5D transition

Stevo and I have been very challenged in the last 6 months and we’re both really feeling that this is a transition time to 5D. Things are getting more and more polarized, especially when dealing with PJ folks (sorry but it’s true). This seems to be a time that requires true compassion and unconditional love and that is a challenge for anyone, I think. Everyone I have talked to about it feels the same way – it’s hard just to get through the day with your spirit intact! :-)

I think we’re just meant to really be practicing what we’re preaching:  breathing, grounding, boosting, love, compassion, mindfulness, discernment, etc. And not just once in a while, but moment-to-moment. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from folks who are really under the gun and I know how it feels because we are too. I can barely deal with keeping our life together with the daily attacks we are under, so I haven’t been able to respond to anyone’s call for help. All I can is let you know how we are handling it, and maybe you will read something that will help you or resonate with you.

For starters, you should be grounding several times a day. We have found lately that grounding while your feet are in live water (a river or lake, or the ocean, no pipes) helps a lot. Our favorite thing is to dunk in cold water because nobody wants to be in your space when you’re doing that! Try that if you are being attacked a lot or feel corded.

Prayer seems to help us quite a bit, and especially if we hold hands and pray together. I use the Prayer Against Darkness that is on my right sidebar, and that has worked amazingly well for me. I can feel an attack stop immediately, especially if I am lighting a candle at the time. But two of us praying together seems very powerful.

Read my Etheric Rescue tips on the left sidebar and do that stuff. Read about boosting, read everything you can on my site. I’ve already put a lot of information out there but if that stuff doesn’t work for you keep searching. I try to post about other people doing good work so that you can read other stuff and research what other people are doing. What Stevo and I are doing is what works for us. Maybe it will work for you too, but you might need to use other resources as well.

We’ve been getting a lot of insights about this transition and we’re really finding that leaving the ego behind and letting go of all your past hurts, resentments, anger, fear, etc. is really helpful. It doesn’t mean you have to forget about it or just “get over it” as PJ people are fond of saying. It just means that you don’t have to let that stuff rule your life anymore; in fact if you don’t let go you will continue this 3D existence which doesn’t serve you anymore. Here’s a perfect example:

The other night I couldn’t sleep. I just could not close my eyes and go to sleep as I normally do. It might have been because of the full moon energy, but in any case I was still awake as the sky got light. Usually when that happens I’m doing Life Review. You know about that I’m sure; every hurt and every mistake, every regret is played out in your head while you’re laying there in the dark. What a waste of time! So what I did was push those thoughts away and breathe. I prayed to Mary Magdalene and Mother Goddess to protect me and help me radiate Love to the world. I kept feeling that there were bugs crawling on me and I heard footsteps downstairs. They’ve been sending fake bug images to me and Stevo lately. He saw a huge spider crawling on him but then it disappeared. I had a beetle crawling on me, then it disappeared – just stupid gaslighting stuff to make us lose our space.

So I breathed, I prayed and I radiated. I rejected the reality they were trying to set up for me and I chose to create my own reality. I figured if I wasn’t going to sleep I’d do some good energy work. That’s all you have to do. It’s simple but not easy. The steps are simple but consciously taking the steps moment-to-moment is not easy. That’s how I see things right now…it’s time to go full steam ahead spiritually and not be a victim and not be ruled by your ego. This is difficult stuff!  :-)

I’m praying for you….

~ Dooney

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3 Responses to 5D transition

  1. César says:

    For example, when I am healing my rabbit from the ulcers of its legs, many flies, I think “I am very bothered by flies”, and mysteriously many flies .. Thinking this, I create a simulated concern and thus I have entertained them because I attack with An absurd attack that does not bother me at all and I actually gain time to concentrate and heal my rabbit and do well.

  2. César says:

    He has also learned to gain time to defend me, is to “pretend,” and that “they” attack our weaknesses and concerns. This makes me gain time because they are “entertained” by attacking my simulated concerns … and I gain time to “evolve” my defense.
    In other words, “cheating the devil” can save some time from strong attacks by gaining time.

  3. César says:

    Thank you for your divine advice.
    This is my advice when your thinking has gone astray:
    “As soon as you realize that your mind has gone astray, bring it back by visualizing your breathing, you should not lose energy by not maintaining concentration, as it gives more energy to the” Separate self “(ego).
    Frustration is the ally of the “separate self.”
    Bringing back to yourself the object of concentration immediately after recognizing that you have misplaced it, applies to all techniques of concentration / meditation.
    The key is to VIEW YOUR BODY BREATH. ”
    Praying for you, you are an example, they are attacking you with great intensity, because it is a resource of maximum risk. I know you know it and you continue to help people, that’s why I admire you.
    The divine forces of the universe balanced and positive can not see them but you can feel them and if shit can see them.
    The other day in one of my meditations I saw the universe for the first time, they are giving us the necessary tools to find the right path and to reach our divine freedom, are with us and are not helping, we just have to resist, there is hope.
    I have a paralytic rabbit, yesterday I tried to empty my bladder but I could not, if I do not I can die from the urine infection … I thought “divine forces of the universe balanced, divine forces of the universe help my rabbit to empty the bladder please .. “And that happened … when emptying the bladder when he thought he could not after several attempts.
    Ancient texts tell us exactly what holds our physical matter together. In the beginning was the word and the word was God, it is not a literal word, but a resonance. Creation is held together by divine frequency, a harmonious convergence, emitted by the Creator.
    Words are very powerful created with the energy of thought, THE WORDS THAT YOU USE ARE TO BE MANIFESTED IN THE MATERIAL WORLD.
    You have the opportunity, like everyone else, to wake up others, the love of sending and the energy to protect and continue to help others.