Visitors in the night

Here are some questions from a reader that I thought should be answered in a post so more folks can find out what to do about attacks while sleeping. This is happening to a LOT of people now, and in my own experience we are getting more night time visits and disturbances:

Email from E.:
“What does it mean, potentially mean, to wake up with a white spot on the top of your head. The spot had a consistency as if it was paint. It seemed to be very round in shape. And there was not rational explanation to justify its appearance. It has puzzled me very much. Any ideas?”

My reply:
“A spot that appears like that usually indicates an attack in the middle of the night. Some of us have woken up with red dots, scratches, bumps and other weird phenomenon. A good thing to do immediately is to put on a zapper if you have one, to neutralize any poisons that might be associated with skin anomalies that appear in the night. You should also have orgonite and obsidian in your bedroom to help prevent nighttime attacks. They attack when we are sleeping because we are more vulnerable at that time. Check out my Etheric Rescue Tips for more info on defending and preventing against attacks.”

Follow-up questions from E.
“Thank you very much, Dooney, for your response. I will take your advice! Could this attack come from another human or it is something coming from a different dimension? if it is the latter, how do you close a portal? (I have the feeling that there is a portal in my bedroom :o/ One day I was going from the bathroom to the living room, so I had to pass by my bedroom. And I saw a black figure as if it was a shadow, but tall and straight like a man. I could not stop and we crossed each other. I could feel something different like I had passed through a different media. And the shadow turns around as if it was also surprised that it felt something! It was weird but I was not scared. I thought it was like the string theory and in that moment two dimensions, for some strange reason, crossed. However, I had felt the shadow (which looks like a man) watching in a corner. But I try to convince myself that there is nothing and it is something I think I see just because I am tired.”

My reply via this post:
“It’s very possible that the attack is coming from a different dimension. I have personally experienced someone coming into my bedroom via an energy portal, so I dowsed to find the right spot and I put an HHG right on that spot. The other good things to do for unwanted night visitors is to put orgonite in each corner of your bedroom, put obsidian and orgonite under the bed, and dowse the ley lines in your bedroom. Put orgonite right on the ley lines, especially where they cross. All these things will help keep them out of your bedroom. It won’t work all the time but it will minimize what they are able to do. My husband has seen shadowy figures similar to what you describe and has woken up with red marks on him. We have both heard footsteps upstairs when we are downstairs. The important thing is to not go into fear and to do your protection rituals and energy work. It would also be very helpful to learn my exercise for accessing higher dimensions, which could help you neutralize these kind of attacks.”

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