The Never-ending Story

Doggie attacks are over but concentrated Stevo and Dooney attacks continue. :-) I think we must have done something to really piss of The Powers That Ain’t! We had time to take a couple of deep breaths when they finally left our dogs alone, only to have to start super-boosting again once they started attacking us. The attacks get really old after a while and I got a bit overwhelmed. I might have even gotten a bit whiney about it all. :-)

Everyone gets overwhelmed with their life at times and the only thing to do is to keep breathing and keep doing the work. Our chat group helped us identify the nature of the attacks, and this time is was a transparent web that they were putting around our bodies and our home. Carol and Don had the web around them also. We found that fire melts that web nicely, so I started using a flaming double-helix and a flaming dodec while boosting to get rid of the webs. Nothing works 100 percent of the time, but the boosting techniques we use help a lot.

I feel pretty lucky with the life I have and that I get to share it with Stevo. There are a lot of folks out there dealing with much more immediate physical challenges, like getting enough to eat. Stevo calls our gripes First World Problems, you know, like “internet slowness” or “the printer won’t print”. It’s good to keep things in perspective. Some people wouldn’t be able to handle our seemingly never-ending attacks, but we are fortunate that we have the skills to deal with it together.

~ Dooney

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