Fire update

IMG_0857Check out this picture of the fire that is a bit north of us. We’ve been working all week to help stop it. In this pic there is a Lemurian ship directly over the fire! There is definitely some kind of energetic struggle that we might not be directly involved in here. We’ve been moving our CBs, doing all kinds of energy work and boosting, and the sky has been full of sylphs over and around the fire.

I think sometimes things like this happen for a reason. We are trying to hold a positive energy in the valley because everyone is panicking and their fear energy is being harvested. Maybe that’s all we are supposed to do right now.

IMG_0865Here is an example of the kind of sylphs we are seeing this week. And we’ve seen HAARPy clouds for the first time in a long time so they are using weather weapons on this fire. We will keep watching and working on it!

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3 Responses to Fire update

  1. KatherineA says:

    I found a site that tracks the large fires in the US
    Looks like things are heating up again. :( If we could just switch Montana and Texas for 24 hours….

  2. dooney says:

    Some interesting things have been happening around this whole fire thingy. On Sunday the 20th we hoisted our big 108 up on it’s edge to point toward the fire. Since then we have had absolutely NO WIND, which is unusual for our area. Today they have predicted a huge wind event with “dry thunderstorms” that will whip up the fire and burn more trees, cause home evacuations, etc. So far, the Big Wind has not materialized but rainclouds are forming. It’s fascinating to watch all the media and alerts latch onto the concept of “OH NO! The Big Wind is coming!” and everyone goes nuts. We have been moving our CBs several times a day to help get through this.
    Eva, we did have the thought that the eclipse might have some effect or influence. The energy here got very still before and during the eclipse.

  3. Eva says:

    could the eclipse that will happen tomorrow have something to do with this?
    We also have a New Moon tomorrow, could this have something to do too?