After the eclipse

IMG_0874The solar eclipse on the 21st was a pretty mild event for us, except for the Big Energy we felt during and after. :-) I was walking my labyrinth and meditating and Stevo was meditating in the house. We lit candles in the four directions, including this Mary Magdalene candle that Carol gave us. We did prayers, affirmations, intention, etc., and I just felt very aware and very peaceful. My hands were tingling after I walked the labyrinth, which usually happens, but the tingling lasted for hours instead of minutes. I really think the eclipse was a subtle shifting of energy that most people didn’t perceive, but that will have a big effect as we go forward. It was funny how the media here had eclipse stories and theories and “up to the minute” updates of things happening all over Montana. In fact, they neglected to report any fire updates that day in lieu of reporting eclipse non-happenings.

I remember the 12-21-12 Solstice, which was supposed to be the end of the world, being a real subtle energy event as well. I think the most profound things happen when people either aren’t paying attention or paying attention to something else that they think is important, like all the hoopla around the event. Remember Y2K? 😉 It’s really all a matter of perspective, and it’s not up to me or anyone else to tell others their perspective is wrong. I think the important thing is to be aware and open-minded and neutral. I feel like I got a lot out of the eclipse but it isn’t really anything that I can describe. It just felt good!

~ Dooney

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2 Responses to After the eclipse

  1. B.A. Reid says:

    Many people in N. America consider the eclipse good, when other people, such as the gurus of India, say the eclipse was bad. Why was it bad? Anything that obliterates the light of the sun opens a portal and brings in increased darkness which lingers for months afterward. That’s the theory anyway. It does seem to make sense, but I never noticed much difference before or after.

  2. kim says:

    I’m very WiFi sensitive, extreme EHS.

    I sat outside ( just had a compulsion to do so, the couple hours before it ). the normal ( very obvious physical ) symptoms were not there … absent, totally absent.