Galactic Central Sun boosting

I haven’t posted in a while (again) because there has been so much going on here, from dental surgery and  painkillers (ugh!), to naughty dogs, to drac attacks and boosting with the Galactic Central Sun. This is a new technique Stevo is developing and he’s getting pretty badly attacked for it. If you check Stillness in the Storm and do a search on “galactic central sun” you’ll find some interesting information. Some stuff on that site is disinfo, but like everything out there you have to be discerning. Stevo has been bringing the energy of the galactic central sun into his space; in his words:

Bring a cord of this energy from the galactic central sun into your crown, 3 feet in diameter, down your grounding cord and into the center of the planet. It’s kinda like the transporter beam in the original StarTrek TV show.

He then uses this energy to boost out through the heart chakra, and it’s very powerful. It’s the next step beyond bringing the golden suns into his space, which is part of my Basic Grounding exercise. It seems that when you boost a target with this energy it’s much easier to get fast results. You almost don’t have to even think about the attackers if you are boosting someone who’s getting attacked. You just boost the target and the attackers are affected by the energy automatically. Anyway, it’s something for you boosters to try.

We figure Stevo’s on the right track because they are trying to stop him from doing this kind of energy work. He uses it to do planet-wide boosting as well. There was an incident with an MIB who injected him in the middle of the night, causing him enough pain to wake him up. Then in the morning there was a tell-tale red mark on his forehead. He’s been doing tons of detoxing to get rid of whatever they used in the injection (our intuition was a fast-acting cancer),  and he’s finding that more than ever he has to be on his spiritual path 24/7, no slacking.

I think that’s the message a lot of folks are getting nowadays. The farther you stray off your path the more painful life gets. This is a time when everyone is polarizing into those who are stuck in 3D and will remain that way, and those who are becoming the multi-dimensional, loving beings we are supposed to be. This is the time to do healthy things for your body, your physical vehicle, so that you can grow spiritually. To grow spiritually, you have to discipline your thoughts and actions, giving up anger and judgement and all the things that keep you stuck in 3D. Remember the big picture, and send out love as often as you can. Keep your space clear, breathe, and remember who you truly are.

You can do it!

~ Dooney :-)


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3 Responses to Galactic Central Sun boosting

  1. Esther Brown says:

    How about boosting, that involves the tablets of the four-color races (white, yellow, red and black) as mentioned by Hopi traditions? I wonder if the two tablets of the white thede could be found and restored.

  2. TeresaE says:

    What a great thing!

    I’ve recently been overdosing on Gaia TV, comparable to Netflix but all spiritual, metaphysical, health like yoga. I’m craving this positive, controversial, open minded information, what a relief from the constant cabal generated, fear based, propaganda that passes for news and entertainment.

    David Wilcock has some great information on our binary sun system and that we are entering the time period where we are the closest we’ve been in 25,000 years.

    Hence the new energies, heating up galaxy, solar activity, the whole shebang might be related to this return of our dollar system to the center.

    What an amazing time to be alive!

    Please brush with baking soda and peroxide, plus oil pulling. Modern dentistry destroyed my teeth and it wasn’t until I started using more natural products did my oral health improve. I now make my own tooth remineralizing powder that I’m having great results with. Drop me a line if you want my recipe. Peace, love and light to you and yours.

  3. Esther Brown says:

    Does the term “Goddess Vortex” remind you of the Creator Vortex?