Paris Terrorist Theatrics

It’s absolutely horrible that 132 people died in Paris during “terrorist” attacks last week. As soon as I heard about the attacks I started sending Love energy out. I get really pissed off when they manage to pull off dastardly deeds like this one, but the only thing I can do about it is to try and effect the energy that the situation creates. The fear and grief that is generated by something like this is food for the energy vampires that run the planet.

Today our chat group looked at the situation and we saw immediately that they were trying to create a well of souls in Paris. A well of souls is basically a trap for departed spirits that keeps grief, death and misery anchored into a certain area. We find wells like this any place there has been a battle, a massacre, or anywhere a lot of people have died. They use that energy to survive, so we do whatever we can to starve them. We cleared the Paris well pretty quickly with boosting and then looked to see who was behind this entire theatrical production. I felt that it was Triad engineered so we simply boosted the Triad energy. We are very familiar with their energy signature as we have dealt with many Triad attacks.

Francisco suggested boosting with the Belize blue hole energy, which we have been using since he and Don gifted the blue hole last December. It really seemed to calm the hot, red energy that I saw in Paris. We decided to let the blue hole stay there for a while until the situation calms down. I’m sure we haven’t finished boosting this situation and the repercussions yet to come.

One of our group put up a link to a really interesting blog that you might want to read:

So, please don’t buy into the fear that this may generate. If you feel bad, bring golden suns into your body until the feeling goes away. Then start sending out Love. I was traveling when this all happened and as I was heading home, going through airports and being stuck on airplanes, I simply grounded, cleared my space, filled up with golden suns and then radiated. I imagined myself to be a big bubble of light. If you do that, you will affect the energy of everyone around you. Then they will affect the energy of everyone around them. You are doing a public service if you radiate your energy while in public.

It was pretty hard to be out in public after these attacks, but I think it was a personal challenge for me. Although I found it hard to do, I did do it and I was glad to have the tools to be able to do it.

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Paris Terrorist Theatrics

  1. silvio says:

    Thank you Dooney and all the others for doing this intervention.
    On Friday I was out woriking in Milan, I used the undeground to move around and there was, in the day time, armed private surbeillance in trains and stations of the umanned Line 5.
    All day I was watching that there was an endeavour to change the collective vibe. I realised they failed, by large measure they lost, they need something more, but they are against a wavelength with more amplitude then theirs. Their power cannot match the reality of that. They can only use the media whores and the politicians to brainwash the masses with saying its war, but its not going to work.
    Please don’t stop what you are doing, as they very desperate and become more evil. You are right about Triads.

    I had hunches a few days earlier, something going on about Clubs and door bouncers, maybe have a look.

    Thanks, warm greets

  2. Matt says:

    So the attacks actually happened, then? There are several glaring inconsistencies in the reports.

    It’s kinda weird… around 30000 children die from poverty every day, and nobody says a thing…

    • dooney says:

      You make a good point, Matt. There are reports that the whole Paris attack was a hoax. Why aren’t there any cell phone videos appearing on social media? I don’t know the answers but what is very real is the fear vibe that was generated. That was the real goal of the attack. And I agree, why aren’t more people concerned about the daily deaths all around the world? It’s a consciousness issue…