Lucifer spit on us!!

Okay, this might sound weird but welcome to my life. Stevo, Carol and I were sitting here in our new (to us) travel trailer enjoying an episode of The Librarians when our dog Sunny bristled up and starting barking at the ceiling. Two seconds later, the three of us were hit in the face with drops of water,  as if they were sprayed from the ceiling. No vents or windows were open. It’s not raining, the skies are clear. We all reared back and looked at each other in astonishment. This was beyond strange.

We’re out here in the world, doing our mission of shining our light, and gathering our crystal tools at the gem shows in Tucson. I think maybe we struck a nerve! We all felt this was a malevolent act, a possible poisoning. We wiped off the “water” with wet paper towels. As I’m writing this Carol pointed out that we are all wearing Morgonite which is a stone that mellows you out. We didn’t go into fear when this happened. We lit some protective candles, said some prayers and opened a bottle of wine to toast Jesus.

We were able to laugh and make jokes about this right away. Is this the best they can do? You have to remember not to go into fear when things like this happen. They have already lost and they know it. We are operating from the perspective that 5D is already here. We are living it. We are there. You just have to adjust your perspective a bit and keep breathing.

I’m posting this from my phone because I couldn’t get on the internet from my computer. Thhhhpppptttt! to you Lucifer.  Whomever you believe embodies evil, you have to remember that NOTHING is more powerful than Love.

~ Dooney

P.S. When we arrived at this RV park in Tucson the lady next door who helped us park our rig introduced herself as Mary, told Steve he looked really familiar to her, then told me a little bit later that her cat Lucy was actually a boy who’s name is actually Lucifer! There are no coincidences folks.

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9 Responses to Lucifer spit on us!!

  1. B.A. Reid says:

    I know one thing for sure. If you name your pet something like Lucifer, it will act like Lucifer! I had a friend who named his cat, Rascal and the cat was always acting out! They changed his name to something neutral, and suddenly he was no longer acting out. I bet the neighbour and the cat had dark energy around them and that is why there was such a strange event! in the trailer. Keep on with what you’re doing and do not stop. Team Dark will try to discourage you at every opportunity but it will not win.

  2. Edu says:

    That was actually funny!

  3. dooney says:

    Thanks Deborah!

  4. Kate says:

    You guys rock!!!! Keep on doing the hard work!!! We pray for you and we bless you!! Don’t let anything bring you down. You are the light to this world! We need you!!

  5. grregory says:

    Dooney,this is some heavy stuff to process,I just have to ask……

    What do you mean by ” We are operating from the perspective that 5D is already here” ?

    Was RV Mary an agent or ?


    • dooney says:

      Hi Gregory,
      It’s been obvious to me, Stevo and Carol for some time that the “big shift” that everyone who is aware enough to know is talking about is already happening, and has been for some time. It’s a shift to a higher dimensional reality….5D and higher. I think with all the breathing and energy work the three of us have been doing it’s just easier to perceive it. And we find that when you live from a 5D perspective a lot of the 3D worries don’t seem so bad. Having said that, I also have to acknowlege that living in 5D full time is a total challenge! I don’t know if RV Mary was an agent but she was definitely being used…she wouldn’t talk to us after Steve told her about orgonite so we just boosted her. And her cat. :-)

      • grregory says:

        Hi Dooney,
        Thanks so much for the reply.Thats sounds and feels like really good news.And,has me thinking more on this subject.My Higher Consciousness braclet and I took a great nap today btw.

        Y’all take care and be safe!

  6. Deborah Cool says:

    Yes indeedy! Amazing story!