Cowardly attacks

Once again our dogs are being psychically attacked by the bug race, those stick-legged cowards. It started yesterday morning with Sammy. After we got up in the morning and went downstairs for coffee and a warm fire, I noticed him shaking while he was lying on his bed. I ascertained that there was no obvious physical reason, like a hurt toe or painful belly, so Stevo and I started boosting him. I took off my gold Danburite necklace and put it on him. That seemed to take care of the attack fairly quickly.

It’s easy to tell when things like this are attacks. They come on suddenly and after you boost things are just as suddenly better. Now, if it was a latent physical problem, that can come on quickly but generally just gets worse until you take the dog to the vet or do some other physical remedy. When the dog suddenly stops shaking, gets up, wags their tail and has life in their eyes again, it’s pretty obvious that it was psychic energy.

Sammy was shaking again this morning, so we did more work on him, including putting the danburite necklace back on, and putting on his collar which has a Carol Croft HP attached to it. He recovered pretty quickly and I went out for several hours to run errands, leaving Stevo at home to hold down the fort. When I got back, Molly was gagging and spit up a little bile. Stevo said she had been gagging for about 15 minutes. We determined months ago that when she gags like this she is actually trying to get rid of energy (our vet couldn’t figure out why it was happening). A few minutes later she started shaking.

I got her to lie down on her dog bed near the woodstove, put the Danburite and my Mary Magdalenel HP on her and Stevo and I started boosting her. Her energy system was a total mess, with big black chunks of energy that looked like boulders in between her chakras. Her actual chakras were in good shape, with strong energy, but the energy was not flowing through her body due to these boulders. She wouldn’t lie flat and she was panting and shaking.

Okay, so the reason our dogs get attacked like this is to put me into fear. They know Stevo will be okay and just do the energy work that needs to be done. But I get extremely fearful because of what happened to our dog Charlie 5 years ago, when he was murdered, basically, during a full moon. We just had a full moon yesterday and they use that energy of the moon to pull off these types of shenanigans. So it’s always a big challenge for me to do the energy work and not go into fear. I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing pretty good this time with these attacks on my dogs (kids). I was able to stay focused, not go into fear, and deliver a whoopin’ to the insects who were all over my dogs.

The insect energy is really very distinctive, so it is usually pretty easy to determine who is attacking. It feels different from Triad energy, which feels different from Jesuit energy, which feels different from drac energy…you get the idea. We had to pull out all the stops this evening to get them to stop attacking Molly. We did the emerald singing bowl, the Environmental Clearing, and another radionic-type machine involving dodecs. Molly started to get better but we couldn’t get all the bug energy out of her space with our boosting.

Stevo suggested I go to 13D to boost (duh, Dooney, how come I don’t remember that in the heat of the moment?) because they frequently attack from the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, and you have to go to those dimensions to clear out all the energy. So while I was doing that, I realized that I needed to clear Molly’s energy in each dimension, grounding the aspect of her that exists in each dimension and filling up that aspect with the golden sun energy.

That led Stevo and I to a discussion of multi-dimensional grounding. When I’m in 13D and boosting I will frequently breathe up from my feet all the way up to 13D, then back down and out through my tailbone, kind of a super-grounding if you will. My chat buddies have tried that and have really liked how it feels and I have taught it to a number of coaching clients. What I haven’t done when doing the super-grounding is include each aspect of myself that exists in the other dimensions. I asked Stevo if he thought that should be done one-by-one, i.e. for 4D, 5D, and so on. Stevo thought it would work to simply postulate that when you do the breath from the earth in through your feet and all the way up to 13D and then breathe back down, that you are grounding each dimensional aspect of yourself. Then when you fill up with the golden sun from above, fill up each dimensional aspect. All it takes is the idea, the imagination, then it happens.

So, I did this with Molly and her energy finally cleared completely. Her breathing slowed, and she fell asleep. She had been fighting sleep like a little kid who doesn’t want to go to bed. When dogs feel that bad that won’t sleep because they think they are going to die if they fall asleep. She finally relaxed and laid all the way on her side. I went over to her and rubbed her whole body and she stretched out. She is now resting comfortably, but she’s completely wiped out.

Molly tends to try and take the etheric hits for us. She’s a Lab, so she has lots of courage and stamina, and heart. I know that she would give her life for us if she had to. But this was the worst etheric attack she’s experienced. I noted to Stevo that we wouldn’t have realized about doing the multi-dimensional grounding if this hadn’t happened. He said once again how the attacks on us are simply our etheric PhD program. We wouldn’t have the boosting chops we have now if they hadn’t attacked us so hard.

So once again, The Powers That Ain’t provided us with a perfect learning situation that will hasten their own demise. I wanted to blog about it right away because this is the kind of information I’m meant to share with you. I have felt for a long time that it’s really important for everyone to learn how to do the higher dimensional stuff, so please try my exercise for accessing higher dimensions, and then do the multi-dimensional grounding. Have fun!

~ Dooney

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6 Responses to Cowardly attacks

  1. Edu says:

    When boosting (from 13D) Bugs and Dracs do you have to specifically direct the energy to their 4D, 5D and 6D aspects our you just boost them and the 13D energy automatically hits them in theses dimensions?

    • dooney says:

      Hi Edu,
      I generally go to the specific dimension in which they are hiding and clear out that energy. I think with 13D energy you can do stuff more globally, like boosting the planet, but I tend to try and be a little more specific with directing my energy because I’m usually boosting a negative entity or situation.
      Dooney :-)

  2. TeddieM says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve recently discovered the power of Carol’s HP pendants and telling others is cathartic for me.

    I’m so sorry your beautiful pets are being attacked, evil buzzards get desperate as more of us sheeple awaken and etherically fight back.

    Light is spreading, I’m proof of that.

    Love and light to you and yours Dooney.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Teddie, they finally stopped attacking the dogs yesterday after Sammy finally learned how to defend himself. :-)