Here’s how powerful WE are

I posted a comment on my Fire Update post just a little while ago, talking about what’s happened the past few days. After posting that, I got up from my computer, went outside and moved all three of our CBs and added water to one of them. I came in the house and said to Stevo “I’m gonna make it rain!”. I swear to you, not 10 minutes later….IT’S RAINING! This is at a time when we are under an official weather alert that includes 35-40 mph winds (no wind yet), “dry thunderstorms”, and humidity in the teens! I can’t prove that anything we have done changed the weather, but this is the second time during this whole fire episode that it has unexpectedly rained just after we do some energy work with our CBs. And, this is not the first time we have seen unusual weather changes.

Guess what? There are people all over the world doing this! Yay for all of us! Thank you Goddess for orgonite and for Don and Carol Croft.

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Here’s how powerful WE are

  1. dooney says:

    Not to belabor the point, but none of the extreme weather that was predicted has materialized. It’s amazing, though, how the media and the forest service continue to try and stoke up panic and fear. According to the MIssoula paper, the rain didn’t help and things are just going to get worse. The air quality guru is predicting “doom and sadness” when today is the clearest day we’ve had in weeks. It’s almost funny to watch. The weather alerts, wind alerts and lightening alerts didn’t work, so now we’re onto a “smoke alert” for this weekend and beyond. Sheesh!

  2. dooney says:

    By the way, the scary wind never materialized last night and now it’s raining fairly steadily. Today’s gloom and doom forecast is for “gusty thunderstorms” but it’s simply a steady rain. They just never stop trying to build up fear and harvest the loosh (negative) energy so you just gotta be strong!

  3. dooney says:

    Thanks Wild one! It’s great to hear confirmations like this. It helps people to know they are not alone and they CAN make a difference. Congrats for following your intuition!

  4. Where the wild things are says:

    Dear Dooney
    I am excited. Firstly, we have had more contrived weather here in our valley in Oz, it felt dry and brittle/sharp. I have had a CB since last year, but haven’t found the right sizing in copper pipes to add to the extensions as according to the hardware guys our measurements are different to the US. so my CB is ‘stumpy’. I was prompted to put stumpy in a pot of water anyway. I wondered if it would work as only 1 of several nearby Towers had been gifted a while back (which prompted some frantic activity by ‘tower adjustors’ for several days…the most action I have ever seen around it). They got busy and put up some more ‘stuff’. (more gifting coming up).
    So I wondered about the level of DOR which may stop my stumpy CB. It pays to experiment… I have been under some ‘attention’, but managing to get to sleep using other orgonite equipment, cloaking etc. I turned on the PW with intention for rain, (not sure if it was necessary, but felt guided to do so). Later that evening, the night was very clear, lots of stars, but a halo of mist forming higher up. About 2 hrs later a very low flying plane went over, ?coincidence. Next morning, a huge cloud had built up, and another lower flying small aircraft flew around several times, this is unusual this time. About 30mins later one big flash of lightning not far from stumpy, a bang of thunder and then RAIN. Even though for a short time, the air is now cleaner and more ‘alive’. Then on my mobile device at 1101, which I have had for a over a year and never received any contact from our service provider, and rarely use, a never before message came through , stating ‘protecting our customers, updates on ELECTROMAGNETIC use’…
    I then asked for Universal input to confirm I am actually making a difference…. and was prompted to go to your site today…. reading ‘Here’s how powerful WE are…’ thank you Dooney.