The work of a thousand souls?

Things are getting more challenging here as we have been put on warning of possible evacuation due to fire danger. As you know, we’ve been working really hard to stop the energy of a massive forest fire that started north of us on July 15. We’ve done everything energy-wise that we know how to do and my chat group did almost 2 hours of boosting today to help diminish the DOR (Deadly Orgone) associated with this fire. We are pretty sure they are using some pretty heavy weather weaponry and beaming to keep the fire going and to keep it hot and dry here. We never have temps in the 90’s throughout August and into September. Usually we are getting ready for our first frost about now. As of right now, we are supposed to be getting bad windstorms, which is why they have taken the precaution of putting us on evacuation warning, but so far nothing is happening. All of the times in the past month that they have predicted dire weather that will worsen the fire, it hasn’t happened. We are hoping that this time will be the same, but it would be stupid of us not to prepare.

So, this afternoon and evening have been spent packing up our most valuable possessions and moving them somewhere else. I haven’t gone into fear, and I don’t believe Stevo has, but it takes a lot of work to remain neutral. We went through the same thing in 2009 when there was a forest fire much closer to us and high winds, and I’d have to say I’m handling it much better this time. The really hard part is that Stevo and I are doing the energy work that would probably normally require about a thousand people. It’s exhausting because not only do we have to fight the entities who are perpetuating the fire, but we have to fight the fear and angst of everyone in the valley and beyond. Just the two of us. So it’s another day, another challenge. I really do believe, though, that if we hadn’t been doing all this energy work this fire would be much, much worse. When strong winds are predicted here, they usually happen, but that hasn’t been the case during this fire. We move our CBs 3-4 times a day to keep the energy field intact and focused on the fire.

So if you have a moment please boost us, as well as those folks in Texas dealing with the flood, and Los Angeles dealing with another giant fire. We’re not the only ones having challenges, and some folks are having a much harder time than we are. We’re just dealing with the challenge in front of us. Thanks for everyone’s prayers and good wishes. I really appreciate the comments and the emails!

~ Dooney

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5 Responses to The work of a thousand souls?

  1. Dan Stanton says:

    For those of you interested in using Cloud Busters to fights fires and storms go to and look up “How to Stop Hurricanes”. There are many videos that document weather warfare tactics used to create these huge hurricanes. I found on video that was most interesting. It was a video testimony of a person in Florida who used the Cloud Buster to successfully deflect and move a hurricane away from his area. After seeing what he did to do this I felt that if there was an organized network of owners of Cloud Busters, Howitzers, Power Wands and Succor Punchers. spread across the state in the path of the hurricane that they could deflect storms of this type and send them back out to sea. The same could be applied to wild fires. It takes a lot more than one determined person to do this. It takes an organized group coordinating their actions to really be effective. Think about it folks. We the People now have the tools to do this ourselves. Let the government do their thing, and let the People do theirs. After all the People are those who suffer because the government is ineffective.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Dan,
      I do believe that it was a super-CB that Carol, Lynn and I made that ultimately changed the weather and stopped our fires. It’s hard to tell because we were doing so many energy things for that fire, but a day after Carol and Don pointed one of her super-CB’s at us it started to rain.

  2. Has anyone noticed, that the full moon had this light orange hue (or yellow-red, to use a pretty old term)? Is there any significance about that?

  3. Edu says:

    I Just boosted your situation for an hour. More people will certainly do it too!

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Edu, the fire has calmed down a lot overnight. Stevo did some advanced energy work that I don’t quite understand and we both feel the “fire demon” energy that has been present is gone, so we’ll see. I really appreciate your boosting!