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Stevo brought my attention to a really good article on, which is a website that offers articles from a lot of other blogsites. It’s kind of a commercial site, so just disregard all the ads and celebrity stories. I think there’s some really good information there if you are willing to wade through the chaff. The title of the article is “Evidence That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness”.  It goes into Quantum Physics and the double-slit experiment, which has fascinated me since I was in my 20’s. Do we really create our physical reality? I believe we do. This is a very articulate view of what comprises reality.  The author, Brandon West, proposes that our physical bodies and our physical reality are constantly shifting between two states – being a particle (form) and being a wave (energy).

Here’s a mind-blowing premise:

And because reality is flashing in and out of existence (hypothetically at Planck time – 1044 times per second – as explained by The Resonance Project biophysicist William Brown), every time our reality oscillates between form, and the pure energy state of the field, our awareness which is constant and doesn’t flash in and out of existence [emphasis added by Dooney] informs the field what to reappear as when it makes its transition back to form at the quantum level.

Therefore each time we oscillate into formlessness, we have complete and total control and responsibility over what we choose with our attention to manifest out of the field in the next moment, and our power and ability to do so relies entirely what we believe, and on how we are feeling.

It reminds me of a story Stevo told me about a teacher he had in high school who posited the question of whether your waking life or your dream life was reality. What if everything you perceive when you are “awake” is a dream? And what if everything you “dream” is reality? This is the kind of thing we love to sit and talk about!

So I’ve been working on trying to perceive that shift of reality 1044 times per second. It gives my left brain an explanation of how “reality” is formed, so that I can let go of that question and focus on manifesting my reality with my heart. I tend to be very analytical, so this article has really helped me turn off that part while I’m working on manifesting. I’m realizing again how hard it is to overcome beliefs that are taught to us at a very young age and reinforced throughout our lives.

I hope you enjoy reading about this as much as I have.

~ Dooney :-)

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3 Responses to Article on human consciousness

  1. SilentSynthesis says:

    Woah. I have never heard this one before. And if you could stretch that Planck length of time into an eternity….. unlimited power…
    Theoretically, of course.

  2. Kristian Albertsson says:

    Beliefs that we have taken on at a very young age and how to overcome them are interesting issues. I just recently read a book by the author John Kreiter titled “The Occult Experience” dealing with this very subject. The book offers a methodology and exercises to break our cognitive conditioning. Rather than trying to change our conditioned beliefs, which can be very hard, we can instead go about breaking the conditioned responses , or routines, created by beliefs and thereby open the door to perceive things differently. Thru this sort of backdoor we become able to break the neuronal structures created by the belief systems. The author even poses the idea that rituals are a type of routine break, and also states that the term “weird” in English refers to this kind of routine break: “Usually by doing something weird you begin to perceive the Weird around you.” I thought that was interesting.