Devil’s Tower Gifting Video – Part 1

Check out the video of the trip Carol and I recently took to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, where we did some much-needed gifting. It’s always a good idea to gift a place that has “devil” or “hell” in the name. Those places are invariably corrupted and need some orgonite! Many thanks to Don for making earthpipes and sending them to us so we could get the job done. This Part 1 video includes some techniques for dealing with psychic attack.

Please keep in mind that this is an amateur video done by an amateur (namely, me). I edited the video on the drive back and there was a lot of traffic noise on the video…I’m learning as I go! 

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2 Responses to Devil’s Tower Gifting Video – Part 1

  1. Ewok says:

    Hi Dooney.Great video and it’s nice to see you both back on the Tube.You guys should do it more often!

    What exactly is going on with that area? Just seeing it in the background it has a high creepiness factor going on.I’m guessing that it was used in the movie Close Encounters for a reason.

    Perfect timing ,I’m going to double my efforts with trying the Galactic Sun boosting,times are getting pretty challenging.Again.

    Thanks again!

  2. Esther Brown says:

    Could you give the video a transcription? Anyone could appreciate that.