Back in the saddle

I’ve decided it’s time to start coaching and making bracelets again, so the appropriate Paypal buttons have been activated and can be used. I’m now charging $88 per hour for coaching. I’ve also cut way back on the number of bracelets I’m offering, slimming down to 14 bracelets that I feel are most important to offer at this time. I won’t be doing custom bracelets at this time. I’ve got one brand new on offer, pictured here, the Spiritual Catalyst bracelet.

When Carol and I were bead shopping in Tucson I was looking for beads that were a little higher quality and a little more “blingy”. We found these gorgeous, faceted Ruby Zoisite beads and we both both a bunch of them. So I’ll be taking new pictures of my bracelets as I make them with the new beads. Being at the gem shows inspired me to start thinking about getting back into the bracelets. I’ve been wearing my Spiritual Catalyst (the pic is my personal bracelet) and I’d have to say that I really have had a rockin’ and rollin’ time in my life ever since. I seem to get hit every day with something that forces me to breathe, be neutral, have more compassion and less judgement. It’s a good thing, but sometimes a bit challenging!

Thanks to all of you who have been patiently waiting for me to get back in the saddle. Oddly enough, it was the death of our friend Chuck that caused me to reflect on what I’m doing and help re-motivate me to start doing coachings again. I do believe that Chuck sacrified himself for the spiritual growth of the planet.

~ Dooney

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