Rain and fire and databases

I had made some update comments last night and this morning on my Big Momma post, which highlights our big 10-foot tall CB. Well, while doing a little maintenance just now on this site my database crashed and I had to restore from last night’s backup. Guess what? My comments were not included in that backup and were lost. I had been having a lot of problems with this site since April, when I upgraded my WordPress version. Turns out that my SQL database software was out of data and incompatible with Wordfence, which is the security software Chuck had told me to use, and which had been working well. I didn’t get any emails or notifications about this incompatibility from my web host, which would have been nice. Instead, I found out about it when I was getting Don’s websites up and going again, since he is now using the same host as Carol and I. So, that mystery got solved. Today I was trying to be proactive and upgrade SQL so I could re-install Wordfence and get my security features back up. The result was the database crash and loss of comments.

So, to keep this post from being too long, I’ll just tell you that we were trying to squash some forest fires in our area, so about 10 days ago I put our three CBs in buckets and filled the buckets with water. We were traveling since then and when we got home yesterday our valley was still blanketed with smoke. In fact, it’s smoky almost all the way to the Oregon coast from here in Montana. Lots of smoke is coming down from Canada, apparently. So yesterday after we got home I put a cup of water in the center of each of our 108s. The 108 is an orgonite structure that has 108 pieces in a particular geometric pattern. We have a large one and a small one, and the small one is in the middle of my labyrinth. So I walked the labyrinth while asking Goddess for enough rain to put the fires out right now. Shortly after that the wind came up and the weather radar showed a nice bank of rain moving towards us.

After an hour or so, the wind died abruptly as if a switch had been flipped and it didn’t rain. When I got up this morning I realized I should have moved all the CBs, because moving them changes the energetic field they put out, just slightly. The weather weenies measure that field and counteract it with their own energy, so if you move the CBs it disrupts their energy program and the CBs work better. So I went out to move the CBs and found Big Momma laying on the ground with all the water drained out of the bucket. I set her back up and refilled the water, then moved the other two CBs. Within half an hour we had rainclouds overhead and the weather radar was showing a massive wall of rain coming towards us in a line that reaches up into Canada. As I started typing this post it started to rain.

So, obviously I wasn’t meant to write about all this and let you know how to defeat weather weenies. :-) You just have to keep trying when things like this happen. We have the advantage of a limitless imagination, so it’s easy to think of new ways to defeat the wankers. I have also been using Katherine’s method of grounding the fire to the earth and smoothing the energy. She suggested that in a comment on my Big Momma post, and it seems to help a lot. Thanks Katherine!

~ Dooney

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7 Responses to Rain and fire and databases

  1. dooney says:

    Weather weenies are the ones who control the HAARP weather arrays and generate nasty winds and such that help keep the fires going. Unfortunately, the biggest fire in our area blew back up and is getting worse. We’re still moving our CBs and will point one of our 108s towards the fire. We are aware that there are agents of the government who keep the fires going by initiating new flare-ups when things are calming down. They want to keep the angst going, and on a purely economic front, they want to spend their budget so they get more money next year. It’s a win-win for them to keep the fires going. We will keep working on it!

  2. Eva says:

    Thanks Dooney for your post. I am new to this type of information so is very interesting & useful. It also helps me to understand some things I had observed. I was wondering, what are the “weather weenies”?
    I am having a kind of similar problem, not with fires, but with planting trees. I was working with a group of people to re-plant trees in parks that had lost tons of trees (we suspect that the city is trying to let the parks go down then sell them to the developers). We touched base with the city and maybe we took them by surprise but things seemed to be going pretty well. However, about 2 months into this project, the city is backing up and putting tons of constraints. After trying hard but unsuccessfully to get an agreement with them or their help, my energy went down.. and felt my heart broken. I was really sad for a day. But things seemed so weird (bad weird) that I thought there was a “dark hand” behind this (besides the dark hand of the developers). So I stopped to recharge and think about how to proceed. Next thing, I read your post! So maybe there are “tree weenies” putting barriers to help parks and green areas in a city that is becoming to be 80% cement? Ideas on how to fight it? Thank you!!! Eva

  3. dooney says:

    After a day of rainy clouds yesterday, today was blue skies, puffy clouds and a little smoke from one of the fires. The other two big fires appear to be out.

  4. Angel Cross says:

    I’m so happy to hear you were able to get some rain. We’re all learning different ways to keep on keeping on. I’ve always loved to solve puzzles and conquer challenges but it seems we’ve all been handed more challenges than we deserve lately. So it’s wonderful to hear about mountains climbed and challenges met. It definitely shows how important perseverance is. <3

  5. Saki says:

    Thank you Dooney! We live in Eastern Washington near the Idaho border and have been overwhelmed with all the smoke in the air. To say I was delighted this morning when I woke up to some rain is an understatement. It is such a relief!

    • dooney says:

      I’m glad you are getting rain too! It’s not just coincidence that after weeks and weeks of dry, hot weather, we suddenly get rain after doing some energy work with orgonite.