It’s all real…

Stevo and I got home today after almost 5 weeks on the road, out in the world. Whew! I’d have to say it was a very challenging but rewarding trip. We were hoping to be able to relax and have some down time, but between picking up a travel trailer, learning all about it, learning how to tow it, trying to shine our light on people, being out in the crazy world, dealing with an unhappy ghost, gifting, and being attacked as hard as we’ve ever been attacked, it turned out to be more stressful than we had hoped.  Oh well!

One thing that saved the day was having Carol with us almost the whole time. To to say she is our best friend doesn’t even begin to cover it. Carol is hands-down the most loving, generous and courageous person I have ever met. The world would be a lesser place without her in it. Someone close to her passed away while we were traveling, and that person didn’t want to let go, so she latched on to Carol and myself pretty strongly. It was a great learning experience in how to keep my space clear and I feel so much more capable than I did a month ago. I’d have to say that Stevo and I are different people than when we started this trip. We were forced to confront fear, uncertainty and doubt and I feel like we passed some kind of test. And…

I can say without reservation now, that everything I have written about in this blog, all our experiences and speculations and wonderings, have been verified. The supernatural experience we had in our trailer when the very evil entity that we are calling “Lucifer” showered us with water, or poison or whatever it was, has proven to me beyond a doubt that it’s all real. Ghosts, higher dimensions, alternate reality, energy, attacks…all of it is real. I have never had something so concrete and real happen to me that cannot be explained in conventional terms. I have had dreams, I’ve had visitations and glimpses of an alternate reality, but now I know. It’s all real. Maybe that was the whole purpose of this trip.

We feel more committed than ever to bringing Heaven on Earth into this reality. I know now that all I have to do is dream, and breathe and believe, and I can manifest anything I need. You can be in the flow or out of the flow, and I choose to be in the flow. You can do this too! Everything Stevo and I have dreamt about in the past 6 months has come to pass. Now, we are going to dream even bigger and we are going to make our dream of Love and Peace a reality in this world. I hope you will join us. Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and love and support. You are wonderful!

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to It’s all real…

  1. Esther Brown says:

    Could any kind of incense be used for any purpose?

    Also, the performances of Shen Yun sound very interesting. To be honest, when I first saw a poster or something like it advertising one of their performances, I initially thought that they were Communist or something (somewhat like those performances at North Korea but with more dancers in traditional dresses than dancers in contemporary ones). But now, after reading of their persecution and their dreams, I know better.

  2. Edu says:

    What’s your experience with the “Mandela Effect”. I think those timeline shifts are becoming more common. Could it have something to do with 5D?

  3. Angel Cross says:

    Hi Dooney,

    It’s my firm belief that we need a larger support system than we have. It’s great to share experiences, it really is. I look forward to reading about yours, Stevo’s and Carol’s. But many of us are on our own in this battle. I can’t imagine I’m the only one this is happening to. When we’re attacked we go at it alone. When we’re struggling, we struggle alone. I have a spouse, but he is not as supportive as Stevo in the regard that he does not fully understand what happens to me when I’m attacked. I have my crystals, I do the grounding, I say the affirmations. But, at the end of the day, I’m fighting this battle alone and am not always sure of how to respond to these attacks. I feel them inside my head sometimes and do everything in my power to stop them. Most times I’m successful b/c we have a cloud buster in our loft/attic and our house is filled with tower busters. I wear a Mary Magdalene pendant and use the zapper frequently. But their attacks on me are relentless. They never stop. And my strength gets sucked out of me sometimes. It would just be nice to have someone who could offer a bit of guidance. Am I doing something wrong? Why is this a 24/7 all my life thing? I’m 56 years old. It started when I was 4 months old. I get knocked down and I get back up again. But after 56 years of it, I’m starting to struggle. Not whining, just tired of it all.

    Kindest Regards,

    Angel Cross

    • Edu says:

      I understand your struggle. Make sure you gift all the underground bases with Earth Pipes around your home. They launch their attacks from there once the towers are gifted. It can be pretty challenging depending where you live.