweezers picking out the tiny pyrite grains.
    Anyway, the formula I just provided is good and effective.
    I also like amber. But amber is always shipped here from the Ukraine ( Baltic amber ). As a result, it is quite costly. I guess the forests of the U.S. Mexico and Canada are not quite “ancient” enough to have a good reserve of amber. Maybe regular pine resin or copal would suffice. I don’t know.

    • dooney says:

      Hi there, thanks for all the info. I just wanted to mention that orgonite made with sand is okay, but it doesn’t have the kick of the larger quartz chips. Pot scrubbers do work, as do brass BB’s, which Don and Carol used to get when they made orgonite on while traveling. I also got blackballed by a machine shop. At first the machinist was thrilled to give me a bag of metal. Next time I could tell someone had gotten to him. He was surly and declined to save me any more metal. Oh well…the recycling center usually has aluminum bits I can buy for $4 per five gallon bucket.
      Dooney :-)

  3. Frode says:

    In the last group chat we ended up using the galaxy sun boosting technique. It was immensely efficient. Never tried it before, but I’ve been using it all week. Not the exact method described on your website, I simply think of the galaxy sun shining down on the attackers or perpetrators. Immediately their energies and their foundations disintegrates and falls away like an avalanche, especially ETs. I tried it with ancient energy deposits in the earth here, and all sort of other things, and the result is the same. Thank you for this method.

    • Frode says:

      Correction: Galactic Central Sun boosting

    • dooney says:

      That’s great Frode! We have found in my chat that it is a really powerful way to boost. It’s also really powerful to use when you are grounding yourself. Imagine the Galactic Central Sun coming through our Sun, and then into the golden sun in your 8th chakra that comes down into your body. I think it’s great that you changed it a bit to suit what felt right to you.
      Dooney :-)

  4. Serena says:

    Greetings! I’m new to making orgone, I’d like to make Tbs for gifting and some prettier and powerful ones for wearing and home use. What is the truth about all the discrepancy about copper spirals and their direction? Does it really matter? Also what about magnets or magnetic stones- what are the rules for their inclusion? And finally I’ve seen people use pot scrubbers as the metal. Is this ok? I can’t locate a machine shop who sells metal. So many many thanks! Peace & Love

    • dooney says:

      Hi there,
      I’ve always felt that the clockwise spiral feels best to me. I think the only controversy is people wanting you to do things the way they do them. :-) Try using the spirals in different directions and see how it feels to your heart. You can also dowse the spirals and see what kind of pendulum swing you get. Carol has a good blurb about the spiral she uses in her products on her site at Click on the section under the HP description that says “Click here to read about the coil used in the HP”. You should email Carol about using magnets. I know she uses magnetic hematite in her orgonite. You can use pot scrubbers or BB’s as the metal, it’s just that metal that has been turned on a machine has a curve or spiral to it’s shape that is really conducive to orgone. It likes to travel on the spiral shape. You can also try finding metal at a recycling center, just ask them if they have any machined metal.
      Have fun!