This is why we do the work

The article below is a great overview of what I feel is happening on the planet and why. This is why Stevo and I have been doing group chats for the past 12 years and gifting orgonite. This is why we get attacked almost every day. I have always known that we are not meant to live in a dark, depressing world and we are not meant to be slaves, and we are NOT meant to kill each other. This is a long article but please take time to read it if you want some good insights into what is happening.

Stevo and I are currently traveling with Carol and on a break from our usual lives because we felt it was time for us to go out in the world and shine our light so that we can model Hope and Love for others. It’s been a difficult transition, especially for two Cancer homebodies who like their shell, but we felt very strongly that we had to do this, so we are following Spirit and having faith. Every day is a challenge to breathe, to Love, to stay focused, to help others. We are being compelled to conquer our fears and doubts and get out there to help people. Here’s a great affirmation from the article:

The game has been realized, and the end result is already set in stone. Humanity has already won, we only need to continue spreading the information, and more importantly, shine the light. This understanding changes everything. Nothing is ever the same after you recognize the true reality of the world. Not only does this point to the hidden hand directing humanity, this is direct confirmation of the amazing abilities built into the DNA of humanity, the amazing abilities build into YOU!

So please, please, have faith, spread Love, breathe, awaken and most importantly DON’T GIVE UP!

Love to you all,


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2 Responses to This is why we do the work

  1. Kristian says:

    I read the article you referred to with great interest. I waited for part 2 so I could read about the actual technique to remove etheric implants and entities.
    My first success was when I applied this technique to a lamp in my home which for the last few years has been making a crackling and annoying sound each time I turned it on. I used the technique and extracted what I saw as a dark spidery-like entity from the lamp. This was over a week ago and no disturbing noise since then!
    I know the writer talks about extraction from your own body or field, but I just thought I’d try the same technique on an object in my home. And it worked!

  2. Bill says:

    Part 1 is very well written. The explanations connect the dots to make sense of our situation on Earth.
    Looking forward to Part 2.
    Your protection practices work for me. Thank you for sharing.