Happy Solstice! (A little late)


Beautiful Winter in our front yard!

This is the first year that Stevo and I are trying to start some Winter Solstice traditions. I’m a little late in posting because life is like that sometimes. I tried to make Solstice cards on my color printer to send out to family and friends but my printer pooped out before I could print more than a few cards. Then I tried to use the color copier down at the drugstore but they don’t let civilians use it and the ladies at the counter were clueless and too busy to help. Oh well. Next year I’ll plan better.

We did manage to have a nice dinner, a nice outdoor fire in the firepit, some champagne and some homemade eggnog. And we made some thoughtful toasts and wished for World Peace. Not too bad a start! I wanted to light up my labyrinth and walk it but it’s covered in about a foot of snow and I wasn’t able to find the outline. Again, a little planning is needed.

It’s kind of difficult to start new traditions, I think, but it’s a good challenge. It gets me out of the traditions that don’t really resonate with me anymore and gets me thinking a little more independently. I think everyone should celebrate the things that make sense to them. Stevo and I tend not to limit our thankfulness and loving words and helping people activities to just one day a year. We like to practice those things year-round because that’s what makes sense to us. What are your traditions?

~ Dooney

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