Messing with my links

I’ve had a couple of broken links on my site brought to my attention recently, so I was checking links on a few pages and found that all the internal page links on the top my Etheric Exercises page had been stripped out. I know the links were there and they worked because I always, without exception, check a link after I add it to make sure it works, especially the links that help a user navigate the site internally. Two links on my left sidebar, including Stillness in the Storm and Mark Passio’s homepage had one character stripped out, which made them broken links. I find it very interesting that all my exercise links and two really good information links were messed with.

I do appreciate you readers bringing it to my attention. There is usually so much going on in my life that I don’t really think about checking my website information as often as I should. This kind of stuff happens rather routinely, i.e. website glitches, computer glitches, things being moved in the house, things breaking for no reason. Carol has had her car keys hidden more times than she can count. :-) I think the lesson is just to breathe, be patient, stay calm and not let things like this get you in a twist. It’s kind of funny to us that sometimes these niggling problems are the worst thing they can throw at us. I’m just glad we’re not dead!

~ Dooney

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2 Responses to Messing with my links

  1. Carolien says:

    Hi Dooney,

    Your mp3 file of the singing bowl seems to be messed with. I’ve played it before you changed the file to a loop version. The loop version is malfunctioning. Thought you should know.
    9th May 2016

    Carolien from Holland

    • dooney says:

      Hi Carolien,
      I didn’t put up a looped version, I just recommend that people play it on a loop on their mp3 player. I’ll check the files, though, thanks for the heads up!

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