Addressing fear

Here’s a simple technique for addressing fear, from an alert reader:

“Dear Dooney,
I read with much recognition the article about entities and/or archonts [see my post “This is why we do the work”]. Especially about how they need to feed on our negative emotions and how they stimulate these negative emotions in order to get better fed.

I want to report to you a very simple trick I have developed to counter their influence. It works as follows:

I monitor my negative emotions, mainly fear or anger, but also uncertainty and doubt. When I become aware for instance that I am fearful or angry for no good reason or because of illogical, self generated fantasies. I recognize that I have fear, but that I am not that fear. So I try to separate myself (I am) from the fear and I don’t any longer identify myself with that fear. Then I say to the fear “that I am not”. So I address the fear as something separate from myself. The result is that the fear or other negative emotion disappears.”

Thanks H! I like to hear what other people are doing energetically and this seems to be a really good way to get your left brain from obsessing about fear. You are indeed not the fear…most of it is generated by our technology and doesn’t actually come from within you. It’s an important step to realize you are having these negative emotions and to realize that they are not you as a soul.

Great work!

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One Response to Addressing fear

  1. Frode says:

    I’ve concluded this year that most of my personal issues are in fact external problems, so I’ve started treating them for what they are. Some of them have been hard to recognize as such, because they’ve been with me most of my life. But it turns out those so-called personal issues were long term targeting, and it was done underground in places I’ve lived and grew up.

    I find when I’m not under attack, I feel fine and I’m not riddled with inner conflicts. They are really good at profiling and faking personal issues, so it is good to be able to recognize that.