Essential oils – etheric helpers

Stevo and I have used essential oils for a long time as our first aid kit. Tea tree, peppermint, lavender…the basics. We’ve also used other oils that I blend myself for things like chest congestion, liver clearing, etc. Many years ago we bought a bunch of Mikel Zayat oil blends and really enjoyed using them. I put a link up on the left sidebar if you want to check out his oils. With the increasing attacks on us I decided to get out all of our blends and start putting them to use on a daily basis.

I recently ordered a few blends that he didn’t have years ago, namely the Mary Magdalen and Archangel Michael blends. I was thrilled to see those. Have you noticed how Mary Magdalene is now showing up in mainstream culture more? Anyway, there are all sorts of blends for all the chakras and for many emotional and physical conditions. I find the following ones particularly helpful for attacks:

Fearless (which is now called Fearless II) – I put this on my 3rd chakra area to help with feelings of fear. Wonderful!
White Light
3rd & 4th Chakra
Mary Magdalen
Archangel Michael

Mikel Zayat does have some newagey stuff on his site but if you ignore that stuff (especially the Drunvalo stuff) and use his oils, I think you will find that they are great etheric helpers. I’ll use anything I can to keep the wankers off our backs so that we can do the work we are meant to do to help save the planet. Mikel uses a lot of evergreen oils so a lot of the blends have a very woodsy scent, but they are therapeutic grade oils and are very clean and high energy. You only have to use one or two drops at a time so they last for a long time.

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Essential oils – etheric helpers

  1. Edu says:

    I like to use clove essential oil (diluted in another base oil, like sunflower) for psychic protection. It’s good for applying over the sore spots through where attack energy cords enter in our body.

    I also like to light a palo santo stick and smudge my room before sleeping. Palo santo is a resinous wood that forms from the dead branchs of Bursera trees. It has a relaxing sweet smell and makes the atmosphere feel protective.

  2. Esther Brown says:

    How do you play the MP3 Files on a loop? Also, what happened to the display of Stevo’s quotations?

    • dooney says:

      Hi Esther,
      If you download the MP3 file to your computer or MP3 player, you should be able to set it to Repeat so that the one sound file plays over and over. That’s the easiest way to play a sound continuously for hours, which is what I do when we are being attacked. The quote rotator I was using to display Stevo’s quotes was interfering with my testimonial rotator so I removed his quotes for now….looking to get them back up when I resolve the issue.