Danburite – our new best friend

I haven’t posted in a while (oops!) because things have been kind of intense in our house lately. With the wonderful help of my weekly chat group, we figured out that all of us in the chat have been assaulted with an etheric “goo” (different from the goo associated with implants) that has really interfered with our lives, businesses and happiness. We first noticed the goo on Stevo last year, and it was a clear film that was covering his aura and making it impossible for him to sleep. We neglected to check him for goo for quite a while, but when we did so this summer, the clear goo was back. I think they made it clear so that it was harder for us to see in his aura.

We realized we would have to check for this goo frequently on Stevo to get him back to a normal sleep pattern and get his etheric and physical strength back to 100%. Suddenly, the goo started appearing on all the chatters. And it appeared as a black goo, not clear. To me this black energy felt like black magic. The original clear goo came from the insect race, and the black goo seemed to be from the Triad hierarchy. These two groups are the main ones assaulting the chatters right now. They have even attacked some of the EW posters as well.

We have dealt with this goo in three steps:
1. boosting each chatter with the double-helix ribbons of energy (a.k.a. the blender) – see this page for details
2. boosting each chatter with the Creator Vortex to clear out energy – see this page for details
3. Wearing the danburite gemstone for protection

I have advised everyone being attacked with goo to wear danburite on their body at all times. Stevo and I have noticed that if he takes the danburite off even for a few minutes the goo starts to come back. As soon as he puts it on the goo starts to dissipate. We are both wearing gold danburite, but white or pink will work too. Carol has a few danburite pendants on her site at www.crystalinsights.net and she has access to more. Or you can check eBay or other crystal sites on the internet.

I also have a lovely pendant of white danburite and pink tourmaline that Stevo bought for me many years ago, and I routinely wear that when I have to go out in the big, wide world. We really do rely on our crystal friends for a lot of etheric help, especially our golden lemurians (also available on Carol’s site). You can’t just buy a crystal and think everything is okay, though. You have to work with the crystal, talk to it and ask it for help. You have to take an active part in your protection and recovery. I think people sometimes forget that.

The Something Big that I last posted about hasn’t happened yet, and I still don’t know what it is, but more and more folks have told me that they feel it too, even PJ folks. As usual, my advice is to ground, and breathe…and get some danburite! :-)

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Danburite – our new best friend

  1. J says:

    What are the insect aliens?

    • dooney says:

      The insect aliens are an off-world race whom I believe have been controlling our planet from the start. I can’t prove this, it’s what I see etherically. It sounds really weird, but lots of folks have seen the same Praying Mantis type insect alien, some in person. I was seeing these insects long before I ever read about other people seeing them, so I wasn’t influenced by the internet. I was kind of stunned to find out that lots of other people are talking about seeing them too…

  2. Carlos says:

    Just got some Danburite and it seems to be working very actively at the moment, even in combination with the Harmonic Protector, so I guess it was timely to get this crystal. Thanks for the tip 😉

  3. Edu says:

    Thanks for the tip, we have spotted insect aliens recently, too. I already wear a small chunk of danburite tied to my Harmonic Protector cord.