13th dimensional grounding

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun and safe celebration…

I talked a little bit about 13D grounding in one of my posts about the recent attacks on our dogs, but I wanted to go a little more in-depth. As I posted previously, when our dog Molly was being attacked we were helping her ground and run her energy, and we felt like we weren’t getting anywhere. So I had the intuition that we needed to ground Molly in every dimension, from 3D up to 13D. We focused on her and did the grounding in 3D, i.e. the tailbone grounding cord, send all foreign energy down the cord, fill up with 8th chakra golden sun. The basics. Then we did the same by moving our energy up to her 4D aspect, then her 5D aspect, and so on. Once you get up to 13D and have grounded out that dimension and filled up with the golden sun, then it’s a good idea to breathe energy in from your feet, all the way up to 13D and back down again. It kind of connects and integrates all your dimensional aspects and you feel very grounded. Don’t forget to fill up with your own energy any time you ground!

Moving from 3D to the higher dimensions is covered in my exercise for Accessing Higher Dimensions, and you need to be familiar with how to do that before you try 13D grounding. Once you read and practice that exercise and feel comfortable moving to the higher dimensions, this 13D grounding instruction will make more sense. To access someone else’s dimensional aspect (their energetic aspect) you simply put yourself in their space (with their permission) and run their energy and yours together. It’s all imagination, remember.

Now, the fun part is that once you are familiar with how to do this, you can run energy in each dimension for yourself or someone else. You can do healings in each dimension, clear auras in each dimension, etc. There’s really no limit. A note about permission:  I always say that you need a person’s permission to do a healing on them or run their energy. If that person is a baby or a small child, or a pet, you can’t get their verbal permission. So what you do is ask their Higher Self for permission. If you are that baby’s parent, or that pet’s owner, permission to help them is implied, but it’s always a good idea to check with their Higher Self.

We found after working on Molly in all dimensions that the attack on her was stopped, so we started using it on ourselves and it was pretty helpful in dramatically slowing or stopping an attack. It’s also very energizing to work on your energy system that way. It’s typical that as they revise their attack strategies we revise our defense strategies, so we end up learning how to do all sorts of new things. Oops, I don’t think they wanted that…

So the 13D grounding isn’t complicated if you already know how to ground and you already know how to access the higher dimensions. You can learn all this by simply following my exercises, or you can get a coaching session to help you learn.

Have fun!
~ Dooney


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4 Responses to 13th dimensional grounding

  1. Ben Carter says:

    Hi Ben Carter here. I was referred to your information by Christine Kearney. I met her at the Good Food store where i work part time. I read your article about your dog Molly and grounding in the higher dimensions. That article will enhance my own ability to use our spirit source(s) of highest good to counter a lot of the negative this world and dimension hit us with. Especially those of us with the higher awareness. Anyway would like to meet up with you and those you work with sometime. I am well aware the world manipulators control something major in the energy fields of this world to keep us under their control. And of course they attempt to attack those of us who expose everything they do. The one time I was seriously attacked spiritually and etherically was in my sleep. They had to cheap shot me because the dark entities cant stand up to me in person…they have tried that to myself at least once. I am also aware of their sneaky subsconscious attacks. Anyway I would love to meet up with you and any family members/associates you work with in a public place sometime. Peace and blessings of highest good to you n the family. Forgot to mention if you use facebook, my facebook name is Ben Freespirit if you would like to connect that way or at least look at my profile.


  2. Esther Brown says:

    I have a question about visualization: how similar or different is it to dreaming?

    I also wouldn’t feel quite surprised if there are implants out there that prevent people from being able to visualize anything.

    • dooney says:

      Hi Esther,
      I consider dreaming just a more unconscious way of imagining things. However, you can dream lucidly, where you are more conscious of the fact that you are dreaming and you can change the dream deliberately. And yes, I have encountered implants that shut down visualization.

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