La Bella Luna

You may have heard that the full moon on Jan. 31 is a special moon, and here’s a good article explaining why:

It’s fun to do full moon rituals and it doesn’t require any special props or preparation. I’m not big on rituals but since I’m a Cancer the moon has a special place in my life. I usually don’t sleep much during a full moon and I definitely feel the energetic changes as the moon goes through it’s monthly phases.

I was asking Carol about her full moon ritual, and she said you can really just take any ritual you find on the web or in a book and make it your own. The important components in her ritual are 1) to call in the guardians of the four directions (asking for their blessing and thanking them), 2) saying what you are thankful for and 3) saying what you would like to manifest. End your statements with “so be it, so it is.” You can do the ritual around a candle or a fire. We’ve done it around a fire in our backyard, which is fun.

Things are changing so fast on the planet and the energy is ramping up so much that I think it’s important to pay attention to things like this special full moon/lunar eclipse. With all the truths that are now being revealed about the darkness that has ruled the planet, it’s a good time to connect with the Divine Feminine energy of the moon and be a beacon of light for others who will have a hard time hearing what is being revealed. It’s our time to shine!

~ Dooney

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2 Responses to La Bella Luna

  1. Teresa says:

    Thank you for this. My father was transitioning to the otherside during the eclupse. He held on until Groundhogs day.
    I’m a couple days late, but the new moon is right around the corner.
    I’m a Gemini with a Cancer Moon. The moon is so very important to me and my moods

    • dooney says:

      You’re welcome Teresa. Stevo and I did a short full moon ceremony around a small fire in our backyard and it felt really good to do that. We are also very connected to the moon, so I think it makes a difference in the energy here. I’m boosting your dad…