Challenging times…still

IMG_0949This is the forest fire that is marching over the hills towards our house. I can’t tell you how much energy work we have done on this fire. We’ve been able to slow it down but it keeps coming and at times it’s hard not to panic. Carol is currently pointing the super CBs, that we made last weekend, at the fire. There has been a ton of smoke over her area from all the fires around Spokane but she said the air has been clear and pure about 10 miles out around her house. We actually got a blue hole over her house before we even finished pouring those CBs. You’ll be hearing more about those in the near future. :-)

Stevo and I are both sure that there is heavy-duty beaming weaponry being used to advance this fire, apart from rather obvious human operators on the ground who are lighting fires, both overtly and covertly. For one, the rain clouds that have formed in past few weeks just evaporate when they get close to our mountains. Secondly, we are having summer temps in September. I’ve lived here more than 18 years and we’ve never had weird temps like this. It was over 70 degrees last night at 11:30. Usually by now we are getting frost in the mornings. So something really unusual it happening and I don’t think it’s natural. Some days, we’ll walk outside when the thermometer says 80 degrees, and it feels like it’s almost 100 degrees. It feels like being in a microwave oven, Stevo says. That, combined with the HAARPy clouds we’re seeing again is another thing that convinces us this is weaponized weather. So, like I said in my last post we’re pretty much going it alone here except for the very welcome boosting of friends and readers. Another big THANK YOU to those folks!

IMG_0937For those of you who aren’t familiar with the blue hole phenomenon, here’s a pic of one that was over our house last Saturday when I got home from my trip to Carol’s. This is one of the more dramatic ones I’ve ever seen. :-)  It looks fake, right? So I know that Stevo and I are doing the right things, we just have to stick with it long enough and have faith that we are doing the right thing and not give in to panic. It sounds like a war zone here with all the helicopters going back and forth to the fire with water buckets, or accelerant, who knows? We’ve seen dark black smoke on occasion, which means that some kind of petrochemical is burning, such as gasoline or, more likely, diesel. When trees are burning it’s white smoke.

IMG_0950I took a break after starting this post and went downtown for a little while. As I drove away, I saw all this HAARP, which wasn’t there an hour before. Again, this is really unusual for us. About an hour later I came back, and the sky is full of rainclouds. We are forecast to have rain for a while starting tomorrow, along with normal fall temps. So maybe we have outlasted the wankers and will finally get back to a normal weather pattern. With all the fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes lately, it seems like they just wanted to destroy everything. Well, they don’t get their wish! Don’t give up folks…we can do this!

~ Dooney


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4 Responses to Challenging times…still

  1. Frode says:

    You guys are not alone in this etheric battle. Maybe if you can snap a photo of the black smoke, perhaps that will make them stop dropping fuel on the fire.

  2. KatherineA says:

    I noticed the same thing about the temperatures in Colorado. It feels a lot hotter than the thermometer says. We also got a bunch of the smoke from Montana, which doesn’t seem natural. The air also just feels wrong, but I’m not sure how to describe it. Whatever they are doing, it’s covering a huge area and it certainly seems like they are throwing everything they can at *you*.

    Stay safe. I’m sending energy when I can.

  3. Alfredo Honegger says:

    Hi, I am Alfredo and I live in Cordova a small island near to the Island of Macta, Cebu and Bohol in the south China sea. My soon Michael and myself have produced more than 200 orgonits (Muffins), with quartz crystals, different metals which we have received from a machine shop and giftet all of them here in Cordova – CellTowers, Electricposts with SmartMeters, Municipality, Police Station and along the main road, as well as in our Water Station where we purify ground water with a state of the art water purifying system and after the purifying process we alkaline the water with different crystals to a pH of above 7. In the house we also have a big Orgone Power-wand from Orgonise Africa (Georg Ritchel), in the Resto a Mini Orgone Power-wand, Tower Boosters, Pyramides and Holly Handgranate all distributed on our property of about 1000m2.

    Daily we have HAARP Clouds but after few hours they disappear because there are many sylphs (maybe because of the orgone we gifted or which are distributed all around us).

    You talk about a super Cloud Buster, maybe this is what we have to produce and to place over here, because we have weekly very strong and violent “Hurricane” like Storms.

    Please let me know, how we can construct a “Super Cloud Booster”. So, that we can construct 3-4 pieces and distribute them on our Island.

    Hope to hear from you… in the meantime have a nice day!


    • dooney says:

      Hi Alfredo,
      Carol is going to be raffling off three of the Super CBs in the near future, so stay tuned for info on that. Also, I did a video of her making the CBs so you’ll be able to see exactly how to make one of your own.
      Dooney :-)