A bit of a break…for now

Ever since our birthdays in late June, Stevo and I have enjoyed a bit of a respite from heavy etheric attacks. According to the Cards of Destiny, the energy in your life changes on your birthday and the challenges you were dealing with from one birthday to the next change to a different set of challenges. Oh joy! :-)

Actually, I find the Cards to be very accurate in my life and other folks have told me the same thing. This coming year is apparently going to be more challenging for Stevo and myself, and this past year has been preparation for that. It doesn’t mean we have to go into fear about it, but just be aware that things are probably going to come up that we have to handle with grace and courage.

That’s the real challenge of life isn’t it? I was talking to a friend the other day who was worried about the rumored FEMA camps in the U.S. and all the other intense information that’s out there on the internet right now. I told her there is always going to be some fear challenge out there, especially for those who are awake, but the key is to not get stuck in the fear vibe. Fear is normal but I think the trick is to feel it, process it and move beyond it.

Most of the information out there is meant to put you in fear, so that the darksiders can feed off of it. That’s how they work. They literally feed their energy system on your fear. That’s why there’s so much bad news out there. So, do your best to cut off their energy supply – don’t let them feed on your fear. It’s a simple concept but not really easy to do. It takes focus and commitment, and you have to learn the etheric skills to do it. Bad things are going to happen in life sometimes, sure. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns out there, but how you deal with it is the key.

~ Dooney

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