Meet Big Momma

I did a little video today about our original cloudbuster, which we named Big Momma. You’ll see why in the video. :-) After doing this video I was able to get the cloudbuster tutorial up on Etheric Warriors, so you can learn to make your own. Enjoy!

By the way, here’s a pic of just one of the fires in our valley right now. We’re choking on smoke! We believe many forest fires are set simply to create a lot of angst and fear so they can harvest the loosh (negative energy). The key is to not resist those feelings, as they are normal, but to process them quickly and not allow anyone to feed off of your energy. Grounding is a really good way to help accomplish that. Breathing helps too, no surprise. You’re probably tired of reading that on my blog, but the basics are a really good place to start. Control your own energy so no one else can control it for you.2017fire

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2 Responses to Meet Big Momma

  1. KatherineA says:

    I’ve been sending energy the past couple days for this, even though I’m not sure exactly where in Montana you are :). I just tried to connect through your picture.

    One thing that I’ve found can help is to send energy directly to heal the ground. When there was a big fire a couple years ago where I live, it kept growing in spite of rather favorable fire suppression conditions. When I connected to the area, it felt like the ground was writhing in pain and the fire was almost a relief and a desperate response to the strange painful energy. Once I focused on healing the ground directly, the firefighters were able to get containment. Even though my role is impossible to know or prove, I do think that technique is helpful. And as you are directly in the area, you should be able to have a stronger effect.

    As always, stay safe!

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Katherine! I will try doing that connection. I’m traveling right now so I don’t know what the current fire conditions are…didn’t have an internet connection or phone connection while camping in the woods. :-) Sometimes that is a good thing!