Blue Hole & Emerald boosting

In yesterday’s chat we were inspired to use the Blue Hole boosting energy (see this post) along with Emerald crystal energy (see this post) to boost some attackers off our chat group. It seemed to be very powerful, and we had never used that combination of energy before. This is one of the great things about humans…our imaginations give us a wonderful capacity for invention and creation. That’s something the darksiders never get. The more they harass us, the more creative we become. The combined blue-green energy is incredibly beautiful!

Anyway, shorty after we started boosting one of our chatters got visited by a black helicopter. Several minutes later, another one showed up. It was nice confirmation. This type of boosting seems to get rid of energy cords very quickly, especially once you do it from 13D. I really encourage everyone to read and practice my exercise for accessing higher dimensions, or find another way to do it since my way is not the only way. :-)

I think it’s vital that we start expressing the multi-dimensional aspect of our abilities sooner rather than later. I’ve been kind of pushing people to do it in my chats and coaching sessions because it feels urgent to me that we learn this. I think it’s going to help us deal with the rising energy on the planet, and it will also help us to help other people who are not quite there yet. I think since we are more energy-sensitive and aware, it’s going to be our job to help others get through whatever transition is coming. Actually, I believe we are already in the transition and that’s why the world seems so much more crazy these days.

Give this boosting a try and see how it feels to you. After the chat we got heavily chem-sprayed and had to point to of our CB’s straight up in the sky to clear it up. They always do that when we make them unhappy with our boosting, so we know we hit the mark yesterday.


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5 Responses to Blue Hole & Emerald boosting

  1. Esther Brown says:

    How can I turn my consciousness 90 degrees to interact mid/with, among other things, the water? What are the methods of getting rid of vaccine energy fields? Could being metaphysically abducted prevent such a thing or at least make those challenging?

    • dooney says:

      Hi Esther,
      These are good questions and I’ll try to answer them as best I can. I believe that vaccines need to be treated as a physical poison and an etheric poison. You’ll need to get the toxins and heavy metals out of your physical body before you can get rid of the etheric energy of the vaccines. Maxxum Labs used to make a great product for chelating heavy metals gently but the FDA just put them out of business so you’ll need to research how to recover from vaccine poisoning. Then I would suggest starting with the Basic Grounding exercise and the Creator Vortex exercise (on the Boosting page) to clear your space. It’s also possible that a vaccine contains an implant so you’ll want to scan yourself or be scanned for implants as well.
      Being abducted can certainly interfere with your energy system so again, start clearing your energy on a regular basis. Once you are doing the basic clearing on yourself every day you can start to work on the deeper issues.
      To turn your consciousness 90 degrees, you need to be in control of your energy system by doing the daily work I mentioned above. Then you will have the focus you need to do the more refined energy techniques. My exercise for Accessing Higher Dimensions can help you figure out how to turn your focus 90 degrees and explore other realities and dimensions. I have done this in water and it’s pretty amazing to connect to water molecules that way.
      As I always advise my coaching clients, be patient and start with the basics. Ground every day and clear your space every day. Work on your own chakras, Become familiar with your own energy and defend your space at all times against the energy of others.
      Good luck to you!

      • Esther Brown says:

        What is also meant by clearing one’s space? (I would like to think that sweating through some, if not any, means is a way to detox of heavy metals, but am I mistaken on that? As Edgar Allen Poe or someone else said, “The best things in life make you sweaty.”)

      • dooney says:

        Clearing your space is simply getting rid of any energy in your space that doesn’t belong to you. If you read and practice my Basic Grounding exercise you’ll understand a little better. I can’t speak to sweating as a good way to detox heavy metals, but a good sweat is always beneficial to your body.

  2. Edu says:

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